When did you realise Peterson is a fraud...

When did you realise Peterson is a fraud? He has some nice points but ultimately he is a self-help guru for disfranchised autists raised by single moms.

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I wouldn't say he's a fraud at all. He reads too much into old fables, for sure, but much of his stuff makes sense.

Unfortunately he's a religious natalist, which was a horrifying twist for me to behold.

When he started spouting off drivel about individualism good, tribalism bad except when the jews do it.

I don't think he's a self-help guru. I'm not that familiar with his work, but the few videos I've watched he kinda just tells you how it is and let's you make your own conclusion. A self-help guru would tell you this is the only way to do something and everything else is wrong.

Someone who has the following of JP would be silenced and some rape allegations would be made super fast about him if he really had something to say. But he's useful for the elites because he's preaching the cult of the semite on the stick to the alt right and turning them into pro israel cuckservatives

He defended allegations against Kavanaugh

he's basically a tele-evangelist

He's a typical boomer who doesn't realise how fucked the current world is

Essentially this. Hes a flower child.

maybe not a "fraud" but IMO he has a very idealistic life view, to the point of being naive. he romanticizes everything and thinks of everything as good or evil, from authoritarianism and democracy to men and women.
one major point where he lost me is that his book is full of his own interpretations of religion and he never explains why he thinks they are so objectively correct and applicable to life. he simply implies people ages ago were fundamentally correct in their views on psyche and life. of course he also made another book called Maps of Meaning which is where he elaborates on his readings of religion, but then he proceeds to read his meanings into fairy tales, Disney movies, and even school shootings. and of course he sees what he wants to see in them.
on the one hand he raises fair, scientifically backed points, carefully rationalized, and makes a very convincing case for traditional masculinity and such. but then in the next chapter he goes on his complete near-religious ramblings and anecdotes that he seemingly pulls from his ass and uses as them as undeniable evidence requiring no further proof.
I still respect what he's doing and think he's a kind guy, just a bit weird, but I can't take him seriously.

>He has some nice points but ultimately he is a self-help guru for disfranchised autists raised by single moms.
So the content is exactly as it reads on the tin?
That's not fraud at all you moron.

>When did you realize Peterson is a fraud

When I read his 12 Rules for Life book. I thought he made some good points at his debate with Stephen Fry and I thought, this guy isn't the fanatic that all of my irl friends despise so much so let's give him a try.

Then I read the book and it was a bunch of generic milquetoast suburban Jesus Camp Counselor bullshit.

He's a little stealthier about his attempts to convert his audience to Salvation Through Christ (tm) than a lot of those types, but it's definitely there in his work. His obsession with Pure Traditional Marriage (tm) tucked into all of his work as a solution to all of society's problems is also bullshit.

Even if it was a solution, good luck implementing it nowadays.

I like his points now and then because they are simplistic and sometimes helpful. However, Peterson completely dismisses the post (or post-post) modernist philosophy of deconstructionism, rejection of certainty, etc. which I find blatantly ignorant. I understand, however, the desire for stability in oneself and the merits of his individualistic standpoint.

This, but also when he went into full money grubbing mode. He asks for ludicrous amounts of money so that you can hear him talk at seminars lmao.
Oh and he associates with pedophiles so he's a no no.

He's a psychologist. Not a fan of some of his opinions but with what bare psychology education I have he seems really on the money with a lot of things.
But yeah he way oversteps his boundaries when he's trying to sell books to his incel army.

Watch anything when he isn't talking about his political stuff. He's no fraud when it comes to his profession.

None of what he says came from his own head. He is basically recycling the wisdom of better men and sells it for cacsh while he credits himself. He is basically a new age cukt of personality who has empty headed foold bankrolling him.
I like christianity btw but Peterson is not a christian, he is just using it as a way to appeal to conservatards.

lmao if you ask me he doesn't talk nearly enough about salvation through Christ. He's, in all reality, an atheist, even though to his credit he doesn't want to be.

>He's, in all reality, an atheist,
I think he's actually a satanist of sorts.

How do you mean?

It's mostly positive, basic advice for deeply distraught or psychologically abnormal people or those without good basic father figures (aka the people who listen to him in the first place), but what he says is not highly philosophically grounded. It is scientifically grounded, though, and it's a lot better offer than most internet/college ideologies. He isn't a prophet but he doesn't need to be, he's just a dad. You can take from that what you need.

There is nothing wrong with turning men masculine after being raised by single moms, user.

We need more of it, even if he’s not perfect himself. There aren’t many like this guy.

When I heard him not understanding what the word 'truth' means

I looked into most serious religious traditions and the one thing they have in common ia that radical individualism is satanic/evil/demonic/asura marga.
Guess what he is promoting?

Satanism is the atheism of edgelords basically.
Also religions were the ruling authorities in many countries for a long time. Still are in most countries. Individualism is as bad as the printing press for authoritarians.
Even in Europe the Catholic Church was the government of all of europe for over a millennium.
I know you're trying to have a discussion and that's cool, but you're really, really reaching by pulling out the Satanism card. Individualism is merely a value that venn diagrams between Satanism and a fuck tonne of other belief systems and values and philosophies.
It's like saying red Jube jubes are basically fruit because there's sugar in them.

This, and I wish more people could see things beyond black and white. He may say some dumb things and he may seem a bit crazy at times, but no one is perfect, and he's doing his best to help people out. Even if he were to be in it solely for the money, he's still choosing to dedicate most days of his life talking about things which are attempting to help people better themselves.

>When did you realise Peterson is a fraud?
All self help gurus are hacks

How exactly does he defraud people?

Yeah but authoritarianism is good in relation to God.
God is the ultimate authority and the very reason for the fallen nature of man (or being in Maia according to eastern thought) is the abandonment of unity and obedience for ego and individuation. This is not a doctrine that was crafted to control populations. It is a very fundamental fact of life that people grow attached to their egos and become miserable and suffer as a result.
Also I was talking about RADICAL individualism not just mere individualism, and RADICAL individualism is satanic, the very sin of Satan being that he thought himself and his plans better than God's and as such take His gifts and claim them as his own without gratitude.
So Im not reaching AT ALL.


- when he shat on mgtow/redpill , thinking he knows anything about modern dating after marrying a girl he orbited in HS
- when I read 12 rules for life
- when I saw him get anally ravaged by Slavoj zizek

He's not a fraud, but he is a fat idiot.

>make your bed and brush your teeth: as sieved through the overly cumbersome vernacular of a professor-turned-motivational-speaker

Let's be real: self-help is all one gigantic sham. Nothing they tell you is original or even likely that much different from what many grown-ass adults have said: it sucks, we get it, but your alternative really is basically being an unlikeable panhandler.

If it wasn't for Peterson's lecture YouTube videos, I would have killed myself at the end of last year due to an intense nervous breakdown.

As biased as it is, he saved my life, and even if he is a fraud, I don't care.