Why are so many women like this?

Why are so many women like this?

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because both parties are idiots
>women dates a guy with issues
>cries to the internet & passively wishes her BOYFRIENd /ex acted a certain way
>guys not HER BOYFRIENd respond & do unnecessary shit

when women whine about something. its not ever about the general population. but somebody she knows

Americans are like this and we all know that America is going to perish very soon. I just wonder what will CIA do.

Technology and overpopulation. There is nothing you can do about it, just try to carve a piece of happiness out for yourself. Leaving the country might be the best option for those of us without family


Only from third world countries. White people have no problems with this. Well. Now they do because they accept millions of brown thrid worlders into their countries effectively outsourcing native men in mating game creating far more incels than any era past western civilization ever could.

Kek. This war will be fucking brutal.

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feminism et al.

>outsourcing native men in the labor game


>thinking white men as a whole will get cucked by goblinos



Call me an edgy fag but im really wanting to see how the human species destroy itself.
We truly are a corrupt species.

This is done for political purposes.

We aren’t going to destroy ourselves, though we will see a lot of conflict. But we always have

yes millions and more and more

Because otherism is easy. You did it with your post too.

>>thinking white men as a whole will get cucked by goblinos

but they already are getting cucked by brown people. White women would rather go with brown males.

>20 shekels have been deposited into your shill account

>America in 1950s
>90% white
>America in 2018
>Less than 60% white

That's the world we live in white boi.

White women prefer white males. Just not you. You are so hideous women would pick a brown guy over you.

>You are so hideous women would pick a brown guy over you

Im not white im slavic. Im just stating the truth.

This guy is right you know. Fuck amerimutts. Keep sharting in Walmart you cucked fat asses filled with diabetes.
Moreover happy 9/11 ;) hehehe

You are lying. White women prefer white males over brown males.

I dont think so.

That’s incorrect. Demographics are changing in the US because of immigration, not “race mixing” per se.

Then why does everyone in America look like they are 50% of random sauce?

Poor diet and non active lifestyles.
Also most people in general are ugly, or mediocre looking. What’re you expecting a fucking super model