How the FUCK do introverts get into relationships in 2019?

How the FUCK do introverts get into relationships in 2019?

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you can't. It's over. You will never procreate. Western civilization is over. Just accept this fact and preish.

Being an introvert doesn't mean you can't go out and fucking talk to people

yes it does user, I don't like talking to strangers and enjoy my close knit friend group

I don't like working, but it's something I must do to achieve my goals.

If you want to find a gf, then you have to go talk to women. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's impossible. Get out of your comfort zone

by evolving yourself to handle more and more social stimuli, starting small and expanding gradually. the alternative is being single or getting lucky via a friend of a friend or 'hit it off' type chance-encounter. we live in an age of extrovert-worship. find a niche, adapt, or come to terms with your situation as-is.

Two options:

1. You are or become socially competent enough to at least take advantage of certain social situations that allow you to easily start a conversation with a girl you're interested in, if not just straight up start a conversation someone w no excuses needed.
2. You get very very very very very very very very lucky and an extroverted girl takes an interested in you, initiates the dynamic between you, and enjoys your introversion. I don't even want to mention this because of how unlikely it is vs. how much introverts like to fantasize about it.

Having very good looks generally.
Reminder that there's one (1) big tiddy autistic introverted girl who has absurdly low standards (only attracted to fat guys) and she's taken.

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Gotta get out of your comfort zone. Try new things meet new people. It can be at your own pace, but you have to talk to new people. Getting friends to set you up or help you branch out is a great way to meet new people and can relieve some stress having that support.

Hobbies or volunteering. It's tough but if you want it you go get it. And don't do volunteering for some big event you'd truly hate attending, I mean small community center stuff that would more align with your personality, same for hobbies. Go to things you like basically and meet people there, doesn't have to be a huge venue.

this is such a distorted perspective. women are way more clued into cues of social import than they are physical attractiveness. but i guess it gives dudes without outstanding features a reason for self-satisfied wallowing.

By asking women out on dates.

He asked how introverted guys can get girls.
Introverted guys have no social skills or social status.

Wrong. Introverts can be perfectly well adjusted. You are confusing introverts with socially retarded people. Stop misusing words.

>how can introverts get dates
>by being extroverted

You can't make this shit up

Literally all you have to do is be willing to make an effort. You don't need to change your entire lifestyle and go out partying every night and have 300 friends. You just need to go out of your way to spend time with a girl a couple days a week and then ask her out.

Unfortunately you are not willing to make said effort and would rather sit around complaining instead.

Dating sites. Introvert women need dates too

You're confusing introversion with social anxiety. Practice talking to people. If it's too painful, get professional help.

Only in Jow Forums would you see someone pretending an introvert is someone who goes out and starts talking to random women on the street.

what if i have no problem at all talking to people
what if there hasn't been a single damn person i've talked to in the past 5 years whom i hadn't managed to make a positive connection with, male or female
what if every girl whom i've been able to make laugh well, with whom i've found common interests, created inside jokes with and just generally got along great and had great times when we went out with had never said anything other than "i'm not looking for a relationship but don't worry you'll have it easy, any girl would be lucky to have you"
it's been 6 gals by now
[spoiler]what if i'm fuckin disabled[/spoiler]
what do i do then
i'm just on my last legs and about to give up completely as it is not letting me sleep well at night

Look up the definition again

They dont want mostly shutin dudes with a small amount of long term friends. If you can't project you have a social life and go out a lot it's hard to get matches. Ben trying on and off for a year.

The same way they did in 1999.

Invite her for a frosty malt at the diner?

Get some money.

>be me, get new job as a laborer for a big company
>see photo collage on wall of a company christmas party
>all the guys who work in upper management or from the family that owns the company have incredibly beautiful gfs/wives
>i'm talking so beautiful it's fucking unreal

And most of these guys look fucking dorky as hell. Manlets, chubby, balding, dopey, lazy eyes, shorter than their gfs. But man, some of these girls look so hot they're hotter than your average model. All because these guys are rich.

But at the end of the day, i just laugh at these suckers. They're basically renting their s/o. If i was single, i'd could fuck an escort just as hot as their wives, and walk away happy i don't have to live with them.

try being attractive. the girls will do most of the talk for you

3. Lower your standards to decrease the chance you will be rejected. You should have an idea where you have over 50% chance the other person will give a yes.

But the issue is that if you don't feel comfortable talking to girls they'll never feel comfortable talking to you back.

You can't, I already accepted, girls just want to go out drinking and partying

I gave up on girls, but I would suggest you become friends with an extroverted person or at least someone who is very social. You can meet people through them and eventually women.

Sadly I just think the type of girl im looking for doesn't exist or is very rare. Ive never actually met a girl whos love for anime and video games wasn't just skin deep.

My gf loves anime and video games. I don't though.

Why do people that regularly start conversations with strangers consider themselves introverted?

I'm an introvert and so is my boyfriend.
We met though a friend who noticed we have the same interest.
I guess it's just luck, I got no fucking idea at this point.

there is a complete difference between talking online and in real life, im super shy and anxious irl to the point that I was talking to an online friend and we decided to have a meetup at an anime con and holy fuck I was so awkward at first, I sat alone until they realized I was there and had to come over and invite me to sit with all of them.