What would you do if yo find your gf has a past?

If your current gf, that you love a lot she is super hot, she is desired by other people but you trust in her and have a great relationship. But something goes afloat and you think she had a past (luxury travel companion).
What to do? If you love her deeply.

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>What would you do if yo find your gf has a past?
i'd be relieved she didn't just materialize recently

probably a setup

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If you love this girl, ask her about it. And ask yourself if you could love someone with this sort of past.

Would you need to hide it from people? Would it come back to haunt you?
Will she do it again if you don't pay attention?

If any of these are yes, then consider leaving. You can't change the past user, and you don't know who's moved on.

I don’t care if someone has sex before me, but I also wouldn’t date someone who was basically a high class prostitute, which is what a “luxury travel companion” sounds like.


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Here is a great example of a husk of a man.

He had a hard go and now all he can do is complain and hand out MGTOW phamplets at the mall.

He deserves his own parade and bathroom for his plight. And all those women who wronged him should be chastized and have their labia burnt off with carbolic acid.

>And all those women who wronged him should be chastized and have their labia burnt off with carbolic acid

absolutely based and true.

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Probably the girl of my eyes has been the toy of rich people in Kensington. I feel each day worse

so you are saying you suspect your gf was an escort who were payed by arab men to fly to abu dhabi and get shat on by said arab men?

how do you come to such conclusions

what do you mean 'love her deeply'? do you mean 'being enamored and childishly obsessing over her, creating ideals of her in your head'?

Acknowledge the reality that hot people are highly likely to have the ability to fulfill fleshy desires and not be a squeemish germophobe absurdist in expecting a partner be virginal nor born again without mental reprocussions.

She had a photoshoot some time ago in Uk. She had the contact of the photographer in her phone, was a russian lady. I saw the page of this lady, photosessions for families, kids, weddings and her other page ... €2000 photosessions for "models". I found all her pics in lingerie (no nude pics). My friend have a internet security, cctv business.
He call one of his workers and I found out with the investigation that shit.
She have never been to Arabia, non arab, black or indian people. That thing I found out in the deep investigation. Some tears come out.
I saw her and I kissed her in the front head. I m doing like I dont know anything

I would no longer be willing to marry her, so I would break up with her.

No, more likely I have been transparent to her and I trusted her. She was always there

You found out your gf was not a virgin? Bawww.

How do we organize something like this?

well, do you want to marry an ex prostitute who doesnt tell you she was an ex prostitute?
shut up dogfucker, how are you still around

If your relationship is good who cares what she had to do for money in the past. We all end up in the same place, the ground. Don’t lose someone you love over something she did before she even knew you.

>you trust in her

Just keep that in mind

Virgin detected

Thats a good answer