I am shocked so many guys think suicide in here

In Korea, no guy think suicide, even their dick is small as 6.9cm, they have no job, they don't have girl friend, and they failed at everything.

I talked with some foreign guys, and they have man box, so it make those guys burden. They think they don't have to say their trouble to other people. So maybe foreign guys suicide too much.

You guys can fail, or can forgive something, and it is okay you guys are not best people. The man box, which man have to be perfect, make many guys suicide. It will make your family or girl friend really sad for whole life. How about just talk you guys are in trouble?They will help you and it is okay.

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urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Boy Pussy

Are you a cutie korean?

I want you to know you are the only namefag I like. You're so sweet

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I am Korean woman but I dont know I am cute kek

Wtf is man box

Thanks you ^0^ glad to hear that. Your image is so cute ( ๑˃̶ ꇴ ˂̶)

I think she means the preset expectations men put on themselves to not open up and share.

The thought that man have to always strong, and man don't have to tell their fear, and man have to be always brave

I knew someone back then with mixed heritage and part of her heritage came from your country. I haven't met a girl like her in a while since. I've been a bad friend to her and never gave her the chance to get to know me. I haven't been there for her like a friend should when she's been through tough times, I was a terrible friend when I was younger.

> Compared to other OECD countries, South Korea's female suicide rate is highest with 15.0 deaths by suicide per 100,000 deaths according to the suicidal rate list, while the male suicide rate is third highest with 32.5 per every 100,000 deaths.

Highest female suicide rate in the world
Third highest make suicide rate

Op completely BTFO

Everybody are not good at relation when they are young. It is not your fault :)

Yes in Korea, usually woman suicide often, but man do not suicide usually. In Korea, woman have girl box I think

What the fuck are you saying? Maybe you females need the big black cock

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In Korea man suicide 2x more than woman, desu bong ping ching long

Oh I understand you saying. Maybe the suicide rate is because of hard studying in Korea omg

OP you guys literally are the third in the most suicides per country
You guys have more sucides than Japan by far

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Well I was wrong sorry @.@

I think that is because in Korea there is no good landscape.

Yeah I thought she was calling them boy pussies too.

Why box though?

What it mean?

Man box mean Stereotypes, or idee fixe. Man have to always strong and be best.

Are you saying Korean men don't suicide as much because they are effeminate twinks?

Yes I thought so, but Korean male suicide often omg I think it is because of hard studying

I think your man box may be the reason they kill themselves OP

They're not as vocal about it as Americans

Is it socially acceptable to be vocal about sucidal thoughts in Korea or would you get shamed?

>I am woman so I dont have man box kek
And in Korea there is no man box, but other box to whole people. They have to good at studying omg

urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Boy Pussy

omg what is this nooooooooooooooooooo @@

>Korean men don't kill themselves

Are you aware that Korea literally has the 3rd highest suicide rate in the world? While korean women have the highestin the world.

Wtf are you larping?

I didn't know that omg so sad (σ´Д`)σ
I thought Koreans do not suicide often

Because the men who browse this board legitimately fucked up the only shot they had in life, regardless of age.

I am only 22yo and have been trying to kill myself since the age of 19.
Do you understand the fact that I am so fucking useless I can't even kill myself? If I can't do something like that, what in the everliving fuck I could be good at?

Why do you think you are useless?Why do you think suicide?Dont you have any hobby?You think only people who are good at something have to live?

If you're that age you're wasting time grieving over lost time, you still have enough. Get moving now before you basically walk over all my steps and go through the path I took. I'm not that bad off now but I was back when I was your age. Directionless, walking in the void if you know what I mean. I had no way of feeling my way through, it was like walking around blindfolded and no walls to get any sense of dimension.

This website disproportionately overrepresents a category of men who are depressed, lonely and alienated. It's not "foreign men", it's lower men.


You seem pretty good at not killing yourself

한국에서 자살했던 사람들 많은데

Many people commit suicide everywhere Korean on.

this is incoherent.. if you are korean speak korean. don't google translate things

>or girlfriend really sad for whole life

90% of men in this board never had a girlfriend OP.I

This is also main reason for suicide.around here.

>This is also main reason for suicide.around here.
Why? Just seems like there's more to worry about than that.

>more to worry about than your entire reason for existing
We were born too late to explore the globe and too early to explore the universe.
Until someone invents faster than light travel we're just spinning our wheels. Until we crack that, your only purpose in life is to breed.

Wow I like the sentence you write. It is too beautiful sentence. so cool

kek that sentence is not original at all, it’s from a meme

You guys were never explorers, you were farmers. It’s just now men and women have unrealistic expectations. You think you can fuck Kim K, women think they can fuck Chris Helmsworth.

Back on the farm you would just fuck each other and never know anything else. It was simple and relatively unfulfilled but it’s all you had

Man I have no aspiration of ever hooking up with a celebrity.
I'm a 4/10 that can scrub up to a 6 and I'd be happy with the former. I just want a partner that likes me for me and won't harm herself or the kids but I rolled snake-eyes for charisma so I'm going to die a virgin.

Wut. Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.