I decided to kill myself but I want to minimize the damage to my gf and I'm going to break up with her soon

I decided to kill myself but I want to minimize the damage to my gf and I'm going to break up with her soon.

How long should I wait after breaking up to commit suicide?

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Why did you decide to kill yourself?Someday she will know and she will be really sad even 1 year pass

Common social etiquette dictates you should wait at least 50 years.

Oh shit

Agreed. Do not harm yourself user, please. It will hurt her. Please be strong, this life is filled with pain but is also filled with wonders and happiness. It's only for a season

what exactly do you wanna kill yourself for?
you have a girlfriend who most likely cares about you, which is way more than a lot of people can say

My life isn't really the best and I'm really tired of waking up. There are other things but that is not the matter here.

Well, it depends on how things end. Honestly you killing yourself while on bad/rocky terms with her might really fuck her up worse than anything.

I’ve only had one ex die, and I thank god we had nothing left unspoken between us, and we were on good terms; that said, I miss him and his friendship all the time. If it hurts this bad now, I can’t imagine how I would feel with anything unresolved.

Listen, I’m not trying to talk you out of it- but I genuinely want to know. There’s some people I think “fuck, I don’t blame you, do it”

Give us a lil synopsis OP

How would you recommend to kill myself?

Tired of waking up?how about going hospital?Maybe you have thyroid illness and it can be cured easily just taking some medicine
And life do not need to best. When you feel good?Do you have something to enjoy?If you wanna die, how about doing all things you really wanna

I don’t know man. Different people are affected differently. Personally I don’t cope well with mortality and death at all, especially someone close. I was ruined for a good 2 years, and that was under highly favorable conditions.
I know it’s so shitty to say you should stick around for them but... sigh

That's my main issue right now, but someday I wont be able to care.

I'd like to have a good plan beforehand to pevent something impulsive.

So you want to break up with her and not the other way around? Why do you want to kill yourself anyway man?

It's kind of a toxic relationship where she can't break up with me even when she feels terrible and I want to do it for her.

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Based Koreanwoman

At an absolute minimum, 60 years

If you don't want to hurt her with the shock of suicide, heres what you do:
Rent a kayak and go yaking into the ocean.
Rope up your legs and tie the other end to a cinder block.
Go and sleep with the fishes.
Kayak will be floating around.
You will be declared lost at sea

The day after would be a good day to kill yourself
>Break up
>Wondering about ex
>Finds out he killed himself
>Blames herself
All according to plan.

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Cheat on her, then she will hate you and you can kys without remorse

If you're unhappy with you current life and can't even get up, then the solution isn't killing yourself, but changing your life. Start by doing some simple things you've always wanted to do but never did. Find a goal to pursue, or a hobby. Find pleasure in the day to day life without overthinking it.

Don't you do it user. I think you can hold on for a bit longer.

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You already left a trail. I guess you must live. Hope you didn't break it off yet.