How to get a gf

A little background, im a 23 year old guy, im a long time NEET and introvert with no life ambitions. I also love the usual anime- video games thing. How do I find a girl whos similar to this?

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How would the two of you be able to survive when both are NEETs?

NEETbux, I live at home and my parents are very well off. I will inherit the house one day as their firstborn son.

Not possible
Women date across and up so you're highly unlikely to find someone willing to mate with you.
It's, like, life's really hard man. Don't let the postmodern neo-marxists fool you

so theres absolutely no girl in this world whos also a NEET and a typical weeb? Theres gotta be

There are but it wouldn't result in a happy relationship.

whys that? I just want a girl I can relate to. No normies, no ambition filled wagies, just a sweet lil NEET

That's like asking how you can become a profesional football player while never exercising

They are, but they don't date losers like you

Girls can't relate to boys like you because they never date down

Find a job and look for a chinese girl

Im not a loser! Fuck off

>Find a job
How about no?
How the fuck is that the same? How is having a job or ambitions essential to having a gf? There has to be a girl in this world whos also has the same nihilistic worldview and doesn't want to do anything other then play video games and meme.

Sure someone like that exists
But that doesn't mean she's going to find an ambitionless loser shut-in attractive

>how do I get a gf whos similar to me?
>That's easy bro you just gotta change everything about you!
You cannot make this shit up

Yes, drug addicts.

so theres no cute girl in this whole world who will just sit next to me on the couch and play Final Fantasy XIV with me? Theres no girl who will watch anime with me and actually want to have a discussion about it?

If you live in a bubble how the fuck are you gonna find someone else in another bubble? Normally girls go for guys that are better than them, so you would have to have something special about you for one to sink as low as you.

Your only hope is finding one of those “I can fix him” type of extroverted girls, but then again you need to have some kind of special quality.

What the fuck is wrong with this world? I don't consider myself "low" I think I have interesting things I enjoy and a somewhat interesting personality. I don't need "fixing". Whys it always gotta be this status shit, why cant someone just love me for who I am?

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You're a NEET. That places you at the lowest possible value on the social ladder.

Why should that matter at all though? Who cares about someones social status?

Because you're completely unlovable. You have no redeeming qualities. Your entire life you have been given everything for free without working for it. Even now you expect to be handed a gf without making any effort for it. Nobody finds lazy entitled manchildren attractive.

aww is wagie mad? don't you have work here soon? better go get ready

Also I do have redeeming qualities you dick. Im kind, sentimental, laid back, caring, and love otaku stuff for lack of a better term
Just because I don't want to go to some shit 9-5 for garbage amounts of money isn't an issue with me

You sure seem like a kind guy and not a selfish jerk who immediately throws insults when triggered. Also joke's on you, I am at work right now, getting paid big bucks and laughing at your pitiful neetbux handouts.

Alright enjoy working wagie! ill be over here playing video games, might take a nappu soon too.

Get a job, women hate jobless losers

Ok OP, as a girl I will tell you that there is nothing wrong with being antisocial, and liking anime and games. My bf is exactly the same. So dont worry you'll find a girl.

The issue is you being NEET. Its not about the fact that you actually are NEET as much as it is the principle of it.
Without offending you, being NEET makes a person look pathetic. You need some sort of an ambition even if you dont really care about it too much.

I'm at uni studying human biology and trying to get a job at the lab in a few years, but I dont really care if I get it. You feel me? Just force yourself into uni or work and you'll be fine and will feel better about yourself and eventually meet a goal (since you're not being somehow social). (I'm from the UK so uni isn't exactly expensive ti get into but I know that's nit the case in different parts of the world.)

Basically no girl wants to end up being your mum and paying for everything. And getting with another NEET will eventually leave you starving and without a home.

So yeah. Just pepper in some fake ambition and try to reach it in the most minimalistic way you can be fucked to. You can do all of that and still be a nihilistic fuck trust me.

I think this means your ideal grill is sitting in a house somewhere in a similar situation to you wondering the same thing.

was kind of right when he tried to autistically give you a harsh dose of reality that would set you straight but instead just insulted you. When you take on ambition as a character trait, your scope of options suddenly broadens to other people with ambition to better themselves or their situation, which is the majority of the population

Alright, so bear with me for a second here. If those (frankly ordinary) qualities are all you have to offer, why wouldn't whatever girl you try to get with just find someone with the same attributes, but who is not a NEET?

Stop being close-minded and viewing being a NEET as a negative thing. Theres nothing wrong with it.

>get a job
>go to uni
then what? are introverted girls who like anime just going to throw themselves at me?

It's not anout disliking Neetdom in principle. Can you really blame a girl by preferring to date someone with a job, and therefore better long-term prospects, than someone who doesn't have any prospects at all?

Im a trust fund NEET though, she wont have to pay

sure some girls will do that but there has to be a girl out there who doesn't care or better yet even prefers a NEET

Only you think so. Others don't. Potential gfs would see it as a huge red flag. It means you are someone who can never get anything done and can't be trusted to ever accomplish anything or get something done that needs to be done.

Again you have a very narrow world view. Why the heck does it matter if I "get things done"?
I don't care about getting anything done in this world

Lmao, as long as you're decently likeable they should at least talk to you.
I made friends by wearing merch that I bought just to indicate that I'm more of a stay at home play games kind of girl. I honestly dont like wearing merch because it's often trash looking but it attracted the right kind of people.
It's kind of like a filter for the right kind of people. Obviously the first female to talk to you won't immediately fall for you (and you won't immediately fall for her) but itll narrow your search down a lot, like hell of a lot :)

Maybe you will get a gold digger but she will fuck other guys on the side

this is fucking insanity all of this bullshit because I refuse to slave away 9-5 for pitiful amounts of money

It's your own choice if you want to stay a loser. If you've got a lot of money then start your own business doing something you like. It won't have to be successful but at least you will be doing something and set your own hours.

>because I refuse to slave away 9-5 for pitiful amounts of money
That's not it, not all of it anyway.
The problem here is that you have no ambition, you're simply content to rot away living a mediocre life with no prospect to change, because pursuing change would be too much effort. That's something a lot of people consider a major flaw.

well hopefully I find someone whos fine with that "major flaw" because im never gonna change

That's fine. Just keep in mind actually finding someone who is willing to enetertain this relationship, never mind mantaining it, won't be easy.

Hint: nobody finds a whiny manchild attractive. You're behaving like a 7 year old throwing a temper tantrum that he won't be given candy. You seriously have nothing to offer to anyone. Your best bet is to use your money to hire prostitutes who can at least pretend to love you.

>Who cares about someones social status?
oh no no no

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No girls like that are 2/10 or obese . Quit being a lazy faggot. No woman wants a little boy that doesnt have anything going on in his life

Here is your gf, bro.

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If you have to change your entire personality and do things you hate just to be in a relationship then maybe its better to just be single. I actually want to thank you, you've opened my eyes although probably not in the way you intended to. If someone cant love me for who I am then its better to be not loved at all.

Ask yourself the question: would you love a female version of you? Or if you are able to think from a female point of view, could any girl love you? When you have nothing to offer?

I could love anybody as long as they are moderately physically attractive, share some interests with me, and enjoy their personality
Im not a shallow person that only cares about social status, which seems like the majority of the people in this thread. Why the fuck is it always about what you can offer? Why cant it just be enjoying being around someone? Does it really make me that much more "interesting" when I tell you about how I worked 9-5 today? Plenty of people with shitty personalities have jobs

I think a large portion of you associate NEET with being fat and unattractive. I am not fat, and have had one potential relationship with a girl who was like an 8/10 and said I was cute so I don't think im unattractive either. I am just a NEET, that's all

You're unattractive because you're completely devoid of any passion.

NEETs are associated with being lazy, entitled, and completely helpless and unreliable.

I have passion for many things I love Final Fantasy, Touhou, Dark Souls, Gabriel Dropout etc.,. Ohhh you meant passion for wageslaving? No I don't have that, and I never fucking will

I am lazy and helpless yes

This thread is absolute clown world
>get told your whole life just be yourself and youll get a gf who likes you for who you are
>just be myself
>wait bro actually you got to work and have a six pack, get a masters degree and make six figures, be extroverted and confident, basically just change your everything my dude
What happened to not being materialistic and shallow? I thought I was supposed to love people for who they are not what they could give me? Then you guys sit here and tell me the exact opposite

Achievement Unlocked: Observe reality

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just forget it then, whats the point if I cant find someone who loves me for who I am and not what I can do for them
fuck that's depressing

Now you know why arranged marriages became a thing.

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Ill find a loser girl like me with no ambitions just you wait and see

Even loser girls with no ambitions only want Chad dick.

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>who loves me for who I am
Why would anyone love you when you have absolutely zero positive qualities?

Chad can be a NEET you know that right?

lol youre so fucking retarded it hurts
there is absolutely nothing positive or personality boosting about having a fucking job your wagie brain is just fucking fried by working too much overtime so you think its a positive trait. fuck I hate wagies

You make this about having a job, when you have serious flaws about you that makes you unlovable. Being a NEET is just one of them. You're behaving like an angry child throwing a temper tantrum. That's definitely not an attractive quality. If you have all this free time being a NEET why not use it to do something constructive instead of spending it all on animu and vidya?

Why do wagies assume that everyone else cares about their 9-5 shitjockeying as much as they do?
It doesn't make you a good or funny or likable person to go flip burgers or write papers or file paperwork for 8 hours, it doesn't improve your personality or make you a likeable guy because you just spent 8 hours shoveling your bosses shit.

Because I don't care about anything other then video games and anime

If I make a tinder and lie about having a job do you think then I could get a gf?

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Seriously dude just get a prostitute.

No! I don't care for sex, I just want a companion to share my favorite things with and to genuinely love them. I don't want just some empty hookup

Is everyone here really this shallow? Its honestly kinda depressing reading some of these posts

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Are you still complaining that anyone who thinks you being a NEET is a huge negative is "shallow"? It sounds like you are the shallow one.

It is most definitely shallow to look at someone and label them as "unattractive with no redeeming qualities" all because they don't wageslave. Its basically the textbook definition of shallow, every good thing about myself that ive mentioned gets met back with "That's cool bro but you really need to wageslave" . Fuck off

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You are so fucking retarded dude. None of those things are real, have a passion for something that’s real, that doesn’t mean a job, but something that affects the outside world, If you died would anyone care?

Why the fuck would you care if people cared if you died.



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who the fuck cares if theyre real
this is what I get for asking advice on a normie board. I cant blame you though, your shifts probably coming up and you're agitated about it so you're lashing out at me

Normalfag advice is the fucking worst, its bluepilled to the core

Just put down that you're a rich heir

You have issues. You're behaving like an angry entitled manchild. You definitely don't sound too bright either. You keep going back to the NEET question, when people point out all your other serious flaws you flat out ignore them.

It's like you seriously have the mind of a child. You don't even want a gf, you want a mommy who takes care of you.

So can I get some non clown world advice now? Anything that mentions or implies that I need to stop being a NEET will be discarded.

>every good thing about myself that ive mentioned gets met back with "That's cool bro but you really need to wageslave"
Have you maybe considered that there is a reason why everyone that replies to you says essentially the same thing?
Sure, maybe they're wrong and you're right, but maybe, just maybe, you're being blinded by your own ego here?

Because that’s why we’re conscious you fucking neanderthal
Kek I think you’re trolling now, you can’t possibly be this brain damaged or you would be misspelling words

Do whatever you fucking want, pro tip tho gamer girls are usually fucking hideous, and the ones that are not have 20 beta orbiters around them at all times and since you’re too lazy of a fuck to compete you won’t get a good one. So, good luck.

You are spending your only life as a barnacle on the side of your parents boat, think about that.

No one other then you has pointed out anything negative about me other then being a NEET which I don't even view as negative but that's besides the point. My question was how do I find a gf whilst staying a NEET, which no ones bothered to answer. Almost every post ITT is just someone saying something shallow that equates to "your value is only I the money you earn" which I find to be a disgusting point of view

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Not sure if you're lying or just have mental issues. But people have pointed out flaws you should fix, such as your massive entitlement, ego, anger issues, and extreme laziness.

Or maybe society has just become too obsessed with status and success? I couldn't care less about those things. You all sound like Uncle Scrooge

The barnacle is content to be on that boat, and I am content as well. Do you malign things for lack of ambition?

You wouldn't have been able to be a NEET in societies of previous generations. You would have been forced to work. It's only the current generation where being a NEET is doable.

>Or maybe society has just become too obsessed with status and success?
If that is the case, don't you agree you need those to find the >gf you're looking for?

im not entitled to anything and never stated otherwise, I don't have an ego and if anything have self esteem issues, and I definitely do not have an anger problem, I almost never get mad
Its just frustrating dealing with braindead wagies who have bought hook line and sinker into the Neo-Capitalism good meme

Like everyone has said, for someone to love you for who you are, you have to have lovable qualities. It seems like you have none. Pretty much every man out there will be a better choice than you since they have something to offer. Even other NEETs will at least have something like, say, a fun personality, interesting hobbies they work on, or some other positive qualities. You can't name even one thing about you that's positive other than having money. That says quite a few things about you.

Do you consider yourself smarter than everyone else? Smarter than people who have jobs?

who the fuck cares? lemme guess youre a bitter wagie
whats the point of getting that stuff if I don't actually care about any of that stuff? Itd just be a façade, and no life is more insincere then one lived as a masquerade.

Ive rattled off many hobbies and positive qualities I have and they've all been shot down with the ammunition of "Yeah b-but you're a NEET!"
No, who sits around thinking about that kind of garbage?

ITT: Bitter wageslaves try to convince a NEET to give up the comfy life and slave 9-5 M-F with them
Misery loves company and all that

Your hobbies boil down to the equivalent of "I watch TV a lot"

Also people equate, perhaps falsely in your opinion, that having a job, a degree, that normie stuff is an indication of your ability commit and stick through something even if its hard. You'd probably be hard pressed to find someone, even another NEET if they get the feeling the second things get a little tough and you need to put some effort into it you'll just bail on them.

I'm not OP but the normalfaggots are so bitter and pathetic, can't you guys read? He just wants a girl similar to him and his interest or life and you are just shitting him up to into a normie or wageslave to get a girl. If you don't have good advice for that then don't say anything at all

>Ive rattled off many hobbies and positive qualities I have and they've all been shot down with the ammunition of "Yeah b-but you're a NEET!"
That's because, even if you have all these amazing qualities I'm 100% sure you've been blessed with, you are a NEET. You may not have noticed from all the posts ITT, but that's an enourmous red flag for pretty much everybody. In case I'm not getting through to you, what this basically means is: NEET = no girlfriend, faggot.

>Ive rattled off many hobbies and positive qualities
Such as? Watching anime and playing vidya all day?

You keep calling everyone a "dumb braindead wagie". I think you do consider yourself smarter than everyone else. Arrogance is not an attractive trait.