I started the year at my new uni and not sure if I have friends...

I started the year at my new uni and not sure if I have friends. I have like a few people I'll talk to and eat with if I bump into them and chat for a while, and I enjoy some tutors a lot and like to go to every event they organize and chat them up. But I message almost no one individually, I don't go to campus in a group, I don't do my homework in groups. Am I autistic?

One older student just said I'm gonna eventually find a group, but right now I prefer to go off on my own since it exhausts me to hang out in groups and having to be part of that. At the same time, I don't wanna feel alone or left out so I make an effort to talk and hang out to as many as possible and as many as my energy levels allow.

Am I autistic and how do some people find others to hang out with constantly and messge and such? I don't get it, I don't.

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Blackpill: they are good-looking, you are not.

Can it be this simple.

Oh and also it isn't even true. Some such people are even over weight, which I am not.

Mother Nature nver lies

Attraction is the foot in the door
Lust is the short dopamine spike that sustains and even saves relationships
Personality is almost always a non factor unless shes interested or you're inherently interesting that it overrides your looks.

I was the same, i has some fake friends (the type you're nice to and hang out with but oh my god are they the most boring fucks ever), but then I sold myself out during year 2.
Basically if you wear a shit ton of merch it will attract people. Not gonna lie most merch is ugly and I dont like wearing it but it worked. All I had to do is stand next to a dude with a overwatch bag as I wore a bioshock hoodie and my trap was set.
It's a battlefield out there, you gotta play smart.

(Also I see that you used a pic from that gambling anime on netflix which I appreciate, that's some good stuff)

You say that, but I especially hund down people who aren't as attractive because I assume that they'd be loners or perhaps nit the typical clubbing type. Which is what I'm looking for. (Its not always accurate to be honest)

Surprise, you're an introvert. This is what being an introvert means. You want to hang out with people and you enjoy being with them, but it wears you out eventually and you need to "recharge".

Extroverts are the kind of people who get energized by being around others - they're the sort who actually want to go out until 5am, get depressed if they can't make it out to a big party, and aim to be the craziest person once they get there.

I didn't think it was an appearance issue, but hell maybe it is. Am I ugly enough to be lonely because of that?

Pic is me

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Nice, this gives me hope thanks man

not ugly but the look on your face, hair style and clothes says "Basic dumb bitch," get the stupid look off your face to increase you perceived IQ by 20 points

Poor las just sent a selfie and you roasted her.
I dint think she looks dumb and basic, definitely kind of passive which I think is good. The kind of person I'd hang out with.

Okay so not ugly thanks. The other points are kind of whatever because anyone I talk to realizes I'm 100% not basic in under 20 seconds kek

Sorry to disappoint but not passive either. I'm constantly talking (if I'm with someone) and constantly on the move if I'm not

Lmao by passive I meant you dont look like a bitch that's throw her table at you for looking in their general direction.
90% of girls in my classes were like that big oof.

It's just that I have no idea how to take selfies that look like me so it's utterly crazy. I tried a different expression but I seriously can't into selfies, I need advice. I heard it's a skill you gotta have to integrate into normie robot society

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What a cutie

I bet you aren't even a virgin.

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you really need to relax. you look like you just saw a ghost. it's all in your eyes.

I guess when those girls get older they'll be sorry they didnt learn any social skills younger. so when they are older and no one approaches them for their looks anymore they'll wonder why they're so alone. Not gonna deny I was a bitch once too when I was young, but social games became boring when I finally understood them

Nah I'm not even close to a virgin

Now relaxing I just can't do. Not without alcohol. Is why I drink a lot of it.

having a relaxed expression takes work. i used to look like you and get a ton of shit for it from lots of people, telling me "you need to stop doing that thing with your eyes" etc

I don't know if I look like that irl, but I do hate taking selfies.

if you feel like people don't approach you or aren't very friendly towards you then you might look like that irl a bit often. i had to ask a friend about it to actually notice. once i trained myself to look relaxed and happy people treated me much better.

>I'm not even close to a virgin

no shit, you're that girl who finds her self-worth on the tip of a cock

No. In my experience if you have a good mentality and mood and aren't melancholic and worrying about the future then you will not have a problem. If you feel down then things including socializing will be difficult.
If you look down, they won't be down for you. Try to focus on you mindset, better sleep, positivity (not delusion), perserverence...
I'm too fucked to be able to hold this up consistently. You think you're autistic, I wonder if I'm ADD.

Not anymore. Thank god

I actually think I might be ADD as well. It takes a lot of effort and daily meditation and or near constant inebriation to not be scatterbrained

Yeahhh. Luckily I've started to approach them myself and if I do it smilingly, I hsve no problems. However. Keeping this up for extended periods is hard without alcohol.

You're always going to be that girl mentally. I wouldn't ever associate myself with someone who behaves like a child.

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Behavior can be controlled, you know. Impulses can be staved.