Is it worth to drive 2 hours for sex?

Is it worth to drive 2 hours for sex?

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Nice ass, cannot really see face. Go for it if youre that desperate

Be careful to not be catfished

I wouldn't.

how so, what would they gain? she hasn't asked nor hinted for money, she's kinda shy actually

Not all catfish is for money, sometimes they just want to waste your time.

5-6/10 booty. No face because she prolly ugly.

I would say no fren

this. when I was a teenager me and a friend got some guy from a neighbour city to go out and drive in his car at 3am, poor loser

If it's 2 hours round trip then go for it.
If it's 2 hours one way don't waste your time/money.

Y’all are retarded lmao how did you know he actually drove tho?

we gave him a place to meet (in front of that city's biggest department store), he said he was coming and then he disconnected from the chat. pretty sure my friend did much more shit like that.

recently some ""girl"" i matched in tinder after a very brief conversation gave me her address and told me to ring and say that I was there to rape her

plenty of guys doing practical jokes as catfishes, it's not all about the money money money

Well yeah I know, but I would think no one is retarded enough to do a long con just for a joke

She's in black and white
Get someone who at least uses RGB baka

Sex outside of marriage is sin user

30 minutes is my limit

Ask for her nose

is it just for sex? no not worth it

so what happened OP, did you do it?

Some "chad" who got off tricking low-tier sluts into believing they were in a relationship with him from my job went as far as driving up to 5 hours. So yeah, there's no limit to what some guys are willing to do for sex.

Its a nigger so no

If its a guaranteed thing and you're either a virgin or in a dry spell of over 1 year, I say yes.

Fuck yes.

If you have to ask then yes

No. Unless you're dating, there are endless options in your city. If you're in the sticks, just beat off. I'm not joking.



Yes. If you don't have to wear a Jimmy then double yes. I've done that for years. You hate the drive going by coming home is always quicker.

I've driven 7 hours for women who don't look as good as that. Also have had women drive 5.5 hours to me but they stayed several days.

If it's just guaranteed sex, no strings attached, then it's totally worth it! To me it's just a fun silly story you have for yourself the rest of your life. Maybe it'll come up one drunken night when you're hanging with the boyz. Maybe it's something wild you can share with your future wife when you're exchanging past lover stories.

Unless it sets you back financially or something, I don't see a reason not to do it. You might even hit if off with this girl.

Probably a trap.

she's a monkey, stay at home

ThisWhy can't people just answer a question?