Girl I met once, half a year ago, suddenly messages me complimenting my new profile picture

>girl I met once, half a year ago, suddenly messages me complimenting my new profile picture
>besides the initial meeting we had not spoken or exchanged a single message until now
>she lives four hours away, seemed really keen about meeting up halfway, mentioned it multiple times/hinted in our chats
>after chatting for a few days conversation flows well, but she's set off some red flags for me
>so I turned down the idea of meeting her halfway, citing cost
>she says "I can come to you then!"

Is this chick really this into me from a profile picture? Or is she just REALLY interested in being friends/seeing my area? She'd be paying $160 round trip for this. What is the advisable course of action here?

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put it in the vajajay and scoot


Sounds like a BPD in the making, and you're the next target.

I'd would remove them and not speak to them again if I were you

I can't believe someone is willing to pay near $200 for really mediocre sex. Nice.

Yeah the red flags were
>friends with exes
>has panic attacks

Not red flags but HMMM:
>does stand-up
>into Wiccan/astrology shit

Maybe her parents are just loaded. Is she cute?

Most likely is. And I remember her being pretty cute when I met her, but the recent pictures she's sent me makes me wonder if I just remembered wrongly, or that she's very un-photogenic

that bitch is crazy or a man trying to kill you, DO NOT ENGAGE

>friends with exes
don't worry, she's probably not borderline if that's the case. maybe bipolar.

Might trying to get pregnant. Be careful.


>but she's set off some red flags for me
What were they?

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disregard. scrolled further into the thread

probably already pregnant and looking for a beta provider

I don't know why I attract these kinds of women. All three of my long-term exes had mental issues.


BPD women are known to prey on vulnerable autistic loners

none of these are the red none of these are the red flags and if you think so you are really really a toxic sociopath

All women are like that. All women have mental problems

Yeah, all normal people have panic attacks

$160 for a round trip but only four hours away? What? Do y'all live overseas or some shit?

She's nuts. Fuck her once and run away. Make sure she never finds you again.


You can give her a try but just keep an 'exit' nearby. She's probably pretty crazy and will ump on you for a while before gtfo'ing and finding the next guy she hasn't spoken to in a year and a half.

That or she is trying to get revenge on an ex or cheat. Either way you're probably being used.

Yeah, I do. It's about 180 miles or 300km. Most people don't drive here so $160 is by train/bullet train

Also update from OP:
Since saying no to meeting halfway she said she could just come all the way to me. I've told her I'll check my calendar but it's just up to me telling her a date and she'll probably come down. What I've found out so far is
>broke up with her ex about 7 months ago
>just started online dating about 3 months ago
>red flag #3: describes herself as polyamorous "but still capable of being in a monogamous relationship"
>red flag #4: unironically uses terms like mansplaining but also complained about a date where a guy didn't pay for her

My penis says yes, but my brain says no. But my body doesn't have to go anywhere because she's coming all the way to my city.

Cum and dump if you have nothing better to do, be sure to use protection. Clearly not gf material.