Am I a bad person if I believe that people I hate (eg. Rich people, politicians, royals, christians) deserve to die?

Am I a bad person if I believe that people I hate (eg. Rich people, politicians, royals, christians) deserve to die?

If the answer is "yes", then how do I stop being a bad person?

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Does everybody from those four groups deserve to die?

Why do rich people and Christians deserve to die?

What kind of belief system do you base these views from?

i mean i understand why you'd hate me as a girl who was born with silver spoon in her mouth all her life but my dad defenitely doesn't deserve your hate. he is literally the most selfless and kindest human being ever. he started from zero and proved himself and became succesful. if only you would meet my dad.

No probably not all of them

>What kind of belief system
I'm kind of an apathetic stalinist i guess. I dont really care. But I know I fucking hate certain types of people like those i mentioned.

Yeah i don't hate people who were born poor but worked hard for wealth. I only hate people like you, who were raised rich and grew up privileged.

I am self made. If I had kids and gave then wealth then you feel as though they should die.

What are your skills and employment history?

haha ah okay that makes more sense hahah. ;-; thanks..

you're certainly not apathetic if you spend a portion of your energy actively "hating" strangers, bro.

and what gives you the right to wish people to die when full legal systems including layers and layers of laws, courts, lawyers, appeals, and oversight determine who should die or not?

you just seem ignorant and a little bit resentful

lets say you become rich and use the wealth to make sure your kids get the best childhood, education, healthcare etc, why can't I wish them to die? what if you become a politican?

great thinking user, everyone that’s happy deserves to die

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I mean apathetic cause I don't campaign, i'm not a member of any parties, i don't read political literature, i don't advocate for any policies. My only political beliefs are hating certain groups of people intensely

I'm not gonna become rich and i'm not gonna be a politician

Ah ok so your life has become devoid of actual meaning and you have the compassion of an insect

A bug man if you will. Since white people pretty much dominate all of these fields, why not white people too?

>i dont read political literature
>i am stalinist
It all makes sense now.
Your ignorant, full of impotent rage and you dont know why because


Youre an idiot

Answer my question

>tall poppy syndrome: the post
I'm guessing you assume anyone relatively richer than you isn't self made, ignoring of course the fact that you're rich compared to others with less, and were probably born into it.

It's not racially related. My brothers are my fellow working class men. I despise a rich white person and a rich black person equally. Prince Harry's son is partially black and he's gonna be among the top 0.1% of most privileged people in the world

Yeah, do you know of any ways to be less angry?

>doesn't hate people who made their wealth
>hates their children who literally had no say on being born into it or not
Why do you hate people for something they couldn't choose?
What's your solution? Should people past a certain income level not reproduce? Should they leave their offspring in the care of poor people and pretend they have no children?

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Because people who grow up rich are fucking braindead, morally defunct pieces of shit who have no real empathy for others. They don't understand what the real world is like. Look at these kids who go to major boarding schools in the UK or those elite international schools in switzerland or singapore etc. They grow up completely disconnected from the world and with no empathy for the poor or disadvantaged. And yet they still have the gall to complain about their lives as if they experience any hardships. I know girls who complain about how sexism is "ruining their lives" or whatever despite the fact they were born into an upper class family and attended elite private schools their whole life and will never struggle to get a career

I have exactly the same feelings, OP. But what I've found is that it's a literal waste of time to hate these groups, no matter how much they deserve a horrible fate.

It's like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Gotta let it go

I suppose lobotomy would show promising results

Or maybe turning a critical mirror to yourself and actually read about the world? History? Politics? For your own sake i hope youre in highschool because an adult lacking this level of thought while feeling so emotional and not actually knowing what youre angry about is basically a hopeless mess.

Stop wishing evil on those you really have nothing to do with, and work to create good for yourself and those you love.

If you lead a happy life you don't have to wish harm to others

In my experince with all sides if the spectrum, poor people are by FAR the most inept.

Because you won't answer what your skillset is, I'm going to assume that you're poor and worthless. Not worthless becauae you're poor, but poor because you're worthless.

You are a waste of resources.


Whenever I read about the world or about history I just become more and more rageful, to the point of driving myself insane. History and politics is just one long, endless succession of events of the rich and powerful fucking over the poor and rigging things in their favour. Particularly in my country (UK) absolutely everything, every system, every industry is rigged in favour of the middle and upper classes. The working class are FUCKED and get shafted at every opportunity simply because we were born without wealth or connections

You didn't even answer 's question, all you did was make assumptions about how people are.

the shorter version of this is

am i a bad person if i believe that i hate peoples that are eg. Rich people, politicians, royals, christians ?

Then follow the advice of a rich jew, who are often politicians and rich.

He hated the world and wished he could change it. He couldn't, and tried to change his country. He couldn't, and tried to change his city. He couldn't, and tried to change everyone he knew. He couldn't, and tried to change his friends. He couldn't, and tried to change his family. He couldn't, and tried to change himself. Guess what the next line is.

Why do you care what others think when you hate other people so much?

Get a life.

Fuck you. Christians believe that gays should suffer forever but they have no problem having premarital sex themselves.

This, OP is insane

OP here. Actually i hate christians because they are meek and pathetic people who preach about certain moral guidelines (muh premarital sex, muh turning the other cheek, muh faith in god) while completely and totally ignoring the basic fundamentals of morals like helping the poor, caring for your fellow man, fighting for justice against the corrupt people in power, etc.

You believe people should fucking DIE, you hypocritical ass.

No you are just an annoying faggot.

I agree completely.

Resentment is not pretty.

Why is it wrong to believe that evil people deserve death?

Who are you to say that gays aren't evil.

What if I do?
What if you're evil.

I don't believe gays are evil, but you honestly are.

Exile yourself.

You are more "evil" than a lot of people in the groups you mentioned. You are more consumed by hate and malevolence than most of them. It's not automatically acceptable because you direct your hatred towards people who you perceive to be higher up on the social hierarchy. You don't know anything about them, you are not specific, you just pick entire groups of people and arbitrarily say "they're evil." You are evil.

Youre making a broad assumption of a very large group through which many charities are funded. Im not religious but youre being foolish. How do you feel about the other abrahamic religions?
>all of history can be summed up to the rich fuck the poor man
How old are you and who do you listen to for political guidance? Genuine question.

>helping the poor, caring for your fellow man, fighting for justice against the corrupt people in power

they do the first two, many charities are religious in nature, and don't even pretend the third one is unique to christianity

Only one person deserves to die here comrade.

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Hey buddy, I work part time on the weekends at a convenience store, but I don't have to because I have a 7 figure investment portfolio. I live a modest life and am generous to friends and family, do I deserve to die?

It's understandable to hate people who have a more comfortable lifestyle than you, who have no money worries, etc. But you're having commie thoughts. Go study the history of communism and why these kinds of thoughts are a bad idea for humankind in general

Who gives a fuck what is good for humankind in general? What have they done for me? I never asked to be born. I have to live in poverty wageslaving forever until I die because I wasn't genetically predetermined for success and have shit parents. Everytime I try to have a hobby, people invade and ruin it with their dumbass cumbrain friends and fat girls. I can't even play videogames in peace now without retards inserting trannies and faggot politics. If I go out and try and talk to women, they think I'm a freak or autistic. I'll never ever be able to get the life I want. Meanwhile, some whore like Taylor Swift can buy or do anything she can possibly imagine. Just because she was born an attractive white woman and her Dad had a recording company. The elites have generational wealth that gives them ABSOLUTE power over those who don't. Paris Hilton can do cocaine with impunity but some nigger on street will get locked up for some weed. Fuck these people, fuck them all. Communism is stupid but so is being ruled by these people.

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So if you were rich. You'd hate yourself??

So did Hitler.

>How do you feel about the other abrahamic religions?
The same. But I don't encounter any muslims, and the only jews I know are non-religious.

Religious charities don't help the disadvantaged out of goodness, they literally only do it because they think god tells them to do it. That is the only reason, and they admit to it. The express purpose of religious charities is always to "fulfill their biblical duty" or some shit, or for muslims to fulfill the "pillar of islam" that tells them to be charitable. It's not out of goodness, it's out of bullshit "duty". It's disingenuous.

Donate your excess money to others who are less fortunate. If you don't do that, then yeah you kind of deserve to die. Only a little bit though.

Hitler may have hated christians, although even then he did cooperate with them happily eg. he collaborated with christian fundamentalist conservatives in his rise to power, and also with the catholic church.

But Hitler loved the rich, because most of the german ex-nobility and upper classes supported him. And he loved royalty, he was friends with Edward VIII and had plans to re-install him on the British throne if the invasion of the UK was successful.

I agree, but I also try to believe in reincarnation, it's the only way to make sense out of the bullshit of everything for me.

Reincarnation is absurd. Once the electrical activity ends in your brain, you're done. I hope you enjoyed your ride.

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