Started talking to girl on Tinder (both dykes and I stated I was a top on my bio...

Started talking to girl on Tinder (both dykes and I stated I was a top on my bio, that's why she points out big top energy). She initiated the convo

Is she trying to licc, date, or being friendly?? I don't want to suggest hooking up if that's not what she's thinking that's where it's heading, though that's what I thought she wanted at first and what I'm hoping for but be honest

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Seemed like a hookup at first, then friendly talk, then date, then keeping the opportunity open for you to date at the end.

Was a hookup ever on the table? Is still there? Did
Blow it

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I don't see anything negative there. Next step is to ask to meet up. You may have come off a little weak so maybe she thinks you're not into her but that would be corrected as soon as you show unambiguous interest. The ending was still flirty.

anyway if you just want hookup in the future maybe you should lead off with AY YO WANT SOME FUK?


Is there anything I could say at this point to explicitly initiate a hookup that won't scare her away?

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She contacted you first and led off with "big top energy" so she's probably up for a hookup. Something casual like "want to netflix and chill?" or whatever the kids are saying these days is probably fine.

She basically asked you to be more confident and outgoing from the get go by asking if you were a top. She also asserted as being a little more shy.

>Fair, they'd be right anyways so can't even be complain
I saw that as an opportunity for you to turn up the flirting with her when she lol'd at you, but you kept it about school and work details.

So I think you need to schedule something specific the next chat you have since you have each other's schedules down, and see where it goes.

She literally said she would be down to hang out, just give her a time and a place, for fuck's sake.

what you need is a big strong dick inside you.

OP will probably get hookup but is confirmed to not have big top energy lol

This is good this is good

I don't want to take her out to a date then just have it awkwardly end with each of us going home, but also don't want to put her on the spot wherever we end up meeting just in case she's not into it, so I kinda want to make it obvious it's less about a date.

Should I ask if I could come over sometime or is that creepy? Any better ideas?

Post a picture of your strap

>hey would you like to experience some of my big top energy sometime lol?

lmao ok
I'll try this if no one has anything better

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That’s hot. Imagine the smell

Write a note with board and time stamp, or its not yours.

yer a madman and a genius

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Does it really feel good/orgasmic to fuck another girl with a strapon?

t. Bicurious femanon

Good work user,
Post your reply...let's see if you sealed the deal

awesome, glad I could help.

I think I did it man, that 4th quarter hail Mary!
It's a difficult way to orgasm but I think that adds to the experience because most of the time I start off by going gentle but being so close to an orgasm but never being able to unless you really go rough. So at some point the voice that tells you to pay attention to your partner gets over powered by being so close to orgasm but not getting it so it goes from sensual sex to rough, and possibly painful for the bottom, sex. Then back to gentle. Wearing a strap is like a giant tease for the top lol

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there's no such thing as lesbian top tho? don't yall just scissor each other?

it's all about 'tude

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She's looking to date not hook-up you brain dead retardo.

Hmmm looks like it went back to dating, sorry user you did not deal the deal here. If you want hook up only you have to be less Ibcare about your day and more flirting.

shoulda bounced a flirtty message on the first couple messages you dumb fucking idiot

if this is big top energy then its shit for laughs
this is why men are still in the bussiness
even average male has much more agressiveness when it comes to flirting and leading in sexually fucking around with a girl.

After the first sexual message you made you should have just continued teasing and not fucking talking about teaching you spaz