Why don't men want to have sex anymore? The number of volcels nowadays is insane

Why don't men want to have sex anymore? The number of volcels nowadays is insane.

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>have straight consensual sex
>woman screams rape afterwards
>why won't men have sex with women?

Too much work and too little reward.
Women don't seem to appreciate the work we put into it and mostly portrait men as something to be hated or feared.
Why work your add off to impress someone who hates you?

More like men are copping with video games because they are denied sex.

>my incel fantasies totally apply to the real world guise

Who is denying them sex?

Most working adults have significantly less free time than they used to, less friends and less social opportunities. It's not surprising that men who feel like they have no viable way of entering a relationship due to these factors turn to other forms of entertainment instead.

Same for women.

Very true, but that's not the question being asked here.

unironically this.
There was a moment in life that I realized that having sex never actually made me happy. Sure sex feels great but other than a bunch of chemical receptors in my brain firing off because it's a biological function necessary for life to continue and so nature has made it feel amazing, it doesn't actually bring any REAL lasting happiness.
If anything in the long run sex takes a lot of money and a lot of effort to achieve and all for a rather brief moment of pleasure. All the hours you spend trying to get laid, all for a few minutes of getting your dick wet, and really after the afterglow wears off, you're just tired and if you did it with some chick you met who you don't really care about you end up also feeling a little disgusting.
Meanwhile vidyagames are pleasurable for hours and for the most part will yield some kind of joy and they also have the bonus of a one time fee and you don't have to put effort to play games, you just plug in and play. Also if I don't like a game, or if it makes me mad or whatever I can stop playing and play something else or do something else entirely.
Games give me complete control and grant me a certain joy, women are a pain in the ass, cost time and money and usually for a brief moment of pleasure which is followed by negative thoughts.
Why indeed.

What's so good about video games today? They were last good in the early 2000s. Video games are all these complex RPG quests, are played in groups only, have too many open world layouts, and are not straightforward. There are also too many cut scenes and too much of a plot instead of action.

I really want, but I always get rejected. I'm not even aiming above my league. Only gf I had was 4 years ago and she dumped me real fast.

I think you might like slime rancher desu.

I do this thing where I play my old games.
Jokes aside, I've played KotOR 1/2 a heck of a lot of times. So many older games have replayability because they're either just that good, or they have different options that give different endings.

>The number of volcels nowadays is insane.
It might be to do with you people switching between words like incel and volcel depending on which suits your arguments best all the time.

It's only incels who do that.

>It's this thread again
Jesus fuck, get lost already

Get bent, average /adv browser

Multiple women cheated on me and lied to me. At some point I just told myself fuck it and literally stopped dating. Being lonely feels better than being lied to.

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But 10 "how do I get a gf" threads are ok?

>implying this ever happened to you or anybody you know
>implying you aren't using this shit as an excuse not to try, because a rejection would hurt your feelings

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I can pay $30 for a game that will keep me entertained for months.
Or I can spend $30 on a cheap date/bar-hopping/strip joint and feel like a chump if I get shot down, or wind up regretting the whole encounter.
I'm also an autistic loner, but that's neither here nor there. I played the party scene, it ran its course long ago.
Fuck thots, fuck society.

There isn't such a thing as an "incel".

I'm introverted, not sociable and trying to fix myself up financially. Ain't got no time for.sex.

Also video games and women scare me.

Insofar I've been to awkward around women to get to first base.

Most volcels are incels in disguise. They pretend to be voluntarily celibate but in reality they're just too insecure to admit they CAN'T get laid instead of not wanting to get laid.

What prevents them?

>More like men are copping with video games because they are denied sex.
Lmao no. More like they started playing video games as little kids and never learnt how to socialize. Then puberty hit and they started to want gfs, but their social skills aren't up to the task.

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Women not granting access to their vaginas. Or are you suggesting that they rape them? Now, I agree that women do deserve to be raped and killed, but I'm not sure if prison is worth it over some bleeding axe wound.

Oh I see, you're a gay psyopper. Never mind.

Good post.

This applies for almost everything being better than sex in the long term, not just Vidya. For most everything else, you can immediately get into a skill or hobby you want to try and you will always see results and improvement. When it comes to sex, you first have to do shit you might not even like, such as going to bars, setting up dates, talking bullshit to impress, and it's not even a guarantee you'll get anything out of it. That's hours of work and handfuls of dollars gone. To put it simply, because men will realize that in modern society, you can do so many more things now than in the past, and usually a lot cheaper, sex is now WAY low on the list of things men want to do.

If men and women were a lot less judgemental about each other, and sex was considered a casual greeting like a handshake, as in, you can just walk up to someone and fuck right there and it wasn't weird at all, then yes sex rates for men would rise.

>What about tinder
that isn't how it works for people that aren't supermodel level attractive. You still have to "play the game" and go to dates just for a *chance* at sex

>What about prostitutes?
Hookers still usually come with a decently high price tag, or big risk of STDs. Again, risk or price not worth investment

I predict sex robots will be a multi-billion dollar industry in the future

How? I want to rape a woman too.

Except for fags, who are they supposed to have sex with? Many are too proud to just get an escort while simultaneously the number of female volcels is increasing, too. Everyone's lives are busy, except for the caveincels. But who'd ever want to fuck them?

This is true for me but I don't see why women are fucking crying about it. What's it got to do with them?

Women have standards through the roof. I've seen fat girls in my country say that they exclusively date only gym guys.

It's much more common to see hot girls with guys way below their looksmatch than the other way around.

That's because they can afford to have these standards then. Look at China, you need a uni degree, house/apartment in a city and car to even qualify for the dating market there because of the shortage of women. Imagine what these circumstances would look like in the west, non-VIPs need not apply.

Good thing we don't and won't have a shortage of women in the west.

My experience says otherwise.
Well, we are already acting against it, slowly, but surely. We're lucky to have free speech and not get killed by the government yet.

You've never seen an ugly guy with a hot girl?

Sure, but not as often as I've seen a hot guy with an uglier bitch or with a fat girl.

because all emotional connection has been stripped away from it.

i want a wife. not 'sex'

Because women like to pretend that unattractive men don't exist or at least that they are asexual creatures. When they get reminded that those men are out there and they want sex, women get grossed out and scared.


>yes men are denied sex, but it's 100% their fault

i can't win that why. I worked on myself hard. went from 10 matches on tinder to 230 in 8 months.
went to the gym
clean diet
moved into an apartment
worked on my social skills
along the way i made some awesome friends that im thankful for. but far as females. even after finally getting laid & getting into "relationships" the girl would just end choosing some guy who was better than in some other way. "no spark"
im still working on myself. but the effort into being charming just to get a date that leads to sex that leads to a relationship. isn't worth it for me rn
if i somehow luck into a girl that great. but im not done chasing pussy for shit results. guys who ooze charisma can keep on winning. i can't beat those guys
i want a wife & couple kids man

but im done* chasing
yikes these typos


>More like they started playing video games as little kids and never learnt how to socialize. Then puberty hit and they started to want gfs, but their social skills aren't up to the task.
Yep, that's me. Except for me it was more about books, movies and toys than vidya.

Not worth I like others said. Most women are either fat, sluts, or do drugs and the ones who are halfway decent are already taken, generally unavailable, or just a ton of work to maybe get a chance with.

This means a higher portion of the sex is being had casually which some men, including myself have no interest in.

I know a guy who's dating a fucking single mother and provides for her just to get some sex.

It just doesn't make any sense to me, if you're really that horny just jerk off. Sex with someone you wouldn't be with otherwise just cant be worth that investment.

sex dolls already are becoming that

Video games are fun, bitchy nagging roasties aren't

How long will it take for women to start taking effort and approach men?

When hell freezes over.

But they do?

Never duh. Despite these clickbaity articles most women still get initiated on by men.

Only if they are 9/10 or above

>he thinks you can give an objective attractiveness ranking to people

A film actor is objectively more attractive than some gremlin or average dude

Arnold Schwarzenegger is more attractive than an average dude?

He's muscular and charming

Most girls will tell you that Arnold is straight up ugly.

-white men/numales

Trying to justify being an incel pathetic

You’re a heck of a cuck if you sit playing games you already beat when you were a child all day

I doubt it. And even so, that's only because he's old. Young Arnold was very attractive.

Believe you me, guys have so much pent up sexual drives sometimes that the only reasons I can think of for them not wanting to smash is the girl being ugly as sin or girls in general being so stuck up and porn being so good he feels happier just yeeting his meat to catgirls.

>"Kids these days won't have sex because they're addicted to them new-fangled video boxes"
God dammit I hate old people so fucking much

some onaholes feel better than real pussy, they are less than $100 and don't talk.

>Onaholes: 3
>Women: 0

Going home and jerking off is so much easier than trying to fuck some girl I don't find all that attractive and having to kick her out of my house and deal with the aftermath.

I get plenty of attention from women but it's never from the ones I want, so it's not worth it.

Cause women suck, my friend group of seven guys have all basically encountered the same type of chicks over the past 2 years and it always goes something like this.

>befriend girl
>start hanging out with girl, flirting, sexual hints, etc
>turns out she has a boyfriend she hides from social media
>Pussy traps you into fucking her while she is still in a relationship
>Doesn't leave her BF for you, rather guilts you into keeping it a secret, whenever she gets drunk hits you up to fuck again

And these chicks justify it in there heads, because there is no consequence to what they do.

I would rather play Deadly Premonition than have sex. Sex as a concept, like most things, just pails in comparison to it. Think about it logically.

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Effort out weighs the gains.

It's probably a combination of things, on one hand some men weren't raised to be social so they find it hard to socialize with women and yes it's harder than socializing with men. On the other hand the laws are written to screw men over a lot more than women so a lot of men don't see the point in risking so much for something like sex if it's on a continual basis. It's basic econ and there's not enough incentive.

What are these "risks" you keep mentioning?

I feel the effort needed to attract any woman who is at least not obese, is simply too much work for the reward. I don't want to have to model my life around getting and keeping a gf and I'm pretty sure as I live now, no woman would want to be with me. I'm content watching movies, playing games, playing with my cats, exercising in my gym, cooking, cleaning, and jerking off for 1-2 hours a day (dat slow burn erotic fiction). I'm also happy not working or if I get bored, just working part time, I have no ambition and am happy coasting where I am.

I sincerely believe that you are the most sane, logical, and intelligent poster adv has ever seen.

Thank you.


The only risk that bitch ass nigga is avoiding is the risk of rejection.

Have a gf that I live with. Love her more than life itself, but absolutely prefer gaming over sex with her. The sex just isn't very good with her, whereas gaming always delivers.

Economy is shit
Women suck
Society is against us
What's the point

>Society is against us

Not the same user, but how?

It takes a lot of effort to go meet people, work up to it and seal the deal, but the act of sex is boring in itself. I get so bored during sex apart from the moment you put it in and the moment you come, which admittedly feel awesome. I guess I'd like a gf but it's just not important to me yet.

I can just jerk off and use the extra time and energy on projects.

I'ma guy who's been in a relationship for a good few years now but if I had to enter THIS dating market I'd probably just fap.

Maybe bang a trap, they seem to squeal rape a little less.

I'd be less scared of it, but for the fact that it's kind of one of those problems where usually, one brush up with it is a game over for you.

>in a relationship
>regurgitates incel memes

Find a decent woman to be with is more troublesome and expensive than it's worth.
I would like to have a gf, but as of now having good friends to hang out with, personal objectives and a job makes me really not mind the lack of sex.

Feminist have destroyed masculinity and chivalry. A self respecting man is almost afraid to approach women in fear of the whole #me too movement. 'RAPE RAPE RAPE! HE SAID I WAS BEAUTIFUL! '

Men who do don't talk about it.
Men who dont do.

Women who have happy marriages apart from the economical safety factor know how to please a man and, they will do it.
Women who dont like their partner will not have sex with him.

How many couples do you know having a happy marriage after ~ 5-10 years of being together?

>A self respecting man is almost afraid to approach women in fear of the whole #me too movement.
Lies incels tell: the post.

Ntayrt but
Getting falsely accused of rape, especially with the retarded push for #BelieveWomen, guilty before proven otherwise, ans the mere fact a woman can cry rape and get everyone on her side will fuck the guy's personal AND professional life
You only have #REEEToo to blame

How fucking into your own stinky ass do you have to be to deny that a woman can fuck up beyond repair a guy's life by crying rape, you disgusying fucking roastie?




Things that do not happen outside of incel fantasies.

More men have been blackpilled by the internet while the internet gives whores more options.

one made up a rumor that I was groping her, where all of our mutual friends believed her until she started stabbing them in the back too. so not far off.

Again it fits with my argument of more guys becoming blackpilled because they hear about shit like this online.

Less guys are becoming "blackpilled" though, the incel movement is fading away. They had their run.

Because it simply isn't worth the time and effort
Men have always had to go out there and improve themselves in order to get laid, the problem is that now days, women have unreasonably high standards despite being below avarage, don't think of sex as a special thing anymore, just something casual, which goes directly against what many men, me included, want out of sex: for it to be a by product of a loving relationship
As society progressed, both men and women's advantages and obligations shifted, yes men are not required ro be the best of the best in order to stay alive, but their obligations in general havent changed, we're still expected to act tough and man the fuck up, have a stable job and be assertive, while women's obligations, such as childbearing and raising, have been dramastically reduced, while her advantages, such as getting sympathy whenever she gets emotional, have only risen, now a woman can falsely accuse a man of rape or sexual assault, fuck his life over, and even if proven falsez still get away with it
All of this, men's obligation and women's entitlement, plus the cheap price of video games, one time fee, which is guaranteed to provide you a longer term enjoyment than sex, as well as allow you to join a community of like minded people that share your same interests, providing a much longer happiness that getting your dick wet could, if pleasure is all a man wants, masturbation or an onahole is much more cost beneficial

more from what I've seeing. Even normies I considered chads are spamming facebook with blackpilled incel memes now.
If they're actually struggling with this shit I don't know what to say.

Pretty much this and what the other person said they quoted. I'm married, wife is 7/10, sex is good, but even then... it's just too much damn work sometimes. Usually, it's only when they (woman) want to or you cash out for a nice evening, hours of romance, etc. to get them in the "mood", to then get a happy ending. Hours of works for 10 minutes of pleasure (Sure a little more if you take time or foreplay, but meh).

I come home and have 2 options if the wife isn't in the mood. 1. Spend hours of work or money or both to convince her tonight will be fun and we should have sex.
2. Launch steam and play video games for instant fun all night long, no reoccurring cost.

Even when my wife is in the mood, sometimes the process a lady wants you to go for sex (BDSM, toys, games, etc) can still take 2 hours give or a take. I've turned down the offer for sexy time just because I was tired and the amount of effort wasn't worth the return on the reward.

DESU fantasy masturbating has more reward with way less hassle. This way, you just wait till the wife is ready, and then not as much time is required. So... why not have "sex" less often?


A lot of people are figuring out the juice isn't worth the squeeze. I even know high school aged dudes who drop redpills