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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
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Girls, is popularity important?

I DM with this girl sometimes, we don’t live near each other anymore but I used to sort of know her and I know that she used to have a crush on me. Am I a creep if I start trying to make the dialogue more sexual? Right now we mostly just have short exchanges about something one of us posted. She definitely seems like she likes me. Every now and then she posts something kinda hot and I dunno, it’s low stakes and she seems like she could be cool to flirt with. Dumb idea?

I was molested as a child by a girl 3 years older then me. I was 7 she was 10. Has any femnons here molested a guy before and if you did why

The only reason she still talks to you has to be because she likes you. Whenever a guy randomly chats me up again after a while, it's always because he wants to fuck. She knows this.

Girls, how do you feel about scars? Sexy? Ugly? Indifferent?

Need more information. What kind? Where? Most importantly, what are they from?

Most of them are fairly small. On my hands and arms. From a puppy who loved to eat people.

Girls is being a NEET a dealbreaker?

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gentlemen, how would you feel if your s.o. (female) wanted to touch your ass? not necessarily in the same way a male grabs a female's ass, but just a cute smack now and then.

I would find it very odd and off-putting.

I was actually sexually abused a lot by women grabbing my ass as I was growing up, so it'd probably bring up a lot of negative emotions unless I was given proper warning.

Isn’t the answer obvious?

That's pretty hot, honestly

As long as they're not self-harm scars or scars from abuse received from others, or grotesquely large and ugly and in an obvious area, I don't think I would care.

Depends on why and for how long and what you're planning to do about it.

if you're going after someone who's down-to-earth, she won't gaf about that kind of status. don't expect the same from females who desperately fish for attention at every chance they get (online or otherwise). if a female happens to be popular due to her behavior, she likely won't care either.

that is awful :(( sorry. i meant consensually within a relationship.

>As long as they're not self-harm scars or scars from abuse received from others, or grotesquely large and ugly and in an obvious area
Some of them stand out out a bit due to there being no hair in the area, but they mostly look like pic related except a bit smaller. I have about 12 in total.

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I thought kids touching other kids was just a normal part of being young.

thats cute

Oh, it's fine, you didn't mean any harm by it. I know you mean in a relationship, but if it was done without warning (as most ass-slaps are) it'd still have a negative effect on me.

No, there has to be some NEET girls out there too who also have few life ambitions
Why? I have 0 life ambitions
How long? A few years at this point
Planning to do? Stay a NEET and find a girl whos also a NEET and has very few life ambitions

It is, but 10 is a bit too old for that.

I am a male. Do girls find high functioning autism cute or creepy. I have had mixed experiences.

Shit I do this to my husband now and then :/ now I'm worried

I mean, you can just ask him how he feels about it. Not a huge deal, if it makes him uncomfortable you can stop. Or at least start asking for consent first.

Talk to your husband then, dumbass (no pun intended).
If he doesn't say anything, he probably doesn't care, or at he very least he isn't bothered enough to make it an issue.

No. I'd rather not date someone "popular" for reasons partaining to peace and personal space.
Doesn't matter. If you are still decently functional, they are part of the past.
My bf says "yes pls".
Depends on the circumstances that signal me you re autistic.

How realistically possible is it for a guy in his late 20s / early 30s to have sex with a girl in her early 20s? I fear I may have missed my chance to ever sleep with a young woman.

No one told me.

No one told you what?

That 10+ was too old for that sort of thing. I didn't have boundaries growing up so I had to learn the hard way by getting in trouble in school.

Two things, looks, a social life (even basic with a few friends), and some money as in enough to live by yourself. Have these and you should be able to get a date as long as you're not afraid to speak to the opposite gender.

I can relate, I had to learn a lot of things by myself.

Petite/short girls, what do you think the most comfortable way to cuddle/snuggle is with someone bigger than you (height, broad shoulders, etc)? Do you like it when the fella puts his arms wide around you and pillows your heads with his bicep or just putting his hands somewhere on your stomach or chest while sharing a pillow?

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>Depends on the circumstances that signal me you re autistic.
I regularly sperg out about the things I am passionate about and talk to myself a lot. A have said very inappropriate things (not sexual) under my breath a lot.

How the fuck do you plan on living with zero income? Especially if you find another neet

How did you meet your partner? Did you or they initiate?

Im a trust fund baby, I already have life made basically

Preference are... personal preferences. I like to wiggle around until either I find my own comfy position or my bf gets fed up and bear hugs me into place.
Doesn't sound too extreme. Deffinetly going into cute direction.
>said inappropriate things under my breath
Can relate. I do it everyday. Nothing strange about this either.
Uugh... I called my bf a "square splotchy cow" at an event. Next time he called me a "cheap drama sucking flea" and we went arguing from there.

>square splotchy cow

I was starting to develop a crush on this chick but today she sent up some red flags.

The topic of women being objectified by stripping and shit like instagram modeling and she seemed perfectly content with being a stripper or getting paid to take pictures of her ass for randoms to fap to.

She went feminazi and blamed men for creating a demand and that theres nothing wrong with exploiting it to their advantage.

She may not be wrong but shes certainly not right. Theres nothing to respect about someone who lives so superficially and doesnt want more for themselves than selling their shortlived sex appeal.

Am I being stupid here or should I get the fuck out of there?

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Fetal positions, facing each other, each of us has our own pillow but my head is under his chin, legs locked until one of us falls asleep and the other realizes how awfully uncomfortable it really is.

To be honest I someitmes go full Travis Bickle mode. I have become obsessed with Taxi Driver in the last 48 hours.

gtfo, that mindset is hard enough to deal with even from the best that have it.

She's not saying it's a good thing, just that it's not a bad thing. I think you're overreacting.

I have for the first time a sort of relation with a female, so far it would seem friendship but is odd and I am not sure how to proceed, basically I am curing her cancer.
With that said, these days she is very busy setting up her veterinary school, plus she is still sick with various problems, skin, allergies, blood, cancer, I am trying my best to help her with those as well but she has been very busy and stressed out, she told me 40 minutes ago how she just came back home from buying/moving/assembling furniture for the place (was nearly 2 am), and how she burst a vein doing so, and no is likely not a figure of speech since it has happened before to her.

In any case I am going to her inauguration the day after tomorrow but
1) I am not sure how to respond to that message without sending just platitudes
2) I have the day free tomorrow but I don't have a car of my own. (Wondering if I should try to reach her and insist to help her).

no, I've dealt with the same thing.
She never brought it up again until months later in a rant about how I'm not her dad and can't tell her what's right and what's wrong.

and that was coming from one of the most genuinely good people I've met, yet it was still a shitshow. Chances are way too slim of it being workable.

Good evening, ladies. 25 year old guy here wondering about something that's been happening slot here lately. So I've never really had success with you guys throughout my life despite trying my absolute hardest. Before, my life revolves around women and sexual fulfillment. Yet all the jumping through hoops and playing all those stupid games did was destroy my confidence and self worth. After a while I just got tired of it all, and gave up. I'm not some mgtow or incel retard who hates you guys over some petty bullshit like sex but trying to get with you really did make me miserable. I also realized that it won't make me happy anyway. So I decided to just focus on bettering my life instead, and now I have a blooming career and things in my life that bring fulfillment so now I'm actually happy. I'll of course talk to you guys and maybe even flirt and tease, but all the staring, approaching and courting shit I'm just done with it all. I would like to have a gf in theory but placing my happiness and validation in the hands of another person terrifies me. I've essentially went mgtow without all the hateful bullshit. Something strange has occurred recently though. Everywhere I go I get attention from women and they can even get rather aggressive. They introduce themselves me, follow me around, stare at me, initiate the touching, are very open about their sexuality, stick body parts in my face by "accident", and ask for my number. I am not hot, tall, buff, or rich but this shit happens all the time now. It's like the moment I quit playing the game, quit drooling all over you guys, and made it clear it takes more to impress me than "muh vagina" its like all social norms got flung out the building. Can somebody please explain what's going on?

She was pretty angry at the patriarchy for not accepting it though.

In a sense I believe it is a bad thing. Posting your ass for likes on the internet and monetizing it may give you a positive body image but it makes you a poor role model.

Id like for the next generation of women to not have sex worker as an aspiration or see their bodies as commodities. I dont understand the necessity behind such actions to have a positive self image.

At the very least, if this is "okay" - its a characteristic that should be darwinated from my dating pool.

Are there any girls out there attracted to shy and introverted guys? I'd like a girlfriend who's domineering and lovingly bullies me all the time, but I'm not sure they exist.

You must have come off as desperate when you were approaching women, and now look self-assured and stable to them. Have you updated your appearance with the new money you have? That could also be something to consider. Maybe it's because you're older and older women are more confident and willing to ask guys out. Women aren't a monolith so there are so many possibilities as to why this is happening for you.

It sounds like you have some hangups about women and sex and just don't agree with her on a fundamental level, which is fine, but you probably should not date.

I like when guys are vulnerable and emotionally available and don't buy into macho bullshit, but I don't think I would be considered domineering at all, so there's that.

>I like when guys are vulnerable and emotionally available and don't buy into macho bullshit, but I don't think I would be considered domineering at all, so there's that.
I fit those parameters, but if you're not domineering enough to ask me out it'd probably be hopeless.

The only difference in my appearance is my clothes fit better and my head doesn't look like some rag shit now.

Ive also come to value confidence in women And lack of it is now a deal breaker

women, how would you feel in a guy you are mildly attract to told you (or you somehow find out) that he hasn't had sex in over 10 years?

She's right though. She shouldn't be aggressive about it, but it is true. The bad part is how either her or you took offense by the other's opinion.
Why does it have to be about viewing her body as a commodity. People use their strengths to make money all the time. How is an attractive woman using her body to make money any different from a construction worker using his muscles, a wrestler using their weight, etc.

Girls, would you be opposed to a partner who's nude pretty much 100% of the time at home? I'm an exhibitionist so wearing clothes is very difficult for me.


Hm. Would extremely skimpy or form-fitting clothes suffice? Such as going commando in sweatpants.

Depends on how old he is.

Social ability is important. And not having NPD.
Really depends on the type of scar.

Anything is better than seeing someone naked all the time. It's just weird if you ask me, no offense.

Yeah, I suppose it kinda ruins the sexiness if you see them nude all the time.

late 20's

Significant other spends a good portion of time naked going to and from shower. He hangs around in boxes after, usually with his winky sticking out :/ Never bothered me, but we are very different -- I hate not being clothed. If anything I admire his confidence and ability to not appear to give a single fuck about any physical flaws.

It's not that, it's just plain immodest.

What makes you hate being unclothed so much? It's very freeing and displays that you're not insecure with your body.

I mean, modest isn't the first word I'd use to describe exhibitionists.

I'd be surprised, probably wonder why but of course wouldn't pry.

Modesty is important if you ask me. I don't like to judge others but being an exhibitionist seems like it's just gratuitous.

Go for it my guy

I can't help it that I'm immensely attracted to people seeing my genitals.

You need Jesus.

try replacing it with a healthier habit, like CBT

Because I'm very insecure about my body :)

This question is asking for advice from guys and question for females.

First for the Bros here.
How do I stop being enamored with some Canadian broad (live in the US) that I will prob never see again when I go-to basic (airforce). Just cause she talks to me nice, memes well and sent nudes. I hate this I don't want to care but she occupies my fucking mind. She says she like me but I feel like I like her alot more. She's going out and I feel jealousy like some fucking dork.

For females, any reason for you to snap some dude that ur going out? She didn't have to tell me or let me know but she did.

I hate this feeling, hate this so much, I only have like two short relationships under my belt so I'm inexperienced as hell.

Well don't be, I'm sure there's nothing too wrong with it.

You need to be less of a prude.

I never said I don't want to be an exhibitionist. It's very sexually fulfilling

No it's legitimately yucky, I hate seeing it.

Question for you or other guys, do you spend downtime with your hand on your penis? If you're home alone, what % of the time are you tugging (not jerking off, light pulls) or resting with it in hand? My guy is out playing with it constantly.

I don't think it's prudish to dislike having to see a man's penis every time I leave a room

Extremely frequently, yes. If not directly then through my pants. I'd say I touch it at least once per minute. How much depends on how recently I've gotten off.

Sounds like you might not actually be straight, if seeing the male genitalia is so disgusting to you.


I can't really put a percentage on it, but it's just fun to fiddle with. Sometimes it just feels good resting my hand on it.

I've got a date with an amazing girl on Friday. If it ends up happening how do I kiss well?

There's a time and place for it, don't you think? Having to see it in the bedroom should be plenty.

Once per minute sounds about right holy cow lol. I never knew until marriage.

would it be disrespectful to my dead dog to put his urn in my backpack for load weights for body weight progressions. its an easy 11lb in one item. my gut feeling says he would be proud of to use the item of his memorial to gain power

it's definitely an unconscious thing, I only do it at home but I have to catch myself before I do it if someone else is around.


Hey, question for the girls: card games. You ever played card games with a guy on a date before? What do you think of someone who plays cards? It's my thing but idk if there are cultural biases about card players.

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*lights Cuban cigar on my Empire Leather Genuine Executive study chair, puffing twice before pouring a rocky glass of rye whiskey for myself*
Mmh... I believe it is time for a shameless bump.

it's been 8 minutes.

Question for girls. So earlier today I was at the beach with friends and family, and my brother thought it was a good idea to pants me whilst my crotch was directly in front of the face of my close female friend. Girls, how would you feel if you were said friend?

I feel terrible about it even though it technically wasn't my fault. She didn't talk to me much for the rest of the outing, I don't know if that was from embarrassment or disgust.

Better question... Would you ever associate with someone who looks down on playing card games?

Somewhat political question for biological women.
People talk about how transgender people should be able to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as. Do you agree with this and why/why not?

Not a girl, but your brother sounds like a gigantic faggot. I probably wouldve given my sisters a good couple punches if they did that to me.

He knows I have a huge crush on this girl, so it was a poor attempt from him to wingman me.

Just how often do you talk behind your girls' backs? My sisters shit-talk girls all the time and it is amazing whenever I hear women preach about solidarity and shit.

>girl just mentions she was seeing someone a while ago and same guy is trying to talk to her