Feeder girlfriend

My girlfriend likes making me fat. I’m getting quite big now I’m 240lbs pic is me. I love the attention and the sex is great but I’m starting to worry about my health. Should I stop? I’m kind of too greedy and love sex too much to say no to her. I don’t really care about being so fat as long as we have fun

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She is trying to kill you bro lol

She has a fat fetish she just likes to watch me eat and get soft. I didn’t mind when I was just chubby but now it’s going a bit too far. I would have already stopped it if the sex wasn’t so good. She’s really hot.

My advice here is to stop being a cumbrain and worry about your health. Because if/when you end up splitting there will be no one to 'unfeed' you and you will sink to a bottomless pit. Besides sex gets harder the fatter you get.

I’m trying to at least be more careful with what I’m eating. And I do go to the gym a little. I also know other girls who have the same fetish so I wouldn’t be completely high and dry if we did split up.

Just saying because I went through the whole thing some years ago and then I was left fat and alone. It took me forever to revert the damage I had done to myself. So yeah just be careful and take care.

I lol'd at the picture. That's a tough situation but you're doing something about it. Not letting it go over, I guess, 300 is great.

Be mindful and take out as much sugar from your diet as you can, especially at that weight.

What’s funny about the picture? She loves to take pictures of me like that. The main problem is I think I’m too fat and she just keeps wanting more. I never realized she would be so insatiable. Iv gained over 100lbs i was tiny when I met her

Did you get this big? Its just so hard to say no to a hot girl sucking me and shoving donuts in my mouth

Is this bait? If not you look horrible, look in the mirror. Stop doing that.

It’s really not I don’t care about being fat you don’t know how good the sex is. It’s my health that’s an issue

You make yourself fat. Don't blame your gf or other ppl for your body.

I’m not blaming her. But you haven’t seen the way she uses food as a bargaining chip for sex and I like sex a lot. Obviously it’s down to me but it’s hot that she likes it so much

She wants your life insurance policy. All she sees is $$$$

I don’t have a life insurance policy

Just work out whenever you're not around her.

I do workout often. But I’m eating junk food with her for hours at night. At least the gym is keeping me healthier than if I was doing nothing

I'm 250 but I dont look this fat, how tall are you? I'm 6'1, bit of muscle on legs and arms.

>that big and only 240
I was 260 at one point and I didn't have a gut even close to that. Are you actively trying not to move so you have 0 muscle too?

she is trying to feed you to an early grave, that's the other side of the fetish she doesn't tell you

Same here user, how tall are you? I wore size XL shirts and that was a lil bit lose not tight on me, size 36×34 on pants.

Bro, you are going to die young, all for some pussy? Post pics of her, she better be a 9 or 10 for this to make even the slightest bit of sense.

youre not 240, more like 300
pls control yourself

This is horrible,she is sick in the head or trying to kill you, fetish play should be safe and fun not dangerous like this.

I’m 5’8 I wear XL-XXL and 38’s

I have a big back,legs and arms. Just have a big gut to go with it.

I’m 5’8 obviously being tall helps

It's a strong pavlov, bruh. Feeder fetish is fucking frightening. She's got you under a substance and her pussy.

I really am 240. All my weight is in my belly and hips that’s all. I’m not sure it matters what my weight is anyway would you feel better if I told you I was 300? I don’t care what you think.

Not posting pics but she’s a 9 in my opinion and that’s all that matters

That’s the difficulty with having a girl who enjoys me fat it’s too easy to let go and indulge. I like food I like sex, I like her

As someone who is a (self loathing) feeder fetishist, there needs to be acknowledged that there are very real consequences to eating unhealthily to gain weight and just getting huge in general. You can mitigate those effects by gaining with healthier, less sugar/fat dense alternatives (peanut butter is a huge one) and getting in shape enough so that your extra fat isn’t slowing you down too much.

If I had to make any recommendation, set a limit for yourself, weight wise. If you hit it, revaluate how you’re feeling and go from there. Keep a balance between your very real health and the fantasy your gf is after.

That’s good advice thank you. I do need to eat. A little better I do eat healthy food and junk food but I have way too much sugar. Mainly because the girlfriend loves stuffing me with junk food. I don’t intend to get much bigger than I currently am. I said I wouldn’t go past 200.

Are you a guy or a girl just out of curiosity?

No problem. Diabetes and vascular problems happen in obese people for a reason so keep an eye on what you’re gaining with. If your gf is as hot as you say she is and shares this very niche, taboo fetish I can see how you’d be obsessed with her.

I think it should also be said you shouldn’t put her on a pedestal for that reason, either. It may be really exciting to share the fetish, but it won’t excuse if she turns out to be a shitty person. Be careful, have fun.

I’m a guy.

I think most people who aren’t into the fetish at all don’t understand why anyone would enjoy being fat. So does this mean you fatten up women?

There is no way that pic is you at 240. That’s more like 300.

And yes you do care because you made a thread. And yes you need to lose the weight. That’s just way too much and could have long-term side effects.

I’m 5,8 and I’m 240. You sound angry. I can be 300, maybe I will be in the future. Come join my girlfriend and help stuff me she loves to put on a show.

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I’d like to, yeah, haven’t gotten the opportunity to do so, though. And I get why people would find the kink reprehensible, its got a lot of associations with poor health, reasonably so. However, for me anyway, that weight gain can kind of be attributed towards a visual progress. I guess the easiest reasons are that I like softness and think skinny girls are boring. Call me a cumbrain, I guess.

My girlfriend does it for the aesthetics almost entirely. She loves to see me getting softer and bulkier. Yes there are health risks but it’s not like being fat is the only vice in life. I’m sure half of the people trying to shame me here have horrible flaws which make them just as unhealthy. I’m just honest about it. I do t smoke I don’t drink too much. I just like cake

I want to do this to my boyfriend. How can I start?

Just start making him eat more.

Tell him he’s looking like he gained a couple pounds, gauge his reaction, then tell him you think it looks cute.

That's a bit too much bro. Try Coke tea.

What the hell is coke tea? Yeah it’s a bit too much that’s what she likes lol

Why do you let a woman ruin your life. Enjoy having a stroke you fatty

Im still trying to exercise and stuff

>tfw I'm 300lbs and I'm not even as fat as these guys
Wake up call though, it's time to not die.

Just lift moar nigga.

I’m lifting pretty heavy but I’m getting so many calories in I’m all stomach

take up swimming or cycling.

That’s probably a good idea. I’m eating like 5000 calories a day I need them to go somewhere.

Dude. Break up with her. She's gonna kill you.

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>I’m eating like 5000 calories a day
Jesus Christ what, I feel sick after around 2500 calories. What in the fuck.

But damn it’s so hard to say no to her when she’s so hot and sex is amazing.

I eat around 2500-3000 normally but in the evenings she’s always ordering takeaway and bringing bags of junk food home. And she will only let me fuck her when I’m totally stuffed hence why I end up eating a lot more

Hey can I kill myself?
I need an autistic big tiddy gf with absurdly low standards and its unfair that this guy has one.

Why is it unfair because I’m fat? I was thin when I met her this is what she wants

No it's unfair because there's like maybae 10 girls in the entire world that will date fat guys and they're already taken.
Also I'm ugly even without being fat.

It’s harder for fat guys that’s true but I was 160lbs when I met this girl. And although I’m fat I consider myself good looking. I think that makes up a little for the weight

If you are above 50lbs, you can no longer run to lose weight because the excess weight on your knees could damage them. You can try, but odds are you will learn a shitty lesson pretty quickly. You are doing permanent damage to your joints by being 50+ overweight.

You are very close/just at the point where - if you chose to lose weight - you would have lose/flabby skin afterwards.

You are fucking up your metabolism. When you go back to a regular weight, you will need to eat less calories than the average person to maintain. I'd imagine this problem will get worse as you gain more.

To lose weight properly, you need to lose 1-2lbs a week and no more. So obviously the more you gain, the harder weight loss will get.

Men are more prone to storing fat around major organs, which is quite dangerous, as you might guess. There's a lot more happening to your body than some bulging limbs and a fat pad.

Guess what greatly increases your chances of getting type 2 diabetes, making it a very real thing that could happen? FYI it is not an 'easy' or fun disease; it could decrease your lifespan by a decade, force you do take medication daily, lose limbs, cost you loads of $$$, etc. You are not immune to diabetes because you are young; far from it. People get the disease in their 20s all the time and note that the earlier you get it, the earlier nasty complications will develop. Like by the time you're in your 50s your life would be completely fucked.

You have/are increasing your chances of getting cancer by quite a lot. Heart disease. Stroke.

Hoping this was bait and just a dumb excuse for me to list these facts in a thread. If not, get tested for per-diabetes within the next few weeks. You likely have it, but don't know it (people don't usually notice the symptoms until it's too late). You need to catch problems with your insulin at the per-diabetes stage, because this is when things are still reversible. When it's already type 2, there's no going back.

Go to the gym

Get swole


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Yeah I think I'm just unfuckable, which is part of the reason I don't care about my weight.

EVERY goddamn time someone gives you advice you go like "b-b-but t-t-the sex dude" why the fuck did you come here?? quit being a fucking degenerate. have some dignity, some respect for yourself.

not worth it, tell her how her making you fat makes you feel. If she won’t listen dump her