Anons what are your thoughts for joining the military?

Anons what are your thoughts for joining the military?
Im a sperg and has no employment value and skills except im decent in math.
Tho the military would kick my ass but they provide everything to career progression and possibly structure to my autistic life.
My senpai would hate me for this n they suggest i settle for a dead end job.
What do ?

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Which branch? I’m about to enlist to the Air Force. It’s worth it

Not sure where they gonna put me cuz im just sending my application thru the general screening.
Tho im hoping for “lack of translation” it says soldier on ground.

Two things you MUST know about the military:

1. They lie. Whatever the recruiter says, whatever contracts you sign, once you're in you're theirs and they can do whatever they want with you.

2. What they are most likely to do is send you somewhere where a lot of people are going to try very hard to kill you.

Or you could just be a fucking POG and have a desk job you know. Not every MOS is combat related.

Research what each branch can offer and what culture most closely interests you. You should take the aptitude tests provided on every military branch's website to see what options you have. Best thing to do is research the hell out of the different mos's (Army) and rates (Navy) and just start talking to a recruiter. Enlisted recruiters a dime a dozen so if you don't like one then hop over to the next city/county and see a new one
Don't listen to this retard

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I can't say much about the other forces but the US Army has 150 different MOSes. you can be anything from an infantryman to a cook to a pilot. Navy is the most obese. Then it's the chair force. and the Marines are basically assault troops and the skinniest

Tech Schooler here. It seems autism is almost mandatory for the U.S. Air Force. In all seriousness though they will teach you how to perform your job well and most are geared towards civillian work after the military so long as you show effort in training. Just learn how to contain your spaghetti when in BMT and don't crack and say you'll an hero like a retard.

>What they are most likely to do is send you somewhere where a lot of people are going to try very hard to kill you.

Depends on what your job ends up being, and even if you are 11X in the Army or w/e (infantry) and get sent to trashganistan you still don't have a high chance of getting killed.

Don't sign the contract until you read it thoroughly, and don't let the recruiter try to talk you into a specific job you don't want.

If a recruiter threatens to drop you because you are too picky or w/e and won't take the job available at that moment, just find another recruiter.

Of course, it might be hard to get the job you want if you just want a very limited range or want a very specific admin job like financial management or something; so you need to diversify your preferences.

Don't get talked into taking infantry or something just for enlistment bonuses if you wouldn't be happy with the job itself. Plus those bonuses get taxed hard.

Also - make sure you pick a job that will carry over to the civilian world as much as possible.

I have a close friend from high school that is stationed out in japan now. I miss whooping his ass in fighting games. As for the military, I kind of look at joining it as a last ditch effort, I'm already fit, but I have no reason to join, it'd change my life too much. I already have a good job and enough money to live independently.

Military is ok n all regards. They give you a pretty nice room to your self and some food 3 times a day.

Expect to get in some of the best shape of your life, I was so fucking fat I was private Pyle, and to become humbled by the amount of bullshit you will learn to embrace. It can blow your mind.

Also going back home and smashing all the girls you used to know ( Highschool,college, your old job, ur friends girlfriends) is pretty nice cuz your now in the military.

If you have any questions just ask. I'm currently in the army.

Don't listen to this last ditch effort shit. Don't listen to what anyone has to say about a self enclosed society when they are not in it.

If you're a sperg go air force and learn a trade. Easiest branch, very comfy, decent pay. When you leave just being ex military puts you into a protected group, you can get hired for diversity points.

I'm the user above your post, shit you're making me want to fucking join now.

How much did you change physically from before BMT till graduation?

You'll do none of these and work 12 hr shifts with leadership that doesn't give a fuck about your mental health.

t. aircraft maintenance

>2. What they are most likely to do is send you somewhere where a lot of people are going to try very hard to kill you.
> t. was never in

You'll get structure but that's about it, if you're active duty it's just an exaggerated live-in job where you're surrounded by other people who are just there because they have nowhere else to go.
Military life is completely retarded but stable.

I'll show you!

Good luck. I think about shooting myself everyday but I don't have the means to get another job. The military works if you're an alpha chad. If not, its just like being a civilian except worse because now Chad is your direct supervisor.

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>Also going back home and smashing all the girls you used to know ( Highschool,college, your old job, ur friends girlfriends) is pretty nice cuz your now in the military.
not really, though in my case 10% of my high school class enlisted so it was seen as pretty normal in my community.

Jesus dude, that's sad. I think I'll just stick to working out 4 days a week and keeping track of my finances.

not them, but I went from 120 lbs and barely being able to do 15 pushups to 150 and being able to pass PT with 42.
Deployment gets people even more in shape because everyone works out out of sheer boredom, I got to 170 with noticeable muscle mass and I wasn't nearly as dedicated as most guys there.

I got bullied by a room full of people for the way I mopped and often get picked to do the menial labor jobs. Meanwhile there are women in my work section that break rank structure and fraternize with their supervisor for favor. Had a girl no shit call in and say she wasn't coming to work, unscheduled without leave, and they let her do it. Just because she's an attractive blonde woman.

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yeah, that shit happened a lot when I volunteered for deployment, huge breath of fresh air when I came back to my home unit where everything is chill.

Of course now I'm turning down promotion offers left and right because I don't want to leave the 1 good fucking unit in the army.

Others here have given good advice.
If you're going to join, just prepare yourself and senpai.

Autism is basically embraced and harnessed in the Air Force.
It's not uncommon for instructors to literally LARP in tech school for their underlings. There are also lots of nerdy clubs like tabletop games, anime movie nights, LAN parties, etc.

That's great man. I'm glad you got a good unit. Its a shame when good people leave and you're stuck with the inept crowd. Deployments are so hit or miss. I'd rather be deployed though.

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luckily our unit does a pretty good job of absorbing people into the chill mindset.

and the new 1SG used to be a 5 in the same unit years ago and used to get kicked out of bars with the rest of the OGs that reinlisted and are still here.

>Never go in the navy unless you anal diameter is enough to put a whole pringles can in it
>Army is a little better but be ready to feel suicidal for your next contracts year
>Marines are a meme
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That's how it is here on yurop's atlantic coast

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The first question they ask is:
are you a frog poster?
Yes you say
they laugh you out of the office.