Isolated, pregnant

I moved in with a guy I was in a LDR with for about a year prior, shortly after moving in we found out I’m pregnant. I’m alone here, no family or friends, about 1600 mi from my home state.

My partner is very inconsistent. Some days he seems to love me and others he seems to not want much to do with me, he will get agitated with me over seemingly nothing. Sometimes it’ll happen for no reason whatsoever, just a rapid mood shift. I feel very depressed here due to being alone and pregnant, navigating this big life change without family or friends present. I always told myself it’s okay because I now have a new family, and once the baby gets here I won’t be alone anymore. Lately things have just gotten really bad. I feel unloved and uncared for about 75% of the time, and when I express this and seek out a chance to talk through things my partner just shuts down on me and starts attacking me for talking about how I feel. Awhile ago I expressed that sometimes I have suicidal thoughts but I’d never act upon them, and the response from my partner was anger instead of support— he angrily told me that it’s “a red flag” and then refused to talk further. He’s called me a bitch, said fuck you to me, etc hostile things out of his anger. He seems to have an explosive temper. I guess I am just coming here for someone to talk to me. I don’t have any friends or family and I don’t have a back up plan or any options right now— not that I would even follow a back up plan because I refuse to be a single mother and I refuse to put my son through life with only one parent. I can’t leave but I find myself shutting down more and more each day. My son is the only light at the end of this tunnel at this point. I just hope once he’s here things will change and my partner will start to love me. If not, I’m not sure what I’d do. I’m so alone and I’m so depressed.

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>I refuse to let my son be raised without two parents.

Okay. Don't come crying back here when your mentally unwell partner starts beating the shit out of your child because you're willfully endangering it by staying with him.

Your child isn't going to fix things. Your child will not make things better for you. You will make things bad for your child.

Either leave now, or get an abortion/adopt it out.

yeah you suck, you're just making problems for him
grow up and act like an adult instead of a little bitch

I unno wanna live in Edmonton?

Based on the statistics about children raised by single mothers, it’s a very scary thought. I don’t want to ruin his life. I don’t know what to do. I don’t think he would be physically violent to our son, he hasn’t been physically violent to me. I am scared he might be emotionally abusive to our son or unloving towards him. Everything is scary. I’m sorry I just don’t know what to do

I really don’t think it’s me. I get snapped on for no reason whatsoever. I regularly am walking on eggshells here to avoid any issues and they still come out.

because you're annoying all the time, but he can put up with it, but then sometimes you try to pull some little shittest without even thinking about it.

Nah don’t think that’s it

I'm honestly not trying to shit on you, because I understand why you're reacting the way that you are. Women do it all the time. But it's a very serious matter and you need to take it seriously.

Your partner sounds abusive, and children from single mothers still have better statistics than those from families with abusive parents.

If you won't pack your bags now and leave to go home to your family/friends, please find a women's helpline in your area and call them ASAP. You have a responsibility to do what is best for your child now, and I can absolutely guarantee that having your child will not make your partner change.

The data on kids raised around domestic abuse situations should definitely scare you more than the single mother data.

You could also consider potentially dying in childbirth and having him fuck your kid up. You need to leave.

Yikes. Ever heard of protection? Birth control? You decided to let this jag off nut inside of you and now you actually think this child will have a chance in this world? Jesus... Get the abortion and leave the tool.

1. holy fuck
2. ya you should probably figure something else out, things probably aren't going to work out with this guy, and unless you want to be stuck in an abusive relationship for the rest of your life you should prepare to move back home
3. consider adoption or abortion

Well... if you're desperate enough to ask fucking Jow Forums for advice I'll tell you this much; without friends or family none of this will be easy. I've seen many of your type in my profession, and I hate the way you usually end up when you stay isolated. You need someone consistent irl to talk to about such a thing. The life of a child is extremely important. So let's get the basic rundown...

Have you asked him about how he sees the child? Of his future? Of his past? If this is a man you have a child with, then you can either endure the pain of ending your hope of new life in murdering the child or you can get to know this new father. You need to know this man now even if you didn't before. If he is a threat, then cut him out of your life. If the child will do him some good then try to help him - but NEVER harm the life of the child.

For better or worse, we are thrust upon each other with every mistake and scratch upon our character. Whether or not this is a consistent man or even a man you can call "good" , he is a father. Truly , there are some men who should not be fathers , but, then there are some men who need to be so they can be shown the error of their ways. This is up to a personal judgement you must make yourself and which can only end on such personal terms.

Congratulations on perpetuating a 10,000+ year long cycle.

What cycle is that, you mean?

>my children will make life better for me.

The baby isn't even born yet, and already it's responsible for your happiness and turning your whore life around.

Imagine having a child because you're so well off, you need to impart all your knowledge and earnings to secure a better future for your family.

But no. Let's get knocked up by some fucking loser, who we depend on, then bitch about it online. Because having a kid is like, hero tier.

Fuck off.

Spoken like a true, bitter loser

Shut up and learn your place, you selfish whore. Your job is to keep his belly full and his balls empty. Take care of the house and raise the fucking kids. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS OR EMOTIONS!

What are your options for the pregnancy? The guy sounds horribly unstable, and a life with him will be absolutely miserable and abusive.

Again, what are the options for the pregnancy? How many weeks are you

Is this an alt right thing? It seems like an alt right "redpilled" gentleman and a teenage runaway. If so, you need to think hard about all of this. He's going to be mostly like his dad and you are going to be like your mom. Is that going to work with the kid?

Get an abortion and run. Now.

This is your problem. You women out 'men' first instead of your kids!. You really want your kids to see him act the way he does? To call you a bitch?? Dump him.
Go to your family with your kid/s and raise em. There's nothing wrong with raising your kids on your own. I have 3 daughters I'm raising by myself.

Who's the babies daddy??

Just like abort and dump him what's so hard about that

>burn the coal

Don’t feed this troll user. They’re a pissy little incel bitchboy.
Do you realize how many heartless and abusive women there are, with men shuffling at their feet? Women who are looking to squeeze out every dime and opportunity? You seem like a sweet person, you don’t deserve this.


If you really love your son, you won’t hang your hat of emotional well-being on him. PLEASE.

Is it too late to get an abortion??? You need to run and cut yourself from this man entirely. I live alone in NYC. If you’re still here and respond, I’ll give you my info so we can talk. Maybe I can help you with a safe place to stay through your abortion/pregnancy and get you back to your family and friends. Have you talked to them about this? PLEASE REACH OUT TO THEM!!! Don’t hide how bad your partner is so they don’t hate him. Tell them everything. You need outside perspective and you need help.

Good luck sister, I hope you see this.

Why do women choose to be impregnated by assholes?

Sometimes they don’t realize until it’s too late. Or they think I they will change

Seconding this. You're setting yourself up for hell.

Absolute hell. She must be young or just really beaten down and desperate.

Could be worse, you could be a 19-year-old virgin male like me... Loneliness is literally killing me according to science since it's the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Probably also explains why my voice is so deep despite me never smoking.

>having children outside marriage
>being a roastie whoring around

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Christ not the time or place

And news flash guy, it IS much worse than your situation. I don’t want to minimize your pain, but you’re fucking delusional if you think you’re worse off than OP (whether it’s her own doing or not). Normally I’d feel terrible for you, but your stunning lack of empathy and woe is me makes me glad you’re fuckin alone.

A deserving fate indeed. I hope he beats you with a belt buckle and drunkenly rapes you every single night.

Fuck you.
Maybe the bitch shouldn't spread her legs for every guy who's hot then? It's really easy not to get pregnant by assholes, you know? Obviously she doesn't date nice intelligent men like me.