At what point should you tell your gf about your sexual fantasy?

At what point should you tell your gf about your sexual fantasy?

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When you two trust each other and are intimate in bed. Level of intimacy exponentially increases with the weirdness of the fetish, though.

Depends on the sexual fantasy.
>I want you to dress in sexy clothing
Can be done early
>I want you to be the center of a 12 man gangbang
5 years into it

>Depends on the sexual fantasy.

This. There are some you should NEVER tell.

Any time she is busy with other stuff and/or she needs your help with something.

First when you have decided you really do want to keep her

Second when you fully trust her

It happened to me recently, first time ever. Told her all my secrets. Dated for 4 years before that. I was worried, but it went super well, fantastic even. I wouldn't be planning on marrying her if I couldn't positively share my past and desires.

imagine being with somebody for 5 years and him/her telling you they enjoy gangbangs. Worse than discovering Santa isn't real

>Everyone should just live a lie

>Worse than discovering Santa isn't real
Was anyone actually fooled as a kid or is this just a meme like assembling Ikea is difficult or something. I don't understand why anyone would care if he is real or not.

or be honest upfront. There's more than enough degenerates out there

I mean everybody is at one point in the stage
>whatever tall person says is the truth

It's a sick joke lots of parents play on their kids. Some parents delude themselves into thinking it'll teach their kid an important lesson not believing everything.
I was about 7-8 at the time, and the only kid in my class of 40+ students that knew Santa wasn't real from the get go. I told a bunch of them on the playground Santa wasn't real. About 40% of them cried, 40% of them thought I was lying, 10% had the 'it all makes sense now', 10% were really pissed at their parents.

ok Prometheus

My last relationship enjoyed sex so much that in 7 months I told her all the things I wanted to try WITH HER.

Its all a matter of how you say it.
She told me I was the first guy that really cared for her having fun and lot's of orgasms every day. The relationship lasted 7 months only! (we re from different countries and at that point were both working abroad). So I got the courage to tell her stuff which I actually said so that I keep sex between us being interesting and not hitting a plateau, since I knew the relationship would not last forever.

After 1 month I started telling her I wanna try new stuff and went easy to it.
In a month I ate her ass after insisting on bath and blah blah.
In 2 months I did some hatefuck on her.
After a point she would engage sex by begging me to "do something to me" and I was literally looking at porn and google to get ideas.

Sex is art if you care enough.

When should I tell her I want us to wear motorcycle gear and helmets?

not right before the accident.

when do i tell her i want her to dress up like a school girl or let me slip her into some latex bondage gear?

Not right before the accident

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does the latex bondage gear go over or under the school girl outfit?

Just tell her that you enjoy rape on your first date