Anal sex anyone? Particularly with a young virgin woman

Anal sex anyone? Particularly with a young virgin woman.

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Anal is overrated

giving or receiving?

Are you offering? Yes please

but what if it's the only form of penetration I'm allowed to get? I feel like this girl might not even give me a bj but is ok with me fucking her ass

basically I want anal sex advice for a newbie, yes giving, I'm considering taking viagra with me in case I fail, also some lube she is virgin too

giving, see:

For the love of god, make sure she takes a dump and cleans her ass. If you do this without doing the prep work it WILL end badly. Also make sure you use a good water based lube

Has she ever done anything like anal masturbation? Because if this is her first time taking it in the ass at all that’s also going to be a hurdle. Going to have to work some fingers in there to ease her into it first

interesting, I'll tell her about it, will the usual durex lube do the trick? I think I'm good with teasing a bootyhole but maybe not so much with fingering it ;_; should I tell her to practice? I'm not gonna see her any earlyer than in 3 months and a half most likely

wheb I say to practice I mean her to try to play with her own asshole, gotta confess that I'm really confused with her being willing to let me fuck her ass, she was the one to bring it up

also, best positions to do it for absolute newbies?

I told her she has to clean up first, but maybe should be more specific and tell her she needs a whole enema

Ok for anal sex prep is important as stated here but there's a few things you need to know.
Different women appreciate it more or less depending on the density of nerve endings in the vaginal canal that you're brushing up against when you're penetrating her.

For actual prep steps:
>lube up fingers really nicely (water based lube)
>note: lube should be neutral feeling upon penetrating, not artificially "warm" like some brands due to additives as anus has taste buds, yup, as will make it uncomfortable
>start with one finger
>then two, then three
>then "spread fingers" to aprox size of dick
>gently stretching her
>spread fingers slowly, then collapse them, then spread, repeat
>do this for at least a minute, up to a few minutes
After the prep she's ready and won't be in pain during the actual sex, but MAKE SURE she's well lubed during the whole session; as otherwise chafing will ward her off from trying it again.

Actual "cleaning out process"
>eat lots of fiber
>take a shit b4
>get a douche
>don't "overfill" the anal cavity until it seeps into the upper colon
>just small amounts (8 to 10oz of fluid)
>do repeatedly until clear fluid is expelled
>do last one with a few drops of oil (mango oil, peach oil)
>then smells good too

Also, it's best to build an "association" of pleasure with the anus and normal clit masturbation; as otherwise as mentioned by another user it's quite the hurtle.
So, you massage, or finger (with a WELL lubed finger) her anus while giving her head or a handjob.

very interesting, I'm very thankful by your detailed guide, I'm sure she'll manage to get some info on how to prepare her asshole for me, since she is a beauty treatment freak she might be able to get this other kind of info too, but in case ahe doesn't I'll talk it with her

Happy to assist user, thanks for appreciating.
She sounds like a peach, I hope you guys make eachother happy, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind guidance here as a lot of women find that "fatherly tier" guidance arousing and reassuring.
Good luck on your guys' anal sex adventures!

This. Unless she's done research or has done this before and knows about all the prepwork involved and how to prepare herself, this is going to turn out shitty for her and OP, literally, pun intended.
Are you aware of how much prep there is because the biggest mistake I find people making their first time having anal is going into it thinking it's just going to be a simple and straight forward as regular sex and they try it and reality hits and it ruins the sex act completely for one or both parties. I honestly want to steer you away from this because I don't think this is going to be a good experience for either you or her. It's not fun sticking your dick inside a girl and having it coated in chunks of shit when you pull out or hitting an entire turd on your way in. Having that happen will likely be a complete turnoff and ruin it for you OP and it will certainly be embarrassing as fuck for her and ruin it for her as well so unless you're willing to have that awkward conversation with her about all this stuff in the beginning, you may as well not bother.

yeah, an article I'll link her will do all the awkward talk fot me

btw, what are good sex positions for anal? specially for a newbie

>doing all this just to put your dick in a poop hole
just have sex the normal way

shut up lazy incel monkey

Only if I can peg you back with a strap-on

>best positions
On her side

I'll take you up on that

will be hard to rubb her clit like that, right?

so, good positions for a newbie fucking a virgin in the ass while rubbing her clit?