Birth control options

I'm 20 and my partner is 19, we both prefer unprotected sex.

My gf is a little funny about female contraception, she refuses the pill due to the hormones and is on the fence about a copper IUD due to the pain involved - she also claims to already have "heavy" periods as is. (I've seen them, they're normal, she's just overly sensitive).

What form of birth control can I convince her to go on that effects her minimally?

She isn't adverse to low dosage hormone solutions, like the implant, but she is very uncertain and has asked me to research it and come back with some solutions.

What are your guys girlfriends on, how has it affected them?

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pill's hormones are good for her, they'll balance her body hormone production, even her skin and hair will look better.
well, if she still doesn't want that, I suggest natural contraception: unprotected sex six days before period and six days after. That's the "safe time" when she can't get pregnant.
Then wait for pills for man to come (they are close to massive production, already passed the human trials).

You gotta plan 15mins before sticking it in but I haven’t gotten pregnant yet

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>pill's hormones are good for her, they'll balance her body hormone production, even her skin and hair will look better
Or, they will give her mood swings and bad acne but hey , you know, good old panaceas and all

>pill's hormones are good for her

they turn most girls even more psycho than they already are not to mention a drop in sex drive.

Damn they don't really sell this in the UK as far as I can see

this is the first month and a half, after that the body balances

not for most

you need to take the correct pill for the woman. everyone is different.
t. gynecologist.

>guy thinks he knows how to measure heaviness of period
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Best birth control is vasectomy or tubal ligation.

there is a risk of being permanent on both of them

That's why they are the best, duh.

Yeah, and if it's not the right pill there will be hormonal imbalances

The natural rhythm method is the method of contraception my friend was using when she fell pregnant
I use the copper coil. The procedure to insert it was pretty awful and my periods are sometimes painful but I think the pros far outweigh the cons. It's a good choice if she doesn't want to fall pregnant in 5 years and also if she doesn't want hormonal contraception. I would recommend it.

exactly, that's why I said there is a pill for every person. before taking someone, visit your gynecologist
>The natural rhythm method is the method of contraception my friend was using when she fell pregnant
that's too bad, was she checking up with a doctor? because she may have a different cycle and then the infertile days can vary.
I recommend you both to visit the doctor. in the meantime, you may try a sponge, it can be uncomfortable the first time for her

taking something*

cervical cap

>(I've seen them, they're normal, she's just overly sensitive)
You have no way of knowing how much pain she feels bro. Copper IUDs can cause bleeding for months at a time, don't think she's just writing them off because she's "overly sensitive."

It sounds like to me that she has an irrational fear of hormonal birth control. There are different kinds and not all of them act the same way. I took the pill for several years and had almost no side effects. In my personal experience, some women are afraid of hormal birth control just because they don't understand how it works or because it isn't "natural," which is not a good argument.

You can also take some responsibility in this too, OP. Birth control is a responsibility for both of you.

Maybe go to a pharmacy in your area and ask if they have products that are similar ? Didn’t realize vcf was only sold in Canada/USA.

Don't do it that's your birth control

what if you're with a big dick guy who shoots directly inside the cervix, passing the dissolved film

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I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work like that...the film dissolves into a spermicide?

My gf of past 5.5 years got an iud about 2 months into us dating because she loved me cumming inside her. Probably best decision ever. No kids and came in her thousands of times over the 5 years it was in her. She just took it out and we are gonna get married and aim to have 2 kids.

2 girls I'm banging use birth control patch. Other one uses pills. All seem to work fine for me. I don't have to deal with them during their periods usually though.

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>About 28 out of 100 women who use spermicide alone will get pregnant in the first year of typical use. Using backup birth control can reduce the risk of pregnancy.

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i’m on the birth control pill (sprintec) and it makes my periods super short and painless. i’ve had no side effects from it at all and the creampies are the best part of course

just make sure she takes it daily

also for the record, i’ll never get an IUD because for most women it causes painful heavy periods

no no no these fail

A vasectomy is the most effective birth control option