I posted a thread earlier about my wife missing. She left me apparently. I just want to talk

I posted a thread earlier about my wife missing. She left me apparently. I just want to talk.

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What happened? Do you know why?

Oh fuck off with your roleplaying. You'd be talking to your parents, her parents, your siblings, her siblings, your friends, or her friends. Not Jow Forums.

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Maybe OP doesn't have other people to talk to, or that they're comfortable talking to. I know those would be the last people I would want to talk to about such a thing.

You're not married so you don't actually count as an authority on who you would talk to if your missus went missing.

I am though, just under 8 years.

Details nigger

Yeah, nah. Married people don't live lives as lonely as you make it out. None of them do. If you say you do, you're either lying or you're simply the exception. OP mentioned in the previous thread about consulting with family members and friends, but no he'd rather confide in anonymous strangers on the internet. He's stroking his cock to the attention you idiots give him with his roleplaying. Retard. Anyone who posts after this post is a fucking idiot.

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She just left. No explanation. She reported herself to the police and they called and said that she just didn't want me

Talk with someone who can understand you irl, not some random strangers on the internet

There's more you are not telling us

I spent my whole day doing this. I talked to my parents, I went everywhere. I don't believe she just left. I still think some thing is wrong

Fuck u man. I didn't come here to role play. Or attention. I'm just lonely, confused, and heart broken.

Like what? This is literally what happened.

I need help. Noone believes me. She is in danger somehow. I feel crazy. This sounds crazy even writing it. Something is wrong. Our morning was really good. Our week was really good.

Write out your relationship from the beginning. Give some backstory. You want to talk to us, so do it.
How old are you/her?
Where do you live?
What is your life like?
What were your goals together.

Just everything user, tel us. I’m here.

Okay. I'm 35. She is 25. We live in western mass. We live good. She works at the same place as me. We had dreamed of owning an RV to travel. We do everything together. Cook, shower. We sleep cuddled up. She always holds me very hard at night. When we go to bed she is very demanding that I take my socks off so our feet can touch.

>She works at the same place as me
But she didn't go with you to work? You have not made any indication that she ever works at the same place as you.

No. She went missing Sunday. I didn't do anything, I assumed she was mad or something. so like an idiot I just drank myself to sleep. I had put in a request to take a week off already a few days before. She knows this. She was supposed to work Monday. She didn't show up. She always goes to work with me. The routine is I wake up, she wakes up. We make love, she irons my clothes, I clean up the house. I take the dog out. She feeds him and starts doing her hair. By the time I'm done putting on my suit, she is making coffe and is ready. I watch the news a little and we leave.

This capcha nonsense is annoying. Im probably missing some details. I havnt slept in days. My mind is very foggy. I spent my day crying to my sister and drinking. Maybe that's it. Maybe it's why I can't find her. Because I been drinking. I have a conversation with her recorded. Our last conversation. I can't upload it tho. Maybe I'm missing something, like maybe she was trying to tell me something

Did she quit her job?
What did she take from your house?

If she really did just leave behind EVERYTHING then its suspicious.

OP killed his wife.

Get off your computer and go look. Wtf u want from us??

Why did you assume she was mad? Mad about what??

No. She just didn't show up. She didn't take anything. No tooth brush. No panties. She left her ID. Her perfumes. On the video of her leaving she double checks the door. Walks and that's it.

OP, here's something for you to consider.

Though her leaving came as a total surprise to you, it is almost 100% certain that it wasn't a sudden decision on her part. She has been thinking about this for months, maybe longer.

Go back over the past few months. Search for hints of her unhappiness. The more you can figure out about what was bothering her, the more likely you are to be able to have useful conversations when she is ready to talk to you about it

I didn't. But I feel like everyone thinks this.

Idk. Because I work so much. I assumed she just needed time alone idk man.

Did you tell the police that?
Doing that is suspicious no matter how you look at it.
Did she leave a computer she used?
I would work on getting into it and seeing if there is anything suspicious on it.
After all, if she left it then she must not care if you get into it.

Fuck. Your probably right. Shit hearts me so much.

Also, if shes your wife you must be in contact with her parents.
I would try calling them and finding out what is going on.

Yes. I told them that. She didn't have a computer. The officers where rookies. They sent rookies. I know because both of them had to call and needed help to fill out the paperwork. They literally dont believe that she just went missing.

Both her parents died in a fire two years ago.

You recorded a conversation with her? What the actual fuck is your reasoning behind that?

I have an app that records conversions. Just me being paranoid I guess idk. She knows, everyone that knows me, knows.

Going to try and sleep. Thanks everyone for letting me vent.

Fuck you, nigger.

leaving without telling a word is a shitty thing to do. be honest OP, do you have any issues? alcohol / abusiveness / anything? if not, I get a feeling she's in the wrong.
regardless, I can see that you're a good person because you were worried about her. did she give any red flags? how was your relationship, was she involved and caring or not?

isn't this the story of gone girl?

OP, from reading what you said, there’s most definitely shit you’re not telling us.
If my SO went missing for a day (my relationship is genuinely great) them leaving/being mad wouldn’t even cross my mind. I’d be in hysterics and sure that they were lying dead in a ditch somewhere, alone and needing help.

Matter of fact, the mere fact that disappearing for a day is something that’s EVER happened in a fight with you two is a red flag that your relationship is far from healthy and happy. Also 10 years is a pretty damn big age gap at your ages- I’m guessing you’ve been together for a few years prior to marriage. 22 and 32? I’m 32 now and I can’t imagine dating a 22 year old desu.

Please divulge more and be honest.

Sounds like Op is a hyper-controlling asshole If the story is true, maybe she was scared enough to vanish to start new life away from him

I remember you, I was the one who suggested to go to the hospitals with her picture looking for the Jane Does.
Honestly, you can't figure out what did you do wrong, besides "working too much"? There must be something that triggered this. Or somethings, little things that accumulated daily.

So she's been known to be mad because you work a lot?
Chicks get lonely. She's probably riding Chad right now

Check her social media. See who she was talking to

F that bitch dude..... also 42 yo last of a breed. Idk shit about social media. Laile, not a fucking thing. Interesting how people can't stay away. References: first sentence.

Told ya. She doesn’t want to see you ever again.

File for divorce and begin a new life.
Shes been fucking her co worker for the last 6 months.

Hugs I'm so sorry OP I'm praying everything will work out. and for you to have peace. sleep well

You couldn't imagine dating a 22 year old because you're a beta soya boy. 10 years isn't a big deal