My mother died yesterday

My mother died yesterday

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I'm so sorry for your loss, user.

Don't know that feel, your picture is wrong.

I know that feel user and I'm sorry that happened. Just take things nice and easy for a bit and I wish you all the best.

I hate when people say *I know your pain" or feeling.
No you don't.
Everyone's mother is different.
Everyone was raised different with different life experiences and different relationships/time with their mothers. So no you don't know OPs feel. You only know yours.

I didn't say I knew HIS feel. I said I know THAT feel. Calm down scrub.

Relax stirner

K bitter.
Then bye
Shoo shoo run along

Whatever made you feel this way, I'm sorry for you user

Grieve however your mind and body tell you to. This is an occasion where whatever you are moved to do is right for you. Accept emotional sympathy and practical help when it is offered. Those who offer are your true friends, and you need not fear showing your pain to them

I feel your pain user, I hope you are alright. Just remember the good times with her and make her proud.

Gonna dedicate my lifting session of today to her.

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Take some time off and try to stay calm/relaxed.

Condolences user

That sucks user. It's a natural part of life to live through your parents death, although if it comes too early it can be pretty painful.

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Sorry to hear that man, you alright how are you holding up?

my mom died 2 years ago, it still hurts, but you get used to the pain. Eventually most of the sad thoughts and memories get replaced by happier ones, but it takes a while and no one can escape their fair share of grief.

Everybody you love will either leave you or die. It is better to love no one if you cannot get over the feeling of loss.

Expect two years of drowning in abysmal saddness.

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Lucky fucking prick. I'm still waiting for my cunt of a mother to go.

Your wish has been granted.

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LOL if only i could be so lucky.

3 years and 2 months here. Hurts less but you dont really "get over it" you just learn to live with it.

My condolences user.

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No one cares about your fucking mom, you fag. Mourn alone.

im so sorry user, but the sooner we realize death is a part of life the better. This does not mean we should be cold calculated machines with no empathy, take your time to grieve and be sad... but understand our lives are too short. Fullfill yourself to the utmost potential you know you can

Thanks user