How do we solve the problem of broke men?

How do we solve the problem of broke men?

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>We want to be treated like equals!
>Also I don't ask men on dates because that's the man's job. And I don't take initiative because only men should have to do that. And men should still be the breadwinner. And obviously he needs to be dominant in bed.
>But why don't men treat women like equals! They're so sexist!
get fucked ladies, sexbots are coming to replace you soon.

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Take away women’s right to vote.

Remove diversity quotas, make hiring merit based, and remove the bullshit prerequisites for entry level positions so men willing to work can get the job instead of Tyrone and Karen getting hired simply because they're minorities and had a connection to management, or foreigners being imported because the office can't find a trilingual English/Spanish/Chinese speaking American with dual Master's degrees in Plate Techtonic Theory and Neurosurgery and 15 years of experience in both fields for a $10,000 annual salary without benefits as a receptionist.

lol it's more likely that the whole economic collapses than any of that

World war 3

rebuild them with glue and mortar and sticks and stuff.

Easy don’t get married to a female. They are all whores, community property with no agency that want to get all the benefits that men have but they don’t want any responsibility or accountability. I will never get married because there is a 60% divorce rate, and I’m not working my ass off just so some bitch can rob me blind. I will not be that 45 year old down trodden guy who can’t see my kids and has to move back in with his 70 year old mother. All the while paying for the house that the ex wife lives in so she can fuck random guys.

Castrate every single incel on this planet. Just look at the responses to this pathetic bait thread.

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We should castrate annoying roasties like you instead

Not incels. Just guys who know all the roastie tricks.

Nah. I am male and you are fucking cucks.

>I am a male

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You give yourself too much credit roastie. See your ways are no longer mysterious. We see through the dyed hair and clown makeup. You are a walking receptacle nothing more. Roasties have no Devine spark. Roasties are uninteresting. Roasties have no hobbies. They are moronic NPC’s with tiny brains incapable of forming an original thought.

Do you look like this?

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Well, you are the ones seething about not getting laid and how mean the world is.

>Guy had more sex in his life than the whole incel community
>Make fun of him

I think this is also a problem to do with debt, I mean if you look at most 20-30 something men about 80% have a massive 30,000-50,000$ worth of debt in the US. Most of my guy friends who ended up married young went through technical schools for trades instead of getting degrees. One of them works on an Oil Rig and was able to finance a wedding and house. Meanwhile me and my boyfriend are struggling through college with minimal debt 10,000's range and can't even think of the possibility of a wedding for another 5-10 years.

Never said I wasn’t getting laid. I said I know all of the roastie tricks after years wasted dealing with them. They really are the niggers of gender. (No offense to black people)

And you are the one seething there are not enough "good" men to exploit

>implying he's not a cuck in open relationship

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Really? Shocking insights you are presenting here. Maybe you should write a book about it. You could the the Einstein of gender studies.

>Better bring up the word incel to take away attention from this article written by a (((berg))). Your deflection is weak my dude.

Even though the thread is bait the article israel

Even the most vile "roastie" has more sex than you. How does that make you feel?

This constant projecting about cuckholding makes one doubt incels true sexual leaning.

You roasties even suck at insults. Truly pathetic. Now Go get dressed up like a slut and then bitch about how you’re oppressed because a random guy hit on you.

>Maybe you should write a book about it.
Enough people wrote books about female nature but people today don't read

>Even the most vile "roastie" has more sex than you. How does that make you feel?
Not surprised because you worthless cunts just have to screech to get anything you want.

>Jow Forums posting on Jow Forums
That was rather refreshing.

The language on this one! You are one cranky incel, I have to admit.

And you are the one projecting that everyone who doesn't kiss women's ass is mad incel

Show tits or gtfo

Women are truly pathetic children, they can never take responsibility for their actions and always blame others.

Wondering why's that. Really strong wondering,

You are the ones getting all worked up, sweety.

>Wondering why's that.
Men's high sex drive
Female's choice

Man the fuck up, the only ones wanting hand outs are the lazy, so, fuck em let em be lazy, dont date em dont fuck with em.

You must suffering from some serious mommy issues if you assume everyone outside of your incel community is a woman. Want to talk to a therapist about this.

Roasties watch kardashians and then try to fuck Jamal after a night of getting wasted at some shitty dance club. Then reality dawns on them when Jamal smashes her head through a plate glass window because she talked too much.

>Man the fuck up
kys boomer

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lmao the roastie is projecting now

Maybe you should start a political movement then? You guys could be the new Republican Party.

>Maybe you should start a political movement then
There were MRAs pointing out how unfair the system is towards men and they achieved absolutely nothing, in fact the thing only got worse.

Have some self pride looser. That fat bitch that lets you fuck her isnt calling you a man.

Imagine spending your time arguing with strangers on Jow Forums and calling others losers

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There's no reason to be a man anymore, the system punishes you and gives you all responsibility with zero authority.

You are quite foul mouthed for being such a young man.

>Le epic troll face

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You white knights are fucking pathetic lmao

>You white knights are fucking pathetic lmao

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We can't

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Overthrow capitalism and deny women the right to vote

that would do it

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Not to be racist but it’s mostly black people that are broke, they put a white ginger man in the picture but statistically it’s more inner city people, and people do nothing but whine.

We have this kind of bait thread at least twice every day. Please go back to Saged.

Meddl loide

everyone in this thread is severely retarded


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Well it’s a real problem. Degrees need to be more focused, most people get college degrees in majors that don’t pay.

Affordability of housing: cut off foreign buyers, ban flipping and make CDOs illegal.

Better work in metros, including loosening some environmental regs so you can have more blue collar types in cities

Baby boomers need to all die and finally relinquish their positions.
Most of the 1% of earners (there is significant overlap) should also have their wealth redistributed. If poverty was the ground the economic ladder is built on, an average wage is half a step up, upper class (doctors, etc) are on the first rung, and then cancers like Jeff Bezos are so wealthy they're standing atop a ladder 5x the size of Mount Everest.

Basically, if trickle down economics worked we wouldn't be in this mess. But the wage increases over the last half a century, when weighed against the cost of living, amount to literally a rounding error so everyone is doing it hard at the moment.
Conflict between the genders, as we see here, is class warfare orchestrated by the haves between the have-nots. Men like us have more in common with a geriatric aboriginal woman than we ever will with a straight white male our own ages- but with a net worth of over a billion, and that's what this is all about distracting us from.

Not that this is intended as a clarion call to the disenfranchised masses or anything. We can't do anything about this situation, look at Hong Kong to see how futile this is; just try to have empathy and compassion for people doing it tough and try to make a positive contribution within your community.

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Give me money.

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(((Frishberg))) AHAHAHAHAH every single time, lmao

If you are a Burger stop voting for the two parties in power.

>debt based economy
Gosh, who would have thought this was a bad idea!

make your women less of a golddigging whores?
american women should try to find a guy instead of a bank account

How to not be broke: start working a trade. Plus you don’t have to work directly with women so it’s nice if you’re autistic like me

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I went to uni but my degree was a dead-end: Can I now pick up a trade if I'm almost 30?
I think they discriminate against mature-age trainees because they have to pay us more.

Nope, you’re definitely not too old at 30. I’m 20 and had no prior machining experience, the company I work for will give just about anyone a chance because a lot of people don’t stick around (third shift kind of sucks)


To clarify, i don’t work for a union. My company is employee owned

>Nah. I am male and you are fucking cucks.

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Thanks. What's the best trade, do you think?
I see a lot of potential in HVAC because, you know, global warming.

Getting a girlfriend means subjecting yourself to irrational behavior and having to deal with that.
I'm 24 and completely lost the spark of having a partner, now i focus on art.

>I have been single for 3 years better call the news.
I have been single for 12 years and I am not even 30 yet. It is a tough market out there, women don't want men who are in the middle of an education (poor) and men don't want old women. It is sad we can't meet in the middle but women over 30 are basically men so they should adjust their dating expectations accordingly.

Idk man, just do whatever sounds the most interesting to you. Like I said I had no machining knowledge besides what a thou and a tenth was. I’ve always worked on my own vehicles so I don’t mind spinning wrenches but I would never be a mechanic


How did she get in it? How does she get back out of it?

>Can I now pick up a trade if I'm almost 30?
No. It's cheaper to hire high school leavers.

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I wish I was a roastie.
I want sex but no lifetime relationships. I'd be happy. There's no such thing as "man drought" even though the guy won't be the father of your children at least you still have sex on a daily basis with pretty much anyone you want.
I'd kill for that. I don't even care to have a girlfriend or a wife, it's just the lack of sex and touching real warm bodies that kills me.

This is why I have no empathy for most of the young broke men. Get fucked.

>Broke men are hurting American women's marriage prospects
How? Everybody got so wrapped up in their own bullshit that this topic seems to have completely fallen by the wayside.

Why are you whining on a Mongolian archery forum instead of going outside and getting sex if you want it so badly?

>"men and women are, and should be treated as equal!"
>men and women are different in every possible aspect, from behavior and mentality, all the way to physicality, and the only thing is common are that we are the same species

Being broke is hurting me much more than it's hurting you by not being able to have your dream wedding with your handsome suited up execute you think about so much, women. Fuck right off.

>the responses from incels, whiteknights and toxic women are always generic enough that you can never be sure whether they're being serious, deliberately misrepresenting their opposing sides by larping as them, or just some good old fashioned trolling
Good thread.

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>Be quite wealthy for my age
>But I'm an incel no women would ever want

what do they expect when they date broke men?

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If you are wealthy you have no reason to choose being an incel.

Hookers don't count dude

So why did you choose to be an incel?

Look m8 I have a few personal issues that prevent me seeking out a gf. I'm not going to get into detail because it'll turn into some woe is me bullshit. If a girl wants me she's welcome to come and say so but I'm not holding my breath.

Yeah they do

Well I hope you are working on fixing those issues.

As much as I can but why does that matter?

Because nobody should be an incel.

I don't see why, it doesn't affect anyone else's life.

Incel communities do have a bad effect on weak young men and may cause some of them to commit acts of violence.

>trolling outside of /b/

I need one of you to tell me to kill myself. I know you love doing it; so give it to me.

That's exaggerated to hell by the media. You can count on one hand the number of incel shootings that have occurred and I'm definitely not going to fix myself just so other people care less about it.

>choose... incel
Alright, that's actaully funny bait