Someone please explain this to me

Someone please explain this to me

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Uh, explain what? It's a bit of a strange looking couple but so what.

He's got an enormous cock, I'll guarantee.

He is tall as fuck. Women love tall men. There is nothing to explain. He also look like psycho killer which is bonus in womans mind.

Dude's tall as fuck.

Tall, ugly, lanky. He lucked out and was able to find his looksmatch.

>daddy issues
>tall vs smol

checks out, i'll send the consultation bill tomorrow

>Tall creepy man

What do you need explaining on OP?

I mean doesn’t it suck though? Some men have enormous cocks and most women are thinking about them. Like, what can I do with my 4.5”? I’m just losing appetite for anything. Even women.

The myth of women liking big cocks is bullshit. The only women who actually get more sexual pleasure from them are gaping whores. Most women just get more pain from bigger dicks because they ram their cervix.
t. guy with a big dig who learned it's not a good thing

Thats clearly not a crack whore. Probably a whore but certainly not a crack whore

Truth, everytime i go deep she ends up freaking up and telling me to stop(and not in a playful way). Although if you have a big dick and know how to fuck properly they'll fucking love you.

Woman like man whose DNA is differ with her. I am quite tall in Asia, and I like short guys.

Yeah but I’m like 4.5”. Most guys are 6” and above. It’s a big difference and it makes me feel embarassed all the time, even if no one’s looking at my dick.

Fuck off whiny faggot, your insecurity is the only actual problem here. Women don't give a shit about the size of your dick as long as it's not a literal microdick.

>Most guys are 6” and above
Who the fuck told you this bullshittery?

I never understood why some guys think about their dick all day.
It is a tool and you got to learn to use it but who gives a fuck what other guys have?

Wonder if he holds the door

I bet he has yelled that out loud during sex at least once.

Yeah I'm a 7x5 look good and the reason I don't get laid is because I'm insecure for other reasons. Size alone isn't a problem as long as it's not on either end of the size spectrum.

We can't. You and the incels in here wont still believe it snd find excuses since this doesn't fit their fucked up mindset. Just look at those bitches:

He's a man who carries out his responsibilities in an effeicent matter

Here's the thing I've never understood about size anxiety:

She's not gonna see your dick until you're at the point of "Put benis in bagina", and if you're at that point, you're gonna get laid.
No woman on earth is gonna get out of bed, put her clothes back in, and leave if she sees a dicklet. So EVEN IF she's a cavern-vagina size queen and doesn't enjoy it that's her problem, not yours.

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He's a giant and she's at least 6', perfect for each other.