MRI Scan Help Advice

Any doctors or radioligists that can give me some information PLEASE help. I waited 2 hours today only for my GP to say he hadnt recieved my MRI yet and that hes not great at reading them anyway. Im sick of waiting for explanations.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Side note I have a mastoid osteoma on behind my left ear.

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Go to a professional you idiot.

Why where you given an MRI anyway what were the symptoms also why only 2 slices with this all you can see is there's some shit behind your right ear what the heck do you expect a med fag to do with this

Labs are notoriously slow in delivering test results, not considering that patients are panicking.

If your doctor can't read the scan insist that he bring in someone who can

Ok thanks yeah not sure why they gave me a disc of the images before they had a doctor look at them.

I have been to a prpfessional twice. Ive been waiting 2 fucking weeks because our healthcare system is full of shit cunt refugees.

All I know is that I have a mastoid osteoma behind my left ear. Its about 2.8mm in size. I have been having headaches and pain from the area where the osteoma is. I can also upload any or all of the images on the disc. I just started with 2 untill someone replied.

You're gay and, why the pituitary is lit up like a Christmas tree?

I was thinking it was lit up bevause this is a T2 scan? More contrast perhaps?

MD here, looks like an osteosarcoma

You need to send them in for a reading.

>/ITT we see op's actual brain

Its fucking brain cancer, I am a radiologist by the way

yep. looks like a brain to me.
i can't see anything bad from those two slices. nothing seems glaring. relax


>mastoid osteoma
You need CT scan not MRI, usually treated with surgery.

Also Take Ibuprofen 200mg twice, it should help with the pain at night, make sure to eat something first before taking it though.
Don't worry it's OTC drug.

Fucking NHS quality service right here


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Sorry to say this (on the Internet and not in person) but this looks pretty bad. I hope you get HELP fast. Good luck sir


You've got some boxes on the brain stem, probably fatal.

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