I got scammed by a honeypot scam and some chinese hacker has a video of me masturbating. What do I do?

I claimed to be poor and got them to give an offer at $200 to "make them delete it". What do I do?

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What he gonna do? Post in your social media? How he knows people who knows you? To who? Why someone would believe is you? Why he would delet after 200 dólar?

He has my full facebook contact list, because no one other than me has my contact info.

*no one else has the same name as me.

Don't give him money, they always ask for more or come back.

OP, I really need the story on how this happened.

he might have tricked you into thinking that, and got your info from google.
either way, don't pay. the worst thing is someone sees your dick. whoop de doo. no big deal.

Ignore it.
It is probably not true. Scammers lie all the time.

Okay, it ended pretty hilariously.

I accidentally swapped his last and middle names in the payment, and he's having trouble getting the money out.

Don't pay and just let him post the video of you masterbating.
The worst thing that can happen is that you get laughed at. But it's not a crime to masturbate.

Though he's not going to do it. It's tough work sending people videos through facebook. Scammers wan't a quick cash buck

Me being extremely stupid and not blocking my laptop camera when I saw tits.

you are stupid ricky

Is OP an 80 year old man who doesn't understand how internet works and is scammed by african princes sending free money through e-mails?

No, I'm 27 and fairly tech-literate. But web browsers can get webcam access.

Never, ever let your dick be in physical view of the camera.

Why would you ever own a webcam?
Why would you ever own a laptop?
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

>not having tape over your cameras

Even fucking zuckerberg was spotted with tape over his laptop.

It's a scam, you retard.

He uploaded the video on youtube already and lost all leverage over me. And thanks to the marvel of machine learning, it got taken down within minutes. During nighttime in any timezones I care about.

Thank god for machine learning. Seriously.

no lol, machine learning is fucking scary, 24/7 enforcement of values as dictated by private corporations not beholden to the public

fucking retard just tape your cameras next time

Who cares? You jack it so what

Ask them to send you a copy so you can use it as a Christmas card.

They can only threaten you if you're afraid of it being seen. Show them you aren't and they'll drop it.