Any french speaking fags over here?

Any french speaking fags over here?
>The slut of my gf (who is french) fucked my best friend.
> Twice
> Without a condom.
>He is the kind of dude 9/10 girls consider very fuckable
>He has the reputation of a sex machine

To be fair, we were in a open relationship but...don't you think there should be fucking boundaries?

I found this whatsapp audio on her cellphone when she was in the bathroom. I recorded it with my cellphone. I need a fucking translation please!

link to the audio:

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>Open relationship
>Upset she fucked other guys
Nigga, if you wanted there to be limits, you should have told her

So in a open relationship you are supossed to be free to fuck ANYONE you want? we are speaking about my best friend sincer I was 5 (I'm 29 now), the dude I used to play guitar and hang around all the time, He was like a brother. And she knew it. In 6 months she fucked 4 other guys, I don't give a fuck about them...

yeah, just fuck her mom

Yes open relationships have boundaries and tight communication.
They never work if it's do what you want when you want regardless.

Holy fuck OP you dun goofed

Waiting for the frenchies to translate, legit curious

I should add that we were in a open relationship because I was in another country for 6 months. They used to send me pics when they were together with the rest of my friends. And when I came back we used to hang around the 3 of us like NOTHING happened. The feeling of betrayal is HUGE!.

Cut both of them off than

It's not the first time he did that to me, yes, he is a fucking asshole and I ended my friendship with him.

The girl on the other hand, she had countless times to prove me how awesome she is with me and how good she tolerates my dark side. Living with her was amazing, and I know for a fact that she is deeply ashamed of what she did. I took a time off for now.

The thing to get rid of this porn movie I have in my head with this bastard fucking her, giving her an orgasm THE FIRST TIME (she told me he did) when in 19 months of relationship I barely gaved her no more than 10? (she is super honest and besides, u can tell when a women has one, contractions on her vagina and asshole, her skin tone, etc etc)

Damn bro I understand you, just use this anger as an opportunity to improve your life OP, that's what I'm doing

Well now we know why she cheated. So why couldn't you get her rocks off?

Don't worry my nigger I'll help y'a out

>"*Gibberish*, I'm not sure. Did I ever told you by audio or by message that he destroyed my vagina ? Because I'm not sure he's happy to hear that or listen that Manu stop after only 2 orgasm. Well even if it's not that true I'm not sure he'll trust me."
Here you go chief. May I ask you from where she is or her origins because she has the accent of the local 4th generation african thug from around here.

wow thanks dude! But I really don't understand :S so what is not true?? That he destroyed her pussy or that he stoped after ONLY 2 orgasms? Cause I know that he gaved her at least one.
Lol she is from northern France, she is blonde. She was probably drunk in the voice message.

Lets be honest. Every single survey to women about sex proves how much of liars or nayve men are when they think they give orgasms. I'm brutally honest, sex is good and (for 9 out of 10 girls) orgasm is not the main goal. I gaved her 10 or more orgasms in like 100 times we had sex. I could be better or worst. But my friend is a sex machine, I know it because of a lot of girls say that. And I hate to compare myself to that asshole but it's inevitable. She says she felt curious about him but she prefers sex with me...and I don't know how to believe that .

Thanks user, that's what I will try to do.

Jesus the plot thickens OP, hang in there

Yes, unless otherwise discussed. If there were boundaries you wanted her to respect you needed to tell her before she crossed them, not get upset that she didn't magically know after.

That poor gal :_( I hope she feels free now.
I track mine, I thought 10 in 5 months was bad...and that's been with a debilitating medical condition.

Same user here. Due to the phrasing I personally think it's the 2 orgasm part. But let me be honest I don't have expertise on relationship issue or relationship at all as a khv.
Also may I ask some question of my own ?
>How did you met her (Exchange program ? Those have a reputation to be fuckodrome around here) ?
>What is your appeal to a open relationship ?
I don't mean to be rude in any of these but I'm just curious.

Getting serious about a French person is fucking retarded. Cheating and being overwhelmed with PaSsSiOn is part of their culture, and getting upset about it makes you the asshole, in their eyes. Same with the Greeks.

>french speaking
No. I'm straight

Can confirm. Most of younger french are like this. We got at least a dozen story like this in two uni semester. Strangely one of them ended with four dudes fighting over a girl then one of them just said "why are we fighting over a dumb whore ?" and offered all the other a beer. A shame they didn't fought but it was a nice sight to see diplomatic people for once.

I dissagre man, unless you are a fucking nympho without any ethics or neurons, everyone knows you're not supossed to fuck the soul brother of your boyfriend. Period.

I would think that to. I met her in a random bar and we instantly clicked. Yes, she works in my country with a NGO and traveled-fucked a lot but since she started going out with me until I left my country (9 months) because of a working holiday visa for 6 months (that's why we decided to have a open relationship) she was only with me. And I'm 100% sure it's true. She is a terrible liar when she is drunk+I saw her phone and besides 2 or 3 tiny flirtings there was nothing incriminating.

After those 6 months I was away, when I returned, we moved in together and everything was fucking awesome! until I discovered what she did checking on her old cellphone.

That's another part that really upsets me. Her sexual past. She broked with the bf with whom she lost her virginity when she was 20. And when I met her she was 24. She told me she fucked more than 25 guys. That means that in less than 4 yearls she fucked 24 dicks...she says she did it for feeling accepted and shit like that. But don't get me wrong, she is not a nympho, she is deeply embarrassed for what she did and she is ready to commit with me.

>commit in an open relationship
You basically gave her a license to fuck other dudes. I don't know what you expected

What did u expected me to do if I was going to be away for 6 months? She is a human being after all, I didn't expected her to be without sex for 6 months. But she could fuck anyone in my city with 2 millon people and she decided to do it with him, that's the problem. She fucked 3 other guys on that time, I don't give a damn about them, I also had my piece of good sex with strangers in Australia

Intercontinental whore you are, this is what happens when you live as if morals are just a social construct. You deserve this. Live better.

>dating a French girl
>who has had "25" (probably more) partners
>agrees to an open relationship
>gets cucked by his best friend twice
>probably got no action while she was sucking big ol African weiner
>"but she understands my /dark side/" (pretty gay dude)

Face it man, you're pathetic. All I have to say is cut all contact with everyone in this story and start fresh with a better girl

And NEVER agree to an open relationship EVER again