Found out my mom fucked half the military at 15

>found out my mom fucked half the military at 15
>I was the one to tell my dad, and end the marriage
>Had to stay with mom for a year until dad got back from work assignment, gained weight, stayed in my room, lost social skills, everyday was a gamble if my mom would cause domestic problems
>make a friend, who is now my best friend for the past 4 1/2 years
>Got me through a lot of the bad shit, and I was there for him too
>fast forward
>In Uni, working out, feeling good
>Got into politics, took the black pill
>we are talking a few nights back, I crack a joke in our humor spectrum, nothing out of the ordinary, but he gets genuinely upset about it, out of the blue, but we talked it out
>two days later, thought it was all good, things feel off with us
>I tell him how I feel about it and he says we are cool
>I sign off and I just fucking cry man, its bad
>how could I ever say something to genuinely hurt him, hes been a brother to me for years, a person who I want at my deathbed
>start falling apart, realizing I am alone in Uni, I have the social skills of a seventh grader, no real friends but him and two others
>start thinking about my dad, and how he talks to my cousin more than his own son
>things collapse all at once, I had zero idea it was this bad, I thought I was fine and I've moved past a lot of shit and grew from those experiences
>Its fucking pathetic, but I don't have anyone else to talk to about it, I don't want the college smoke/drink scene, I dont want to hookup with some chicks, I just want to be a good friend for those who would return the feeling

I'm not coming here for a pity party, but its 12:30 am, and I just don't know what to do

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Chill bro, I'm kinda in the same canoe. Think positive and paddle hard yo. My back hurts, need drugs.

alright, thanks man

big oof bro, F's in the chat boys


also, start talking to your dad, he'll probably be happy that you do

Rise above it, OP. All of us inherit sins upon sins, the failures of generations past that add up into what we face now. For every accomplishment the past has made there are dozens of failures. Such is the nature of life.

All we can do, and all we are asked to do, is to rise above it. To become the better man that few others can dream of. To take your weakness and turn it into strength. If you can find hope in family, if you doubt your friends, know only that there were countless many before you who wished and cried as you, and that there are many today who will wish and cry the same. Such is life .

Thanks guys, I’ll take this to heart and try to grow from it

this trauma is common when parents separate but it seems you had more than that. did you have happy childhood? it looks like you have repressed trauma that is only kept at bay with friendship and support. as soon as problems start it gets out again.

Be chill man, remember your life is always at a point where you will have to start restructuring. You can start off with 0 friends, 0 family, 0 anything anywhere, and you'll always find ways to lift yourself out of it. You're strong like that dude, trust me on that, even though I don't know you at all just the fact you're here and you're still doing shit that most people would get limp wristed and give up on means that you have the guts and drive to get shit done.

Luckily you're not at 0 everything right now, you have some foundation and you have some things you need to work on. That's good. The fact you accepted your position from a sober outside angle means that the next step is to start working on that shit. It'll be uncomfortable, it'll hurt like hell, but you'll solve your issues and around the corner you'll just get new ones. You will probably find ways to solve most, if not all your problems but I promise there will always be more shit to do around the corner. You're a good person, a genuine guy it seems, and people will immediately pick up on that and single you out as someone to confide in and trust. People want people like you because there is a severe lack of people like you in the world right now. Never stop improving

I don’t know to be honest, I can’t pinpoint specific things, maybe I should see a therapist and they can help find something I can’t. Until then, I guess I’ll just keep moving

Thanks brother, it’s nice to know there are those out there who care, I’ll work on myself as best I can, because you’re right, it’s really all I can do.

were your dad/mom good to you? have they offered enough emotional support in life? were they critical of you? did you have friends in school?

My dad and I used to be real close, played Gears of War when I was young and that was our thing. He worked and got more tired over time, kind of just stopped and everything went to a routine of come home and eat dinner and repeat. Didn’t think much of it until much later down the line. I had friends, it’s just I moved a lot because of military, ended up at 7 different schools by the time I graduated. To put it lightly my mom was a cunt. Did a lot of stuff for herself, put us in debt, and if she hadn’t cheated, she would have probably been divorced anyways.

i dont feel bad for black pills lol shut the fuck up shithead. you are definitely 100% too cynical to see that you are the cause of your issues now. maybe not as a child but you were so fucked from your sadness that you let yourself be a rotten excuse for a human. how about fix that? see a doctor.

Haha, I don’t think we have the same term of black pill. I’m not a cynical all hope is lost guy, I just like to know what’s going on in the world with media, politics, history, etc.

Just had a girl I’ve been talking to and being friendly with tell me how she was sore from her hookup. I’m not one to judge people living their lives, but damn that shit cut me deeper than I was expecting. We’re all alone user, but we’re alone together. Don’t ever let it get you too down because it doesn’t matter anyhow.

Damn. You’re right man, we just gotta press on and focus on the good of what comes next I suppose.

>ended up at 7 different schools by the time I graduated.
that's pretty hard. never getting to form long-term friendship I guess?
>To put it lightly my mom was a cunt. Did a lot of stuff for herself, put us in debt
kinda thought so. how did she treat you?

so basically alt right

Well, the best way to describe it is more mental than physical. I’m a big guy, and she wasn’t really laying her hands on me until that one year period after the divorce. The best example of how it was, Is I didn’t want to play football one year, and she really didn’t like that. As fruity as it sounds, I made a few buddies in the drama section, tried out for a play and got a lead, threatened to pull me out if I didn’t play ball.

Not exactly

>mental than physical
that's what I meant. if you thik mental abuse is unimportant, you're mistaken.
was she mentally abusive or critical in your childhood? do you think she was there for you when you needed her?

Yeah, I suppose she was. She was pretty shitty sometimes, but we are on better terms now. It sucks that it happened, but I can’t really dwell too much on it. I’m gonna head out now, but really thanks for your help and advice man, really appreciate it.

just want to say you shouldn't discard mental abuse as unimportant. it's very important and probably key to why you feel bad in the first place.

>at 15
Find out their names and put those pedos in jail