I am lonely when I am Ovulation period

Really lonely and depressed T.T I am girl nerd so I don't have boyfriend and I borrowed many books from library but I am just depressed

Girl are differ with guys so I need some guy who I can cuddle, but I don't wanna sex. Girls can solve their lonely just chatting or talking with guys or cuddling. But I don't have those guys...

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Not many guys would agree if there is no sex involved.

I know it. So I am lonely I don't wanna sex T.T It is scared

Why don't you want sex?

I wanna ask something. I had a German guy penpal friend. I one time met him in Korea and we just cuddle and slept. When morning, he didnt seem good feeling.

After chat long time before that, he said he like rough sex, he like cuddling but he more like sex.

And I like the cuddle and a little liked him, I told him , if he come Korea, again, how to sleep again.

But he said to me that 'you 'd better meet Korea guy first than me.' Why he said so?There was no guy who I meet, that time. And I don't like Korean guy

I dont dislike sex, but if girl do sex, I need really long term relation, and I have to know about the guy more. I am lazy and I am afraid about pregnant and painful and venereal disease

This is the cutest thread I've seen here yet.

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The character in image is really cute (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Maybe all girls will agree with my thread

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I don't have sex anyway, I wouldn't mind a cuddle only relationship.
The biggest problem is the no sex ever stance as I want kids one day and I don't like the idea of using one person just to cuddle, it should move towards something eventually.

if its cuddle & no kissing
thats a hard pass

I never did sex but if relation is good, maybe I can sex someday I think

Kiss will be okay maybe

>Hurr i want the love perks of a relationship without a relationship

Jesus people are fucking stupid. Find someone to date if you want a body in bed. If not your choices are
>meaningless sex
>find a beta male to lead on whonwill inevitably be fristrated

This is unrelated. Sorry I don'tn really feel like starting another thread only to have no female anons answer. But do women with long hair ever find hairs that ended up in their butt crack?

Very helpful, glad you stopped by.

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i dated a korean girl like u. she was really into jesus was adopted tho
honestly just get a boyfriend.

>It will be good choice and thanks for your recommend but I am lazy and I wanna study more and enjoy hobby so maybe I will always alone

I am not good at English so I cant understand

What the second sentence mean?I am not good at English haha

I swear it's not a fetish or anything, I'm legit curious about the hair thing

how old

dont lie

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seek a therapist. about your issue

I don't think many people agree to sex with a stranger without knowing them; you are not that weird.
Just be confident and put yourself out there and I am sure you will find someone.

I am in my 20s
yeap I am too nerd so I need therapist
Thanks you for recommending. I need more confident and maybe I will find someone

late 20s? does your name start with j

My name don't start with j. Why do you think so haha maybe you thought wrong person

maybe i didnt

doesnt matter, when guy give cuddle girl give sex, guy who give cuddle and nothing else can't even be called a guy

maybe you should be finding friend who is girl to talk to

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Guys do not like cuddle?Why do you think guy give cuddle?

That is terrible advice don't listen to him!

Maybe I don't know about guys at all @.@

When I was little it would happen a lot. But now it's very rare because everything I wear is high rise.

and who do you see guy giving cuddle to?

all women who just are lonely and need cuddle and talk? or only close women like girlfriend or wife, or maybe sister or mom?

lol, ask your mom for a little brother

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>You are really right I understand what you say.


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this is the cutest thread

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good, find or make close girl friend to talk to and cuddle

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Thanks you Your image is also cute (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Because I dont have even female friend I will cuddle my big animal doll pillow

You need a gay male friend. They'll cuddle you and watch movies and talk and not want sex.

Get a boyfriend