What's wrong with kids these days?

what's wrong with kids these days?

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>these days
As opposed to when?

You know what we're taking about champ

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boomers are the worst generation and it'll take atleast until the generation past gen z to fix this mess

There is no future for them. Boomers ruined jobs, college, cars, and the housing market.

Boomers fucked up life for everyone while they live comfortably in their nice 3 floor homes

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Boomer hate thread.
I personally know a DOJ lawyer that paid 500$ a semester for ASU.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?


He has the answer to everything.

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Minimum wage will still get you about 4 gallons of gas, and those four gallons will get you a lot further in modern cars. The value of minimum wage really hasn't changed that much.

Unironically there are chemicals in everything we consume and they fuck up our biology and our brains, some people have consumption habits that get them even more of those chemicals, some people got a bigger dose in the womb due to their mother's consumption habits, and some are probably more sensitive to those chemicals so they come out even worse than the average person. There are obviously social factors as well but it's kind of a chicken-and-egg thing, I think the chemicals made people weird and people subsequently made society weird and created a snowball effect.

Tuitition costs on the other hand...

Internet fucked shit up, more specifically social media has made it very easy to label everyone with frightening detail.

98% of the issues on this board were caused by parents that were too busy, lazy, or naive/ignorant to realize that people don't develop empathy or social skills from thin air. They just tossed a GameBoy or a tablet in their kids' direction, told them to stay inside, and went back to work. Prove me wrong.

This, but also the chemicals in everything, you can't just focus on the social aspects because they're easier to talk about.

I'll prove you wrong right now, you're only half right. People can develop empathy through hardship alone, social skills can also develop if you let the kid run around outside and if the kid is lucky enough not to get involved with the wrong people he/she will be at least somewhat functional and at least experienced. It only becomes a problem when you don't let the kid out of the house and instill toxic ideas in their heads that they grow up to be socially dysfunctional.

I go to a city college for free

Yep. I think I did pretty well on my own, lived about 10 miles away from school and didn't have many kids around and parents rarely let us out to play but I still turned out pretty morally sound (at least by modern standards). My parents ended up undermining that by screaming at me and my brother whenever one of us made a joke that could somehow be taken as racist or something or just if I expressed some kind of negative opinion, all while constantly bitching at us about their jobs and their experiences with adults. So we were in a super negative environment and not allowed to be a little negative ourselves to cope with it. Ultimately that kind of shit seriously suppressed my natural inclination to care about people because I felt like my personality wasn't valued and people would get more mad at me for creating a disturbance in the order of things to stand up for them than they would be mad at whoever was screwing them over.

Exterminate booms

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That's really not that much of a difference, most of the people we're talking about entered the workforce after 1968.

Eternal debt slave is triggered lmaoo

Never went to college. Tradefagging paid apprenticeship masterrace


Sure thing bro.

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dumbass can't do math

You think you’re smart now, nigga?

You’re like that punk bitch 2duiguy.

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We must eradicate the boomers with our fortnite and dank memes.

Man I don't want to blame my parents for fucking me up by not letting me go outside or do dangerous things.
I just wonder if it's possible to grow from here, as a grown ass adult.

Nobody taught them anything
I was 14 when I learned how to tie my shoes
t. zoomer

It probably just looks weird because we have some distance from our childhood. I'm 25 and cringe when I think about what we did back then. I mean, we had nu metal and goddamn emos, can't tell me that stuff wasn't messed up.

At the end of the day you ain’t shit.

Yeah, it’s much harder to blame every problem on chemicals you know nothing about.

the drugs are stronger

Your mom’s anus is stronger.

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the gay and living inside a smartphone
virtual realities