Drug abuse. help

starting august, I got 20 LSD tabs and eat one every few days. eated 8 in a period of 20 days, the last was in august 30th.

the thing is that wasn't LSD, but DOx.

and now I'm living a nightmare. last 12 days I see the world different, like literally a little more dark, like if my eyes work with -10% bright. some photos I see in the internet terrifies me, most of all photos of people and animals (irrational fear). sometimes, antiexy and fear during the day outside. my muscles are in a "stress mode" or something like that, nervious. can't sleep well. a little confusion sometimes.

is not HPPD, I think. maybe could be schizophrenia?

need help. they say that "bitter shit" like DOx last in the body a few days with unpleasant sensations, but 12 days have passed and I still feel bad.

today I runned and started eat fruits and vegetables, perhaps with healthy shit can I be better soon

any advice?

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I would wait some time, a month or so.. Calmly observe your symptoms she realize that your fear is irrational and that you are safe. If you do not get better after a month or two, visit a therapist..a doctor will have nothing for you see this point, but a therapist may help you work through the anxiety part

thanks. I just want to eat a little bit quetiapine for sleep well. I only have like 4 hours of sleep in the last two days

still see photos different. but I think to myself that is just a "photoshop filter"

Stop doing drugs
Drink more water

Your body still needs time to detoxify.
You'll still feel those symptoms even after a year. Just stop

op here. thanks for answer.

Yesterday I went to the psychiatrist and he told me that I have schizophrenic syndrome. I was prescribed sertraline 50 mg and quetiapine 25 mg. but I don't know...

what if is something else?

some internet photos freaks me out. I feel like "mental stunnig".

How do you know it was DOx?
More likely to be an NBOME compound.

I'm not sure. but due to the effects of the drug, it's possible. I want to analize a sample (I still have 12 of those triangles) but I don't know where to go. I live in Queretaro, Mexico

what if is more like a serotonin syndrome?

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(op here)

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The excessive accumulation of serotonin in the body creates the symptoms of serotonin syndrome".

then a list of things that might cause it. it's in spanish but the words are easy to read

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Serotonin syndrome gets you extremely depressed and could be fatal, so you better hope it’s not that.
That was really retarded what you did, even if it was LSD (how do you know it’s not LSD btw?)

what I did was very stupid, I know :(

I think it's DOx for the effect. The duration was about three hours, and then the descent began. but I noticed that it gave me a lot of energy. Unfortunately I could not taste because I swallowed with water. I want to analyze a sample but I don't know where

Nbome trip lasts around 6h, I think it's longer with DOx family. Visual effects may be HPPD, like static etc. You'll only freak yourself out even more if you focus on this, if you go on with your life you'll stop noticing. I think you fried your hormones, surprising that you even tripped (did you?) because I thought taking it so often would minimalise and eventually nullify the effects. Don't worry that it wasn't lsd, I believe all psychedelics have similar chances to fuck you up mentally, while physically stone may be more dangerous than others. After this burnout I think you need to give yourself time to go to baseline hormonal profile, months at least. I would research the meds carefully before taking them because they also cause a hormonal turmoil in your organism. Only take them if you can't calm down mentally on your own. Try to be healthy, eat good, go outside, exercise and take vit d supplement, avoid drugs, nicotine and alcohol, connect with people.

I find taking a couple benzo's will help mellow out any ill effects after I come off DMT, try a sensory deprivation tank if there's one in your local area if nothing else works, they can give your brain a hard reset sometimes that drugs can't quite achieve.
otherwise you probably have hallucinogen induced psychosis, seek professional help.

It doesn’t matter what it was. Done is done, you can’t really undo it.

Whatever you can do that is normal or routine, have a solid block of that in each day.

Don’t have the mindset that you need to make it go away, because you have little control over it, so it can cause a lot of stress. Instead focus on believing that time and patience will make it right. We’re not static. You will adapt and you will feel normal again.

Bit of misinformation there m8.
I did plenty of 25I and most times the effects lasted about 15 hours.
8 hours of tripping and the rest, residual stimulation... I'd even say I wasn't completely right until 24 hours had passed and even then I had the whole "wtf was that" rattling through my mind for weeks after (not a bad thing).
I quit all that stuff after a bad 4-aco-dmt trip which had me anxious for weeks after.
You'll be right son... Time heals, it will get better.

op here. thanks for your opinions.

something that bothers me, is mental confusion. when I try to sleep, is like my mind works on its own, with ideas and images, but I can take control when that happens, but after a moments it repeats. then I fall sleep.

still see different colors. some photos of a person, I see their skin more orange. and some weird sensation in my body sometimes. and sometimes, I feel very well (happy) but still notice "something"

FYI according to erowid.org/chemicals/2ci_nbome/2ci_nbome_effects.shtml trip lasts maximum 10h. Unless you count afterglow. I can't really be sure which nbomes I tried but trip always lasted around 6 hours and even if I was so fucked up I couldn't talk around 6 hour mark tripping intensity would drop significantly.

You mean you have different hallucinations before going to sleep? You don't need to be worried about them, that's not unusual es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alucinación_hipnagógica
Seeing things a bit differently/distorted is HPPD, and serotonine depletion is making you overly anxious and depressed. Psychedelics leave afterglow for some time, no wonder that you're a bit depersonalized and derealized after so many trips in a row

Lions mane mushroom man

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afterglow for some time? how many time it can take? I'm worry about it sometimes :(

op here

I checked well and there were 8 tabs in 27 days. 2 were the same day and the last tab half one day and the other half the next day (august 30)

trip trap

Well listen to your psychiatrist I guess but to me it just sounds like anxiety. The darkness in your vision is tunnel vision, a common symptom. The only other symptoms you’ve described just sound like pure anxiety. Did you tell your doc you did those drugs? Do they even know anything about them?

Some people feel different for a few days/weeks but mostly in a positive way. Worrying will change nothing, just go on with your life. Stop focusing on HPPD, you're serotonin depleted and psychying yourself out, but it's not a fucking big deal that it seems to be to you right now, trust me.

I don't think she knows much about drugs. I tell her that it wasn't LSD but maybe DOx and she tell me that is no much difference (I don't know much aboyt drugs either)

That's bullshit, and the idea of his body needing ~detoxification~ is also bullshit.

It doesn't sound anything like serotonin syndrome.

Your therapist seems useless to you here, man, but if you take those meds do NOT mix them with any fucking drug- especially those that you aren't certain of the makeup of.

what if I keep without meds? I only had a little bit queriatine last two days.

there are chances to get worst? I started exercice and eat well like thre days ago

Bad trips can fuck you up for a while. Don't do psychedelics again until the hppd goes away

Yeah it’s REALLY irresponsible for me to question a psychiatrist, so don’t take what I say as absolute truth, but I can tell you that her saying there isn’t much difference is a red flag that she doesn’t fully understand those drugs and is likely having her perception skewed based on the fact that you’ve done psychedelics.

when you say "bad trips", you mean bad quality of the drug or bad experience in the experience?

nah just too high a dose/bad setting etc, I've heard from people that bad trips can make them feel differently for weeks, months and put them off doing psychedelics again because of the bad trip.

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op here
feel different? when I watch a video, it feels like I'm still tripping. that freaks me out. it was a porn video so my fap session wasn't totally enjoyable

If it's bitter it could be Nbome. And that'll kill you.
Your first clue should have been LSD tolerance builds fast. By day 3 you should have felt nothing.

I couldn't taste it. I just put it on my tongue and swalled it with water. although I don't remember any bitter taste. I think it was some DOx but I'm.not sure. still have 12 of those but I don't know where analize

but if is Nbome, I'll be death by now, right? I'm mean 14 days have passed since my last tab

I've had a psychotic episode because of LSD (or something) a few years back. After like 30 hours passed, I still couldn't sleep and was still seemingly in a bad trip. I also have an aunt with schizophrenia so that genetic connection might've contributed to the whole situation.
It did feel like a photoshop filter over the world, time didn't make sense etc. My friend who I was living in a different city with at a time was really annoyed at me and called an ambulance on the 2nd day.
They took me to a drunk tank (I live in Russia so that's common), put me to sleep and cleaned me up with a drop counter or something like that. The world felt a bit clearer after that. Thankfully my parents drove over and took me from there.
Two weeks after that are all a blur.
A psychiatrist prescribed some pills that I was taking for a couple months. She also said I was on the road to schizophrenia.
In total 4 months after that were an emotional rollercoaster because of anxiety, breaking up with people and some other stuff.

Since two weeks has passed for you, detox shouldn't be as much of a worry.
What you need to do is readjust yourself back to "normal" and don't linger on negative thoughts. Reduce the worry to a minimum. Write down what you're experiencing. You brain is confused off the fucking rails right now and you need to get it back on track. I went back to uni despite how I felt. Everything did feel off for a while, but over time it got sorted out.

I hope everything goes well for you.

It's not cyanide, dude. Things don't automatically kill you just because it's poison... There's a thing called ld50.. how much it takes to have a 50% chance of killing you. If you're below it you may live, doesn't mean it won't do damage.. permanent or otherwise.
Your brains pretty resilient though, I don't know the extent of what nbome can do, just to stay away.. you could make a full recovery but you'd have to look into it.
And that's assuming even that it's nbome.

thanks for answer. I'm crying right now, I feel terrible. I think I'm gonna die maybe so I'm writing a quick testament since I don't have a legal one yet.

some fucking images I see it like in 3d, videos kind like in a trip. I live alone and feel lonely, no human warm contact.

Take a sample to your doctor retard

Tell your doctor retard


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Stop taking drugs you fucking idiot.

here is Mexico. I went in the morning to the doctor but I need an appoinment, so they didn't see me. anyway in the morning I was kind ok. is an hour ago when I had the panic/depression attack. but after crying if feel a little better. I'm about take my quetiapine in a minutes now