Is it immoral to date a single mom just for sex and companionship and no intention for a long term relationship?

Is it immoral to date a single mom just for sex and companionship and no intention for a long term relationship?
My friend told me it was. But I've taken a lot of shit in my life too. And these girls wouldn't give me a second glance otherwise. So it's kind of just part of the game.

How do I avoid accidentally feelings though?

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No, it's fine as long as you don't get involved with the kid.

Honestly, I wouldn't get involved with them at all.

Yes. Messing up one's life isn't the most moral thing to do. Just let them look for a provider without wasting their time and emotions on false hopes. Unless you tell them right from the start, don't get involved.
Hit bars and clubs or hire escorts for a quick fix
>muh companionship
Be bf material and you will get a gf. Sounds like you're not there and just want to take shortcuts to a shallow self fullfilment

>baby's black

How is that messing up their life? Am I obligated to be a provider to them?

>be bf material
What does this mean? I'm honestly at the end of my rope. I only match with trannies, single moms, people with disabilities. I had a normal girl but she left me.
Maybe I seem cold hearted but I feel like I've been getting fucked over and why is it my place to care.

I'm most worried about getting feelings desu. Since I really am a good person at heart.

Are you intentionally autistic here?
Generally single mothers are at the end of their rope too. Objectively not a grand moral move to give them false hopes of finding a stable relationship and then to leave them when you get bored. They have messed up lives already, don't get involved further. Honestly, it's the best for the both of you.

To me it sounds like you are just desperate and looking for easy companionship without putting in effort for the real thing. Get a booty call bitch and a therapist if you want sex and meaningful companionship, while also fixing your shit up.
>why care hehe
>I-i'm a good guy m'ladies
>muh painfull existance marked by a dark past
The memes write themselves. You are just weak and pathetic and should get a real backbone first. No wonder you are undateable.

>Is it immoral?
If you're leading them on and getting their hopes up, absolutely.
Do you care, though?

>How do I avoid accidentally feelings though?
Realize their kid(s) have seen and this woman's vagina before you have.

>Is it immoral to date a single mom just for sex and companionship and no intention for a long term relationship?
Only if she clearly expresses to you that she wants a long term relationship and you lie to her.

some single moms just wanna get fucked user.

Haha fuck you. How can I get a backbone if I'm always putting some random persons intererests ahead of my own? You're ultimately right though. I think I'll give it a shot.

Inb4 after all this she probably won't even agree to a date anyway

Get off Jow Forums and go feed your kid, there's nobody else at home who will.

It's not immoral if she knows. If she doesn't know, it would be immoral whether she has a kid or not.

Are you leading them on? or do they know that it's a fling with minimal chance of going beyond that?

If former, yes immoral. If latter, you're in the clear.

It is not immoral as long as you say that first sentence to them pretty much verbatim. Otherwise you are a cunt and deserve to only match with terrible candidates until one day you are so desperate you succumb to their advances and wind up immortalized as a saved greentext story of an user wanting to khs after a botched tranny hookup.

>I'm hurting, so it's okay to hurt other people! It's all about ME!
I don't believe in absolute morality. What you are is a little child throwing a tantrum and pushing over other kids because Daddy drinks too much sometimes.

Morality is subjective

Why is a single mom not booty call material?

Sounds to be like you're a salty single mom yourself

No man with self respect dates a single mom so do whatever you want

What's with all the morality police here? Same people who think anyone who isn't white is subhuman starts crying that someone sleeps with a single mom without commitment. Why is there no moral consistency here ?

As long as you tell them you only want a casual thing then its fine.

Sure, a single mum can be a booty call, but it must be consensual and known right from the start - like message her on Tinder "dtf?" and going from there. I was assuming op thinks about just acting like a potential partner and then dissapearing faster then the previous guy
You don't understand having a backbone, and you are assuming things wrongly. Like pottery
>inb4 roastie again
I'm a dude.
>all 4channel is 3 guys
Yeah sure caught me detective.

Free pussy and a meal all for pretending to be the daddy ? She is so thankful you even accept the kid its bad for the kid but just for the love of fucking god do not knock her up if you can do get get a vesectomy and fuck her raw until you get bored

How would it not be consensual? If she consents to sex it's consent. There's no "oh I only consent if I'm not a booty call" clause to consensual sex