What is your life mission? I don't have one and I'm interested to hear about some

What is your life mission? I don't have one and I'm interested to hear about some.
What is something worthwhile to do in this life that will possibly make me happy?

I feel like giving up my normal life and just move into the forest or something like that. It's not that I hate my job, there isn't some other job I'd rather do, I simply hate working. I sometimes feel like no money is worth so much time gone from my life.

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I love working and I love money. My life goal is to get to the top of the company I’m at (ethically) and I’m well on my way. I can’t believe it honestly, it’s like a dream. All I’ve done is work hard, talk zero shit to anyone I wouldn’t say to their face, and things just keep going my way. Even if they don’t, I’m still at a good spot and I’m satisfied as long as my personal life is good too.

I have a love I adore, and one day I hope to make enough money they can do whatever they truly enjoy and don’t care about salary.

I want a small house in the city, and maybe adopt a kid. Have friends over. Still get drunk and stupid and laugh until I think I’m going to shit myself.

No more forest. It's on fire

Not op but that sounds amazing keep it up user.

I honestly hope to see a bunch of beautiful women get mauled or raped to death. I'm an incel and have nothing to live for anyways. It'll be funny.

Starting with your mom and grandma.

This was really nice to read. Great goals and life setup, user.

For OP, I'd recommend getting a boring / easy job so you don't exert much effort to get your salary. Then you can use the extra time to do the things you enjoy or just chill out.

That's basically what I do. I have a super easy "job" (if you can even call it that) and it pays a good base salary, but nothing amazing. I used all the extra time I have to setup some smaller businesses that are basically just me making money off of my hobbies. Eventually I'll probably be able to scale one of the side projects to a legitimate business.

You could also work seasonal jobs that pay a lot for a short work stint (oil sands is one example, not sure if it's still a viable job these days) and then take the rest of the year off to do whatever.

luckily my grandma died of cancer and mom hasn't been doing alright for a long while.
So after she dies, it's okay for me to want females to get murdered because they don't give me love, right?

My life mission is to make others happy and inspire them. I do many things in my life to lead by example. I found that telling people things direct and giving them advice directly doesn't change anything so i use my life as an example to help people with direction when it seems like they're lost. Very odd that i'm good at making people happy when I'm a very negative person and people annoy me constantly but hey i never show it

if only you could make yourself happy
guess your want of making others happy comes from the depressed feelings you have for being unable to make yourself happy
you don't have a girlfriend, do you?

My life's mission is developing a relationship with God.
I used to be an atheist but that set of beliefs remained unsustainable for me and I realized that I want God.
I started spiritual practices and the results are pretty good. At this point I believe God exists because my life is utterly pointless without him and so are most other things I used to think were important.
I went back to uni and I will finish my chemistry degree and after that I will focus on spiritual practice and if the right woman comes along I will wed her bed her and have babies with her.
Otherwise Im not really interested in worldly things. I need enough cash to support myself and my parents and I already had a lot of sex and desu it was not worth it.
I have gone through a lot of pain and tragic events, some self inflicted; that I learned what really matters is not of this world, because in this world nothing lasts, as such its not worth investing too much in.
If I find no wife I will probably become a monk or priest with time and spend my time tutoring children for free.

God only punishes me with many cute females to look to, but not a single one interested in me.

Fuck this guy That sounds great, I also get a lot of joy from helping and being there for others. I hang on adv because it’s entertaining and I’m a loudmouth, but I do also enjoy offering an ear or comfort

Oh go fuck yourself. Anyone wanting to help others but claims to be negative, is not in the position to be properly helping others.

I don’t know if you’ve ever worked in customer service, but a lot of the general public is awful and deserving of his ire. At least he’s pushing that negativity out into a positive force.

ANYONE is in a position to help others, you fuckin dolt. A hobo can still help a lost child find their parents. Is his life still shit? Yes. Did he help someone today and probably feel good about it? Yes.

Don’t stifle a good thing user is doing by being a little twat

God doesn't punish you. You are punishing yourself by allowing your baser self to have this much influence over you. A man rules his desires and isn't ruled by them.

1. Do as little harm as possible
2. Within the constraints of #1, do as much good as possible
3. Within the constraints of 1 and 2, have as much fun as possible

Die without passing on my fucked up mental state to another person.

If you can't make them swallow the red pills, shove it up their ass.
t. Ghandi.

What’s your job

I do customer support for an ecommerce company. The workload is insanely low. It's a small business and I probably work less than 10 hours per week on average.

Whoops, meant to quote you but quoted the original post by mistake.

>compete internationally in one or more of the sports I compete in
>dont drop oout of uni
>get a healthy social life

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To go through the motions until my mind unravels enough that I'm finally ready to kill myself.

I don’t have a mission, I have vague plans that may or may not happen