How is your ideal girlfriend like?

Hello anons, I'd love to hear your expectations, standards and ideals for your female partner.

I'm 18 and have never had a relationship before and I want to be the best girlfriend I can be.

Note: These are ideals for their personalities, traits, how they treat you and etc. and not only their bodies and sex.

Thank you for the help!

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Don't do it. Take it from a seasoned identity-free bpd thot.

Trying to become everyone's ideal is bottomless pit and you'll never get what you're looking for. Take what little you have left of your own personality and let it grow

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You've asked a retarded question
I know this is basically a meme but be who YOU want to be. Don't try and please others by giving them what you think they want or you will never be happy

not obese, faithful, not super crazy

Open minded, talkative, smart, and compassionate

wednesday addams is my ideal personality for a gf

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You're a beautiful person with a big heart and I love you and your photo. Thank you for the advice, I doubt you're like that anyway. Hugs

thank you too for this. I just don't feel like I'm enough sometimes.

Thank you all for the replies too

I really like platonic affection more than I'd like to admit. It's really magical when girls let you lay your head on their lap. When cuddling I really like being able to be the cuddle-ee as opposed to the cuddler. Being kissed on the forehead is always nice but I always feel weird about asking for affection because I don't want to be creepy. Tall girls are preferable for me, not for any other specific reason than it feels like you're being engulfed when you get hugged.

Someone whose independent and grounded but not boring. I also personally find it really flattering when girls approach me considering it's not really expected. In that case, you're going out of your way to make contact with me and that's something that sets that person apart for me.

Primarily, what I want is just someone who has initiative as well as someone who is just really loving.

Not being a social media activist.

I know exactly how you feel... I suppose? I'm a guy so its probably different
I think I'm too shit to be worth others time, but I know pretending to be some one I'm not won't work or make me happy. I need to find things about me that are worthwhile... which is pretty fucking difficult to be fair. We just have to keep walking down the tunnel and hope we see the light at the end soon

Super sweet, I love platonic love too

That's really profound and mature of you. I agree. And I know you're worth other's time, don't feel that way. I can already you're very wise and you won't let yourself go or be someone you aren't and that's strong.

On the flip side though it could be the reason I've ended up alone without any friends. I guess maybe a balance is needed but I hate pretending. It's bad enough I feel like I wear a mask 90% of the time as is pretending to be happy
If any of this nonsense sounds like it applies to you, you should try being a stronger person than I am and seeing a professional about it. I kind of regret not trying that earlier... I still haven't worked up the courage to do it. Don't make my mistakes!

Pretending is the worst. I feel you. If it'll better your situation I think you should definitely go.

Don't "plan to", that's another trap. You have to just do things

shared mutual hobbies and interests while also being able to can out problems and come to agreements through reason.

Should also work to improve health and self and love loves to learn while also having a creative mind.

the most important thing for me in a partner is that she knows how to bee herself

Someone who doesn't put me in situations where I have to defend them even though they're in the wrong.

Besides that I feel like I idolize many attributes that I lack. It's for that reason that sometimes I feel like I want a kind of air headed giggly gf because I overthink everything and almost envy that way of living - even though I know that if I can't hold an intelligent conversation with the person it'll never last. I did meet a girl who kind of had both somehow but I never really went after her even when she showed signs of interest (I was socially illiterate when I was friends w her, a few years ago). Idk how well that maps onto guys in general though. For most it's all about a sweet spot of similarities and differences in personality.

Chemical attraction and loyalty/trust, that's basically it.

Personally, I think investing in yourself is attractive. Like, if you've got a hobby, or something. Kind of a passion for life.

But honestly, if you're genuine, and I trust you, and there's an attraction, it doesn't really matter if you get on my nerves.

If I had to recommend any kind of advice for change before a relationship,
aim for assertive, rather than passive or aggressive or passive aggressive interpersonal behaviors, I guess. Don't go overboard, you don't have to be the most assertive person on the planet, just, it's a good idea to learn how to say no, or how to ask for a favor.

Then just try not to be too selfish.


Try not to pretend to be anybody else though, you know?

Someone who loves and trusts me unconditionally.
Someone who loathes drama and likes simplicity.
Someone who is loyal to the end and is happy just being with me.
I know I basically described a dog but we have something to learn from them.

women are not lovable, they are leavable
i really just want a man in a hot, female body

Dont be fat, thats it.

But we both know your fat as fuck because you haven’t had a single relationship by 18.

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I have many desires for a partner but it is important to understand to have all traits is unrealistic.
Besides all traits that make up a generally good human being, I would add open-mindedness, the quality of being motherly or caring, having integrity, being faithful, ability to be direct with/reasonable and constructive in disagreements, a desire to spend time together (so that it's not one-sided), simplicity, devoid of people problems, etc.

I could probably go on forever and extend on these. I would also umbrella all of these under a relaxed mindset. I would love to have someone that I am able to have trust in that we both can live alongside each other and have our respective alone times without meeting any relationship quotas.

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