How to get laid as an Indian man?

I'm an immigrant living in Greece and so far all the women have rejected me. I've asked more than 1000 girls out and dmed. Is there any hope?

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Just kill yourself it's over or go back to india there's like a fuck ton of people there

You need to go back if you wanna get laid

By the way, Greece is a bit different than India. You cannot just go around raping people.

Go back to India, Pajeet.
Or just find some gypsies and collect welfare.

Go outside, shower every morning, user proper deodorant, get fit, reduce accent.

Get a haircut and watch master of none or some other series/movie to feel comfortable with yourself

kill yourself poojeet

Look for fat blacks

Maybe your just ugly, after all wasn’t Ramona flowers ex boyfriend an Indian boy yes. It’s not because your Indian your just unattractive and Indian.

Plus Greeks are probably racist against Indian people,
-Cypriot Jew (very hairy)

Become a yoga guru.

You simply don't. Go home. And stay there forever.

If it's any consolation, I'm a tall white man in America and it's just as difficult.
The only ones who reply are such fat cows you'd probably worship them in your native land.

If you're Indian then I'm not incredibly surprised.

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Never going to happen you fucking untouchable.

आप एक योनि को कभी नहीं छूएंगे, आप अछूत को कमबख्त करते हैं। जाओ एक शौचालय से भरा गंदगी खाओ।

>Cypriot Jew (very hairy)
Damn you weren't kidding these guys all have a unibrow

How to get laid for Indian men:
* Call your mom
* (from the other room)
* Say "mom, I am ready for an Indian wife"
* Mom says "okay we'll bring her over"
* That's your wife
* Get married
* Have sex
* Now your wife does all the mom stuff for you

Very simple.. Many men would kill for this situation. I have to cook. I have to fight for women. My parents and I hate eachother and never speak. Be thankful. Do arranged marriage

>I've asked more than 1000 girls out and dmed.
I don't know why indians don't seem to get that this approach to picking up women doesn't work

I'd take everyone else's advice and go home. Even if you get past your in-built lack of understanding of how to connect with other human beings, Indian men are probably the lowest stock in the dating pool in Western countries.

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I think there may be fetish clubs that would appreciate your money and ethnicity.

I had more success with white women as an Indian man, the Indian girls all say I’m too dark skinned

Are Greeks racist against Indian men? just curious maybe just move to California it all depends on how tall rich or attractive you are