Did I permanently fuck up my brain?

I'll cut right to the chase. I'm scared that I might have done severe permanent brain damage by smoking around the equivalent of 10 THC cartridges. I stopped yesterday because I fear for my health, I am starting to have a worrying headache and I look like a zombie. I used it as a coping method and I don't know if this would have been better than drinking but I'm glad I didn't do both lol. I'm 18 ATM. Developing brain permanently fukt?

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Canabis can't cause brain damage, it's just like a hangover.

Unless u got it from a dispensary, that shit probably had pesticides in it or something. Not trying to scare u but just don’t do it anymore. You’re fine. It’s sort of like a hangover or chemicals are fucking w u some. If it gets even worse, go to a doctor plz

Okay. I'm seriously stopping this shit and tightening up my routine at the gym and in the kitchen. I really hope I don't lose my balance for the rest of my life or some shit like that

Don't worry give it a few days and you will be Back to normal

Did you do them all at once? You’re probably just still high and have anxiety.
I think that kids shouldn’t smoke weed though because the effects on the brain while it’s growing aren’t really known.

Wrong, it kills your brain cells. Look up the studies.
Even Snoop Dogg admitted that he doesn't remember most of his songs anymore.

Don't smoke weed habitually at your age. It fucks with your brain development, as you mentioned. Particularly memory.

That said, you're just zoned out right now from smoking too much. Basically a hangover. You'll get over it.

Don't worry, you didn't need that brain power anyway.

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>There are people this retarded that exist in real life

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Yes, it's fully possible. It is unfortunately not easy to know unless you do some tests

Actually drinking would have been worse, just stop doing it, you should be fine in a couple months

You’ll be amazed at how the brain is able to recover if you use it and keep a healthy lifestyle.

No habitual drug use is harmless, and that goes for weed as well.

Lol fucking paranoid stoner.
Get on my level.

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Snoop Dogg is perpetually high, that nigga can barely remember where he live

>Drug that specifically targets neuronal receptors cannot affect neuronal cells.

That is a whole new level of stupid.

Please explain how smoking cannabis can cause brain damage, because you obviously understand the mechanisms behind getting high.

you should drop that shit and get a healthier habit to replace it, you will get better if you take care of yourself, especially given your young age

i know someone who got super high every day for decades and their mind just disintegrated into several severe mental disorders

I don't know about that one champ
Only time will tell how bad I fucked up
That sounds horrible


There was a longitudinal study of frequent, occasional, and never weed smokers looking for aberrations in IQ scores, they found that smoking permanently lowered IQ scores and the degree to which they were lowered is proportionate to the frequency of smoking - and that is speaking in terms of clusters. So whether or not you smoke daily isn't the object. It's how many times you had a period of smoking in your life, ie, a year off a year on.
There were people who were tested at intervals where they had not smoked in 15 years and their scores still showed a decline since the initial baseline.
Too lazy atm to find it but it's definitely worth a read. I think it was a 40 year study.