Life with Herpes

So long and depressing story short, the "love of my life" turned out to be a massive slut, and not only broke my heart, was kind enough to give me herpes to boot.

I've been trying to deal with the heartache and move on, but this diagnosis has got me so depressed about my sex life and future dating prospects.

Can anyone give me advice and tips on how to handle this shit?

Also am I doomed to wear a condom for everything? No natural sex ever again, unless it's with some other degenerate like me?

Please, I don't know who else to ask but the internet, I don't want my friends and senpai to treat me different/like a leper

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advice for anyone but OP.
never trust hoes.

Most of the adult population has oral herpes, is it that much of a bigger deal if it's on your cock now too? If your immunity is good your outbreaks might be really rare.
Wearing a condom in general is a good idea, but you can pass herpes even with a condom so there's that.

>Most of the adult population has oral herpes
You uh... Wanna point some of this out? Never seen it. Sounds like cope.

"about 67 percent of the global population -- are infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)"

Per Johns Hopkins Medicine, "50-80% of adults have oral herpes."
>About one in eight adults 14-49 have herpes simplex 2

Fact of the matter is, I bet you had it before your girl gave it to you. I probably have it. Most of the time, it's asymptomatic. If you get sores on your cock, turn down sex and go get some Valtrex from a doctor until you're cured.

This is the dumbest fear mongering ever. Like, what's even the fucking problem? It's not like syphillis where that shit could eventually leak into your brain and fuck you up permanently.

spred your disease to as many people as you can

Two things.
One, like 90% of the population has the virus. That does not mean they are prone to break outs, but simply have the virus in their system. Obviously 90% of the population isn’t walking around with cold sores.

Two, I have it. Born with it. It fucking sucked as a kid and it was humiliating, I’m not gonna lie. I never knew if it was an allergic reaction, stress induced, because I was sick. It was a disgusting pimple on my face that would last like 2 weeks to completely dry. Then if it ripped off you’re left with a huge scar on your face. Then it’s sometimes on my lip. On my moustsche area. On my nostrils. Fucking sucks.

As an adult I don’t seem to get them as often, maybe twice a year now. I just know the personal remedy that works for me (immediate ice, daily showers, keep it dry meaning no moisturizer or lotion).

90% is a stretch, and you can't be born with herpes.
But yeah I have it since I was 5-6 too and I can't say it really impacted my life.

Your mother was a whore

Yeah you’re born with it if the mother was infected. Isn’t guaranteed to pass on, but could happen

Only the infected never see a problem with getting or giving herpes, so I suppose your silver lining here is that eventually you'll come to view your diseased hotdog as normal.

Well that's helpful, thanks

So general consensus is to do a massive cope and accept the fact that I'll have a degenerate sex life and never have passionate unprotected sex with my qt3.14 traditional wife?

How the fuck do you deal with that? I'm nearly 28 and all I want is to have a loving family and enjoy all that shit. I know it's not the greatest thing to say the meaning of my life is women, I've got other interests and hobbies, it's just all that seems pointless if I can continue my family and make my rents proud.

It's been over a year of regret and anger and it's now getting to the point I can't even hide it anymore, I just want it to be okay....

So new question, how do I go into monkmode and forget about love and family fullfilling my life and seek happiness elsewhere?

>lived with herpes for 4 years
I unno dude it's easy like get anal about your diet find foods that don't cause flare ups. Workout, work your fucking ass and make money. The rest is pretty easy. Now trying to find a partner I unno what to tell you man. It's super hard to get a legit woman. I got lucky but even still it was a bit of a fuck around.

>Fact of the matter is, I bet you had it before your girl gave it to you. I probably have it. Most of the time, it's asymptomatic. If you get sores on your cock, turn down sex and go get some Valtrex from a doctor until you're cured.
Valtrex doesn't cure herpes you moron.

Thanks man but I'm pretty good on most of those things; fuck, if it wasn't for Jow Forums I would have collapsed into alcoholism and off'd myself months ago. Got a good job, with a nice salary doing stuff that I used to enjoy but now it just feels pointless because it just funds my lonely existence.

Where'd you meet your women, bro?

Does she have herpes too?

Are you stuck using the latex jew?

Sorry about all the questions, I'm just so out of my depth and I don't know who to ask about all of this

There are lots of kinky sluts with it, you don't have to go that far. But in any case remember that you are in control, women will only slow you down.

>There are lots of kinky sluts with it
Yeah, I already jumped on the hedonism train and fuck hookers on the regular, though that doesn't come close.

Pretty funny that I found out I'm not into casual sex after getting a disease that literally limits me to it only.

Thanks for motivation at the end though, I'm trying to get in that mindset, just hard with all this programming

guess life with herpes is a death sentence for me, time to die

The love if your life is a slut? LMFAO grow up kid. Find yourself a better girl. You can never and I mean NEVER turn a how into a house wife

ignoring your hilarous spelling mistakes, I get your point. I tried to turn a ho into a house wife and had to pay for it dearly.

What I'm asking is, what now? is my one mistake going to cost me the rest of my life?