Doxxing concern

alright im in a discord server and my first name was leaked. i triple check my images, so one of my mutual friends who is also in the server i believe accidentally revealed my first name on a voice chat.
I have a distinctive first name but there's literally dozens to hundreds of individuals in my area with the same name. All of my photos I have posted in the server have been modified by me prior to posting, so my few face photos are non traceable to my irl social media.
I had mods delete the message form the doxxer. Is there anything else I can do? Should I be concerned?

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What have you done that is doxx worthy?

i am seriously considering this, or at least changing my legal first name.
I have not done anything except basic internet fights. my irl social media (facebook, ig, etc.) is squeaky clean and inoffensive.

It's good to be paranoid but you might be overly paranoid. If you social media is private you are probably safe.
You are giving so little info it's hard to abvise.. If you really really pissed someone off they might fuck with you, but if there's nothing hugely embarrassing and you aren't famous there is really no potential for lulz. Notice that every true lolcow is either semi famous or responds to trolling in a way so ridiculous they become famous.
The only thing that will fuck over a normal person is if you have a corporate job and said something racist. Even then it is unlikely anyone would bother unless they really hated you

Are you underage?
I got doxxed too, nothing happened. The dude who doxxed me was my discord friend and just sent me a message advising me to change my fb and ig privacy settings. Unless you have some really serious issues with people from the server, and believe that they will put their time and resources to hurt you, I wouldn't worry.

I may have pissed them off im not sure. the server is full of trolls and I am the frequent target of them. I have 300 max followers on both ig and facebook. I have met four people from the server who knew my irl name because we hung out together. one person left because their photos were leaked.The individual who left still contacts people on the server and I do not think liked me irl.
I do have a corporate job but for full disclosure im black, so if i used any black related slurs like nigga idk how they can get me for that.

I'm an adult in their mid twenties. my social media is private and im very hard to find. my first name is distinct but my surname is semi common. I removed all records online of my name+physical address combo months ago.
I have had serious disagreements with the people. They happily gave their irl name before in the server.

afraid someone will dox you and have pizza delivered to your home?

Kek, do you study biology by any chance? I don't know what to tell you, not enough data. If they revealed their own identity, I don't think they will try to fuck with you -- it would be traced back to them, easily. If you never posted anything seriously illegal or disturbing, I don't see how they can harm you

thanks man. yes both of them (the two i had the most trouble with) have a much more active social media presence than I do. one of them said that they were trolling me last week, but at this point idk who or what to believe coming from that place.Nothing I posted was illegal or highly disturbing.

op here. in the meantime, is there any legit working script to delete all message i have posted in that server? I found some articles online but they appeared to be for owners/admins.
I do not have any admin nor mod privileges.

Yeah I don't think they will do anything, not enough ammunition and it's not like they have your social media, so they can't harass you directly

I don't know about a script, but once you delete your account, your nick changes into deleted-user6e828r or something like this

yes I knew about this. But the server has only about 50 active users, so they half dozen or so people i dm'd frequently from the server would know which deleted user # is me?

Best not to delete and make people suspicious.. Just slowly phase out over time but keep access

Haxing nto your bank account. Expect dominos pizza in 15 minutes buddy.

>I’m black
Yea you’re fine dude

I wouldn't worry too much. Most people don't have the time or aren't perg enough to waste time on some text on a screen
It'll blow over

>it would be traced back to them, easily.
Not necessarily.

Someone will try to use the leaked information at some point. It's what they say about internet, it's pretty much a very long-lasting record. For example, what stops a "friend" from holding on to such a nifty little card for its probable use later in the game in the future?

It is literally impossible to find someone with only a first name

Man why the fuck are you asking this more than two years after it happened You have sent like 0 photos to us and the only time we saw was in a skype call Please at least answer us we might seem angry but we just miss you send at least one message I beg of you

Bro, if you're italian, I was part of your group. You left without a trace more than a year ago, I'll just let you know that we don't have any hard feelings and we all cherished you as a friend. I don't remember, but maybe we crossed a line one day, and it got to you. We tried to contact you for so long, please at least talk to us to clarify, and we'll stop searching about you. If you're not him, I'm sorry for being confusing, I just miss my old friend.

I regularly dox myself on Jow Forums all the time. This discord nonsense is small fry!

OP here again.
Yes, that's what everyone has been telling me. All of my social media online is unsearchable, and if it has anything, only my first quite unique name.
not me, im american.

anyways I have been deleting the fuck out of my posts on there. I met with one of the other users on there yesterday, i searched my screename in there and non combative users are joking about my absence. I deleted 1600+ posts in the past 15 hours.

> being so much of an online shitlord that changing your name when doxxed/suicide seems like a good option

The fuck do you get up to when anonymous?

I was one of the least inflammatory posters in the server. One of the guys I argued with joked about me dying and deserving to be killed. I've been on Jow Forums for literally over a decade and i have never been doxxed.

So a guy joked about killing you on discord and now you want to make it real by actually killing yourself?

yes because i feel like my life will be irreperably ruined soon.
I have been diagnosed with asd and severe anxiety so maybe I am severely overthinking this whole drama.

keep your doors locked bro

op here. hopefully i won't have to bump again.
after searching in the server for hours i found the culprit. one of the users guessed my name accurately and i stupidly left an emote. this happened literally over a year ago in the server logs. I took screenshots of the message, the message from the user i fought and sent to the admin. he deleting the name discussion from the server.
i'm contacting a superuser of the software to see about removing all of my old posts. i am freaking out because im worried the two guys i fought have a dossier on me. i will still remaining a server member for 3 months (or leave and keep the admins as friends for communication), and then completely purge my discord account no later than January of 2020.
i am currently applying for jobs so I am honestly still very freaked out.

Get tested

I've seen retards try to troll /b/ and get doxxed and nothing happened to them. I've accidently doxxed myself on /b/ once. No one cares.

Are you actively trying to fuck with people? Did you majorly upset a community? Are you trying to be a troll and got caught? No one really gives a shit about you. Lesson learned, be more secure. No one is going to ruin your life. It's a good scare, but honestly no one gives that much of a shit about you to fuck with you. You're just some dork.

Chill out. In a week/month nobody will care