I’ve been talking to this girl for a couple days and we were going to meet yesterday...

I’ve been talking to this girl for a couple days and we were going to meet yesterday. She got into a wreck though and she couldn’t make it though she sent pics so I know she isn’t lying. Based on our texting would you say she is into me or being nice?

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She is giving u a chance thats all u gotta know


I think she isn't lying. She is using way to many emojis and puts in too much effort into the conversation to be just kidding.

She genuinely seems into, but be cautious

You sound completely insecure and unconfident.

She is simply humoring you. Your weakness made her pussy snap shut.

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She's not a 9 I'm talking to, she's like a 4 or 5 with a good personality, and I can tell she's awkward as fuck herself.

>using emoticons as a man

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yeah just keep talking
it will progress well

This is what she looks like for reference

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Oink oink

she's probably into you at the same time, getting a fat woman while she's fat is easy, the hard part is getting her to drop kilos instead of getting comfortable and ballooning up further

I like chubbier women, but anyway you don't think she probably has many suitors?

Probably not that many

Dude I think you’re ok, especially with how she looks

depends on how much time she spends on dating apps

you shouldn't give a fuck about other suitors anyway, and just move on if she's not getting you what you want

Texts from today. I think she’s interested

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Cringe, but yeah there’s high interest

This girl isn't even that fat, what are you faggots smoking? She's cute.

Why so many emojis, what the fuck is wrong with you? If you're into her just fucking ask her out, stop texting and do something in the real life. You act like you don't know how to behave so you constantly pretend to be so nice to each other.

You're trying too fucking hard my dude, ms piggy gonna get tired of your bullshit

She's fat.

We're going on a date next Wednesday. I'm busy the rest of the week and work this weekend

Why do you have to ask if this is this obvious? What do you do if a girl doesn't paint her interest on the wall with screaming pink elephant sized letters? Wring your hands in confusion and give up?

Ok congratulations, but please stop buttering up each other, it looks fake and it's cringy.

You talk like a "nice guy" that is trying too hard to please the woman. Yet she's still talking to you.

>all those emoji's
Its like two 12yr olds talking to each other

True. OP girl is a fat whore who's desperate. Any attractive girl would drop this dude for being autistic.

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Cringe but tastepilled

no way to tell based on this sequence of texts alone

It's cute op
Wish you well

Spotted the American.

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What the problem with emoji's?

it's feminine, women usually lose attraction and start viewing you as a beta male provider.

>indian food on the first date
It keeps the tone light so they don't interpret your responses as kurt or overly formal.
>Go out with me woman

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