Tfw people fall in love with me left and right, both men and women, but I only like them as friends

>tfw people fall in love with me left and right, both men and women, but I only like them as friends
I'm tired of hurting people and of being the bad guy. Please help me. Every time I join a group of friends or any kind of club or organization, multiple people end up falling for me and becoming infatuated.

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You sure about that, or are you just narcissistic?

I know what u mean bro. you're in a room with people shooting the shit, then that one girl looks at you some type of way and you feel the spark. well what if I dont want sparks?? what if I j want to chillll??

I'm in love with you after reading your post.... Pleas date me

Why are you in love with OP?

I'm in love as well, just something about the way you type, it makes you sound like a retard I could take advantage of and that turns me on.

How does she sound like a retard?

Yeah I’m in love too, the image fits so well with the structured sentences and the balance between greentext and normal text. I need you in my life op.

OP I'm the one in love with you don't believe what the others say. Everytime you're changing your clothes I'm in your closet nodding with a sense of approval.

>people fall in love with me left and right
oh I feel so bad for you, cannot imagine how terrible your existance is

People falling in love with me left and right means turning people down just as often. Do you know how difficult that is as an empath? Saying no stresses me out so much.

Are you female or male

Female. Why?

you need a good cock up the ass to fuck that "empath" shit out of you and a good lesbian rape to really discipline you

Because I am in love with you I needed to know if I had to go gay for you, but looks like I don’t. Why do you deny people tho? You don’t want to be loved? You don’t love anyone?

Try wearing a paper bag over your head when you go out.
Alternatively accept that you're gonna have to turn some people down every once in a while. Everybody needs a good taste of rejection from time to time, it builds character.

Start wearing a ring.

Aww, you sound cute. I bet you have a cute butt.

i want to break it in

Try being ugly

Why is everyone making out OP to be an airhead or dumb somehow?

Most people here would kill to have people of either gender fall in love with them or be lovable in general.

that is why she deserves a dick up the butt or an agressive u-bahn lesbian

The phrase 'special someone' exists for a reason. I've been in love before, but only once or twice. Most affection is platonic; mine included.

I don't know if being hurt builds character...

I have a very flat butt. My breasts are large, my face is cute, and my voice is girly, though. So those things probably don't help.

>flat butt
>huge tits
how can anyone love you? that's, like, the ultimate disappointment

Being hurt is inevitable. It's best people get used to the feeling with little things like rejection, otherwise they'll crack when something really damaging happens.
It's not like you have other options anyways, if you're good looking and seem like a good person a lot of guys will fall for you like suckers with no fail. It's not like you should stop trying to look good or being nice, so you're just gonna have to learn how to say no.