Relationship advice

My girlfriend (LDR) has recently confessed to me that she has dated and slept with a Pakistani. We are both white English people.

I am not too fond of Pakistani men and their customs. Call me racist or whatever all you like, but I honestly just feel it like she had slept with a pile of shit. Figuratively and literally.

Additionally, she mentioned that he was a horrible person who was nice and charming untill he got her drunk and slept with her. 'Dated' for a few months and then dumped her because she had sex before marriage or something that Islam looks down upon.

She confessed that to me a few days ago and it has bothered me. Some of the people I mentioned that to them told me to get over it, but it really does bother me. I'm disappointed, I feel that this has devalued her to me. I can't get over it.

I feel bad about myself feeling like that.

I have grown up in a Christian secluded community and I have my own sets of morals. But this just burns me up from inside. I love her but it bothers me way too much.

What should I do? What can I do?

I feel like ending my life...

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I love the fact that some random paki who fucked your gf ages ago and has no idea you exist has you wanting to kys

this is cuckery on another level

Exactly case and point!

>you is the because
that's actually better and more poetically written than the english we have today

Really guys it's bothering me a lot

Great, it's bothering you. So what?

Do you want to break up with her? If you do, then break up with her. If you don't want to break up with her, you deal with your emotions and work through them. Those are your two options.

If I knew what to do, would I be posting here? I'm torn, that's all.


You want me to tell you what to do? Alright then, listen up.
You have two options, the first one is dumping your girl because she banged a Pakistani before she even knew you, because that is obviously the right course of action in this scenario, or you could stop being a faggot.
Choose wisely.

>he got me drunk
Gotta love how women avoid taking responsibility like children

Anyway OP either get over it or her. She doesnt share the same values as you and i imagine youre hiding that fact from her.

She cheated on you.
Dump her.

I love her and everything but I'm afraid this will bug me for a long time. Maybe all the time.....

did she learn from it? like:
>should've known better, lapse in judgment, caught me off guard, can't believe i fell for it, damn sure won't make that mistake again
>misfortunate incident befell me, guess that's just how life goes sometimes, couldn't have been prevented nor foreseen, really hope it never happens again, lol there should be some kind of really obvious warning sign on the sort of people who would do shit like that so the rest of us can know instantly to just avoid them
which is she?

She's the first one. @'21348851'

Hey OP
Im pakistani and i want to let you know that to let it bugger you is worse than being cool and just bettering yourself my dude. Go ride a bike fly a kite or go to the gym. Also that dude is a hypocrite cuz he probably sexed before marriage and to tell your gurl that is just hypocrisy. Also alcohol is forbidden for muslim pakistanis. For the majority we are thoroughly decent people

LOL White jealousy shows itself again!

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Not exactly jealous just dissapointed babe debased herself like that.

I am woman really recommend you broke the relation with her. She cheated you. The race is not important anyway you have to break up with her.

And it is not racism, I think. I don't know about guys but I think all guys do not like their girl sleep with other race person. I am Korean and Korean guys really hate Korean girl meet with white guys. All men are same. Pakistani guy will broke relation with his girl friend who slept with white guy

Maybe I misspelled somewhere. She didn't cheat on me it was a past relationships


drop her you retarded faggot she obviously doesn't care about you or your beliefs if some random muslim was able to spread her legs and dump her

I totally understand, but just make sure you're able to get another one before you break it off. Most guys will never have sex again in their lives.

So you're saying most only get one chance and that's it? Really, how?

All women are replaceable. String her along for the sex and company while you start getting back into the game.

There are so many more fish in the sea, fish that won't suck some rando's dick
She's not that great

I'm in your same boat, my crush (I think she likes me but I'm not sure) has lost her virginity to a Pakistani asshole. This makes her look dirty to me and I don't know if this feeling will somehow affect our relationship if there's gonna be one anytime soon.

My advice is: how much you care about her? Is she someone you're deeply in love with? If so, then you should be able to look past it. If not, then she's not the one and you can move on.

Lol why did everybody assume her gf cucked him with the Pakistani. And now op, why are you going to break up with her just because of that? Your gf isn't akin to a meal that you'll refuse to eat once somebody shits on it. She also probably told that thing about her because she wanted you to know about her. What would she feel if you broke up with her right after trusting you?

How old are you? If you're young enough just go find some other debt free virgin with no tattoos. If you're like 23+ there is no chance you ever find a girl who hasn't had a few loads on her face and a few cocks in her snatch other than like religious cult girls. 1 mistake isnt too bad. Christianity is about forgiveness right? Maybe ask God if he can forgive your jealousy and forgive her for her mistake and you can start over.

>implying that men don't have at least chick they regret fucking
Dude, it means nothing. Keep that shit in the past

You can't catch Pakistaniness through sexual contact. Your racial purity is safe

Die faggot

I would dump her desu, rather date a pakistani than a white girl that fucked a pakistani

lol wut

>she mentioned that he was a horrible person who was nice and charming untill he got her drunk and slept with her.
>'Dated' for a few months

why did she date this guy for a few months if he was so bad?

Imagine being cheated on and staying, and on top of that, by a fucking shitskin.
Go fucking kill yourself retard, you are even worse than that shitskin just by wondering about what should you do.

I get the sense this guy is just waiting to hear only what he wants to hear. World's full of cucks.

He didn't get cheated on you complete retard

>Christianity is about forgiveness right?
NO, that is not what it is about.

True, except he'll remember like for forever each time he kisses her he can taste what she had in the mouth too.

OP know what he wants. That much is clear.

Quads of truth.
Rip your emotional ties and find someone else to fuck. Get her back or use her as a stepping stone to rind someone else and then cut her completely. She's lost her right to decency

This. Also post what the guy's cock tastes like.