I will let you know how you can date with girls easily

All girls have really different type, but all girls are same at something. If guys wanna sex or date in hurry, all girls feel afraid and run away. Any girl will cancel date, if the guy, who not meet yet, is expecting sex before first date.

It will be helpful, if you guys think that first date is not sex day. And if you don't expect sex at first or second date, there will be more possibility, you can have relation with the girl

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prove you are Korean first

My hobby is solving math problem in the book which I used when I was high school student. I am real Korean

Tell us something about your culture, maybe something popular like foods or dishes the average Korean may enjoy consuming.

classic example why you shouldn't listen to women
not that you will necessarily get sex on the first date, but you should never go in trying to lose

I live in Korea and speak it fluently.. until you write in Korean to me you are larping

Our food is quite spicy and really hot. Kimchi is famous but I think bulgogi, and chicken, and dduck bokki is more popular and famous for Korean. And Bokkm bob, is rice and grocery mixed food, it is quite good

I don't think that's what OP is saying, she's saying you shouldn't go in expecting sex on the first date. Keep your expectations in a realistic range and remember the girl is a person with feelings and insecurities and things can go smoothly compared to a scenario where you're giving off vibes you want to bang on the first date.

Some women like a man that knows what he wants it's a dominating thing some like whereas others don't want intimacy too soon, they're more reserved about these things.

If girl wanna sex, they will suggest
wow really?where are you from. Korean is quite difficult

And vegetarian can eat many food in Korea. Like grocery kim bab, Kimchi, boggm bob.

from the US.. it's chuseok so if you are real then you are probably here to avoid family conversations

I agree with your post tho

Wow you know Chuseok. Now in Korea, many people do not enjoy Chuseok, and I will go theater soon.

당연하지 나 추석 어떻게 모를 수 있어?

my friend invited me tomorrow and I'm not sure if I will go.. right now I am relaxing alone at home

I am dating a girl but want to sex her. If she is suggesting activities in a private room does it mean sex time?

Is dating/relationships in Korea different from dating in the West? I'll move to Korea next year for my job and I guess it never hurts to know. Do women make the first move more often, for example? And how real is racism in Korea, both in "good" and "bad" terms? I can imagine settling down there because I get tired of moving but I don't want to become hated or fetishized just because I'm a tall blonde dude. I was on vacation in Seoul and Gangneung this year and it wasn't bad at all but I'm afraid things are different when you actually live there.

Also, props for beating us in the last football world cup!

The hardest part getting them to say yes and not sounds like retarded asking them out.

Haha you are from Korean?or Korean American?

Umm. It can sex time or not sex time. 50 percent. But if girl don't wanna sex, you dont have to do that

I watched movie so I came home now so I reply now
What mean first move?First date?In Korea, man wanna date first usually. Similar with Western

In Korea, there is racism I think. The racism is, if you make Korean girl friend, people will talk bad about you. It is differ with other racism. Korean people feel complex about their small eye, so maybe have jealous

What's your favorite ramen?

My favorite ramen is Jin ramen

You attempt to have sex with her on the first date. If she obliges to your desires, then you know she's not a capable partner.

omg you never know about woman. The woman can reject at first date, but she can be girl friend at some other day.

what if a girl likes you (comes looking for you, asking for you, smiling and wanting eye contact, cuddle etc etc) but when you step forward she gets defensive
>n-no i have bf
so I let her go, leave her alone, but she still seeks me out and continues to do what she does eventho I said 'dont flirt so much if you're not interested'. She'll be leaving soon, but she's too scared to even keep contact in whatever form. What does it all mean? Just attention seeking, lack of it by her bf? Thanks you Korean wise woman

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