I am having horrible alcohol withdrawals and I cant stomach anything. Haven't eaten a meal in like 6 days...

I am having horrible alcohol withdrawals and I cant stomach anything. Haven't eaten a meal in like 6 days. Keep puking and shitting nothing. I don't have an appetite but I am very hungry and I need to get some form of subsistence. Anyone who has been in my situation, any suggestions?

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Stop being a weak willed drug abuser for one

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never been in that situation but i would suggest a warm malted drink; something nutritious and light on the stomach

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How long, how much and how regularly have you been drinking?

Just drink a shit load of water and pedialyte or get unflavored electrolytes and mix those with water, don't be a retarded degenerate next time. Also you can probably keep down unseasoned, boiled chicken.

>6 days
Jesus Christ how much did you drink? The most it ever took me to get over the hump was 3. And that's from a fifth a day. Might want to go to the doctor, your blood pressure is probably astronomical right now

Never been in alcohol withdrawels but do experience chronic nausea. Go to grocery, get some pork neck bones or chicken quarters and brown them. Put in a crockpot and deglaze pan. Cook until everything falls apart, strain then cook again. Combine liquids and season to taste. Put into cup containers and freeze. You generally can stomach this even if nothing else. Combine with some rice when you're feeling better and some good vitamins like b-complex.

Withdrawals means he is stopping, moron

I usually just drink vodka until I can choke down a Taco Bell burrito. If all else fails I eventually have to go to work and then just have to sort my shit out because I'm on my feet for 10 hours.

that sounds vomit inducing, are you retarded?

chicken stock sounds vomit inducing? if a basic soup is vomit inducing then you probably aren't going to keep anything else down.

You refrigerate it and skim any fat off, and the only seasoning is salt, it's like nutricious tasty water. It's either that and/or making a smoothie out of frozen banana, maybe some pineapple juice and other frozen fruit that you sip on throughout the day.

More like the degenerate junkie ran out of drug money until his welfare cheque comes on the fifteenth. xStraightEdgex for life here btw.

definitely see a doctor
alcohol is the only withdrawal you can actually die from

Plain rye crackers

Rice, grits, or oatmeal
Bananas or applesauce
Pedialyte or gatorade
Try to get some nut butter in there too, maybe some cheese

Oh and stop doing this shit to yourself, ya fuckin' git

you can die from benzos too

Go to the doctor, dumbfuck.

hi fellow alkey
went through some shit like this a year or so ago, after 3 days i just went to the hospital. i was at least 2 saline bags dehydrated, idk how else to quantify it. you need to be able to keep liquids down.
they gave me odenestron(sp?), i doubt its OTC, but maybe some anti-nausea shit to help you keep food in so you can absorb it.
BRAT, banana rice applesauce toast. dont eat anything else for a few days than that.
hope you get well. i struggle with booze and it sucks.

i did that some, make sure you at least eat. drinking a little, just ate bowl of tatters

this sounds like the worst advice ive ever heard, what kind of subhuman country do you originate from?

I have been in that situation but I have no suggestions, but I'm aware of the absolute pain of the withdrawals. Cold sweats, vomoting gale. Not being able to eat. Etc.

>any suggestions?
go to a clinic or emergency room and get benzos, you stupid fuck

Why didn't you try tapering off? Cut your intake by 10% or so per day and w/d is manageable.

but i do pretty good just stopping cold after 3 days our so. only beer though, can't handle anything harder like the whole day hangover

>Doing all that shit when your heart rate is 190bpm and throwing up before a seizure

Walk in clinic or doctor.

Eh, I only fell down some stairs mid seizure and I turned out fine.

>For something that might need a ICU

Never had it from alcohol withdrawals, but... jello, consomme, and the occasional bit of unsweetened/semi-sweet iced tea once that's staying down - ideally once you can keep some dry toast in you. Multivitamins once everything's staying in, and a week or two of completely healthy eating/living once you're actually feeling better.

Try tapering off if it happens again user, alcohol withdrawl is dangerous.

That said, try some chicken noodle soup or buttered egg noodles. Those are pretty easy on the stomach and my go-to meals when I'm sick.

Plain yogurt and white rice. Don’t eat too much just a few bites until you can stomach it successfully.

geez OP go to a doctor that doesnt sound good. Start maybe with soft foods like oatmeal or yogurt or even some baby foods

>Never quit.
>Never have too deal with this bullshit.
Seems like an easy option, OP.

I'm not OP, but I somehow would like to quit. The addiction is getting more serious as time goes one.


I had a terrible accident where I fell into a christmas tree, pretty embarrassing.

buy pedialyte and sip it throughout the day.
use a dry carb like toast or saltines when your stomach is acting up. you can use ginger ale to ease stomach pains too. if you're a beer drinker, you may enjoy the drinking of a carbonated beverage in general as well
miso soup has an excellent combination of micronutrients for alchies. soups in general are a great idea, lots of electrolytes and easy to keep down
something with a lot of B vitamins, take your pick. especially thiamine.
healthy fats like avocado

You just need to get your Bering Strait.

slide a hot dog up the old poop chute and absorb some nutrients that way

Call your fucking Dr. and have him phone you in a script for Librium or Phenobarbital.
Alcohol withdrawal is no joke. Shit almost killed me earlier this year. I tried to quit, wound up in the hospital after a seizure at work. Went to rehab and the idiots threw out my Librium saying they only use Valium to detox and they would give it to me when my symptoms were bad enough. Two days later with them refusing to give me any meds I had 3 seizures in front of their med building. Another ambulance ride to a hospital the the Dr. there put me on phenobarb and held me for a week until I detoxed and my concussion healed. He wouldn't let me go back to that place until he felt I was safe.

I still drink BTW. 90 days in rehab 'boot-camp' just made me hate teetotalers even more. I just stick to light beer and avoid everything else. I can't get drunk off light beer because I get to full before I get shitfaced.
Up until April of this year I was drinking a handle of vodka a day plus whatever I'd buy at the bar.
And yeah, my liver is fucked, my piss is orange, it smells funny, and I have to take a cocktail of vitamins and other supplements because my body cant process them anymore.

my roommate got montezuma's revenge in mexico, was projecting from both ends for two weeks. Doctor suggested pedialyte and soup basically

0/10 low quality bait

Look up bone broth, OP. Just set timers and make sure you follow instructions for your preferred recipe. This way, you are kept occupied during bouts, while making something that helps immensely, and you will feel better for having taken this step towards your health. That matters most right now. Sobriety will follow.

> t. alcoholic chef
> learning how to make bone broth saved my sanity once, and then my insides/health again and again for the rest of my career

Don't chug water either, OP. Take it as easy as you can. Good luck

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He recommended those because your friend would've died of dehydration

gatorade enema


op you retard youre not supposed to go cold turkey if youre an alcoholic you can die

> handle a day
Lol ok you fucking liar

No shit. I hope he listens. I almost died.
Here's what OP gets to look forward to. I'm only 31 years old and started drinking daily when I was 14.
Vitamin D 5,000 IU/Capsule, Potassium Chlor TAB 10mg, B-Complex Capsule, C-Complex Capsule. Twice daily. Throw in a Pantaprazole cap daily because booze rotted away my esophagus.
I also get to have my blood drawn every month to see if I need to be put on the waiting list for a new liver. Oh yeah, they'll also stick a big assed need into your stomach to check your liver. You cant be asleep for it as you have to breath in before they push it. Shit sucks.

Get detoxed and hit up a couple meetings a week. I don't like them either but you'll find a few cool people there and you can hang out with them on the weekends sober instead of getting trashed at home and heading to the bar.

I bet your shits smell rancid as fuck. Would take a wiff to compare vs my alcohol shits though.

What symptoms were you having that caused you to get wrapped into the tentacles of the medfags?

Drunks will be constipated like no other once they quit drinking. The Protonix will help with that. It causes diarrhea along with Omeprazole and Nexium. I've been on all of them.


I turned yellow like a fucking Simpsons character.
I couldn't keep anything down except for vodka.
I'd wake up feeling like shit, grab the handle and take a few swigs so I could make it to the bathroom. Then lay in the tub because i couldn't stand to shower.
After a few days my girlfriend at the time drove me to the local clinic. They took one look at my piss sample and said "Get him to county right now or we're calling the paramedics. They know you're coming we already called them"

No hallucinations? Those were the worst. And NO SLEEP because youre hallucinating shit

>unseasoned, boiled chicken.
A fate worse than death.

You fucking idiot, nobody who is vomiting all day having DTs is gonna deglaze jack shit. What is wrong with you?

If your withdrawals are that bad you should probably be monitored while you're coming off the alcohol at the very least, but I'd recommend checking yourself into a rehab center for around a month for counseling and therapy

>Haven't eaten a meal in like 6 days. Keep puking and shitting nothing.
At about 36 hours of vomiting and not keeping anything down you are critically in danger of metabolite issues and dehydration that can lead to heart attack, you need to go get fluids in the Urgent Care and/or E.R. Call 911. If you wanna lie and say "flu" or something, feel free, just fess up to the doctor once the paramedics transport you.

I don't know about the other risks, but just know there are many and withdrawal is lethal. Fact. Stop playing around with this. You will not get a warning to dial 911, you'll simply lose your blood pressure all at once, quick drop, and die. Dial 911.

>my roommate got montezuma's revenge in mexico, was projecting from both ends for two weeks. Doctor suggested pedialyte and soup basically
Shit tier story. Inaccurate intention distortion of facts.

I'm not kidding you.
This shit will fucking kill you.
Talk to a Dr. and get the meds you need.
If not you can detox on your own. It ain't fun at all and you will feel horrible. But you'd need someone to give you shot's occasionally per day.
Once again, talk to your fucking Dr. and just get put on Librium.

>Inaccurate intention distortion of facts.
Allow me to introduce you to the word obfuscate

When I showed up at the hospital they asked how much I drank. I told them "A fifth a day" the nurse said "So you drink a Handle"?
I asked her how she new and she told me alcoholics always tell at least a third less than they really drink.
They pumped a banana bag and 3 bags or saline into me. By the time I could piss I filled up two of those jugs they have and it was completely brown.

Holy shit. This thread is like looking into my future and it's scary. I've been drinking almost every night for the past year or so and in the past months I've been getting withdrawals that give me hyper anxiety the next day or two and make my heart feel like 3x speed. It makes it extremely hard to interact with other people or even order food so I had to cut it off a bit except for the weekends since I could hardly function at work. I just binge and start drinking as soon as I wake up on weekends which leads to even worst withdrawals on mondays. Sometimes I'll even have my legs randomly jerk and stuff when I'm trying to sleep. Does anyone else ever get the anxiety issue and have you found a way to help remedy it maybe?

What is serious alcoholism? Is 4 liters a week sustainable?

this guy is dying and you want him to make consommé. lol just buy chicken soup.

i guess thats debatable. One time i filled up a brochure which had 12 units a week = serious problem where one 5% beer was 1,5 units. That sounds like bs to me

Yeah, anxiety is one of the most common withdrawals. Its the worst ive ever experienced and ive got anxiety issues to begin with. Stop while youre ahead. If you wanna drink on weekends wait til its dark so youll go to bed after a few hours. Last year i was hospitalized for a week when i got jaundiced. That wasnt even the worst part, once i was out my body didnt know how the fuck to work. I bloated up from 230lbs to 280 in about a month the plummeted to 155lbs in a few weeks. The bloating was so fast and painful it felt like my skin was about to split. Think im exaggerating? I just took pic related of the stretch marks on my feet, this a year later. I couldnt be left alone because my balance was so bad, and if i fell i couldnt get off the floor under my own strength.
I relapsed in spring and my livers starting to take a nose dive again, just recently managed to ween myself off and i am terrified its too late. Alcoholism is not a joke.

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At my worst my stomach was so fucked up I couldn't eat anything and could barely drink water for a month. Still slammed vodka. Ended up having a huge seizure while trying to taper off and ended up in the hospital, they put 3 bags in me. Followed by rehab boot camp. But I've been sober for almost 6 months and I hope I never drink again. Good luck OP, I suggest you drink Gatorade

gatorade, and order pizza nigger, or make frozen pizzas.

You need to go to the ER asap. No amount of water, pedialyte, gatorade, broth, what ever is gonna help you. Your blood pressure is probably dangerously high and your dehydrated to the point that your body is rejecting everything. You need to be admitted. Im not gonna lie, if youre in the us its gonna cost an arm and a leg if you dont have insurance but after 6 days? Youre gambling with your life. Dont listen to any of these fuckwits telling you to make bone broth or order a pizza or some shit. They have no idea what theyre talking about. I survived this but the doctor told me flat out, if i waited another day or two i wouldve died. Get to the ER user.

drink more alcohol, just not as much as before

amazing seeing people who make my alcoholism look tame because it seems impossible to like alcohol more than me id literally do nothing but drink every waking second from now until death if i could get away with it. shit is the devil

I had a seizure the day before Thanksgiving after 30 hours without a drink last year. I was drinking at least a fifth a day at that point. That scared me straight for about a month before I got back at it. January 22nd I went to the ER cause I stopped and felt the same way as I did the day I had that seizure. Most terrifying experience of my life was waiting there feeling like a ticking time bomb, knowing at any moment I would collapse and start convulsing. I was in the ICU for 4 days and then rehab for 6 weeks. Went to AA every day for a month now I go 2-3 times a week. It only works if you let it. I'm 7.5 months sober and have never felt better

>8 pints a week = serious problem
Was it by any chance a japanese brochure?

I would probably consult a doctor

Nobody's gonna fuck you dude. You sound like a faggot.

Maybe eat soup or something doughy. Alcohol withdrawal sucks, been there, feel for you user

Thanks for the reply. I'm drinking even right now but I'm gonna try to stop in a couple hours and go to sleep. I'll try to ween myself off slowly before it's too late.

You still there OP? Still alive?

Save my foot image and remember the consequences user.

I'm currently on 2 standards a day with every 4 days I have 7 in the night.
Averaging 3.25 drinks / day.
I'm moving down to 3, then 2.5, then 2 then 1.5 then 1 then 0.5 then 0.
How fast should I decrease my consumption to about withdraw?


>imagine being such a cooklet that you don't even know how chicken broth is made

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Your foot will remain in my heart!

I literally did drink every waking second. Woke up and usually had 3 beers before work, stopped and bought 5 airplane bottles and drank them through my shift, went home and binge drank until black out drunk. It was even more on my days off. That was the routine for the last two years out of the nine i had drank daily. Then, boom, acute alcoholic hepatitis.
The shit is awful but god i love it. Unless i am completely gone im pretty functional when hammered and i dont get mad or sad or anything. I just enjoy life so much more when drunk. Sober life is boring but its the only life i can live anymore.


pick one

Heres a tip for when you try to ween off; try to deal with the withdrawals for as long as you can. Its a "no pain, no gain" thing. And dont keep booze in the house, when the WDs get bad enough youll get your ass to the corner store no matter how you feel. Otherwise youll have a drink the moment you feel a little off. And dont buy more than you absolutely need.
It takes some trial and error and you will fail before you succeed, so dont get discouraged.

Issue with me is that the anxiety gets so bad I can't even go to the store. One time I went in and there were some complications buying and I had to get a refund at customer service and I was so out of it and shaking I could hardly communicate with them and sign the recipt. I always have enough to last me a couple days on hand because of this.

Ive been there, theres a little convenience store i was a regular at and the dude was used to seeing me at my worst so it was doable. There were plenty of times id sit in my car cursing and shaking waiting for customers to clear out though so it was just me in there. Sounds like you dont have that luxury. Thats where the trial and error comes in though. If youve got the willpower to leave it alone until you need it then power to ya. I didnt and dont.

>all the people itt drinking a fifth or a handle a day, everyday
I don't mean to sound patronizing or judging, but doesn't that get bloody expensive?

Yeah, it does. You figure it out when you want it bad enough.

How fast can I taper off without getting seizures?

How much do you drink?

3.4 standards / day on average.

I dont know what that means.
Regardless, it depends i guess. But id say at least 5 days or a week.

Every day I'll decrease my standards by 0.5
By standard I mean Aussie standard where ~31ml of 40% alcohol is a single standard drink or "shot".
A 700ml 40% whiskey has 22 standards in it.

so you're drinking roughly 1/7 of a fifth a day? how are you even getting drunk let alone withdrawals? sounds like enough to maybe help you get to sleep if that.

Just drink more until you feel better. Be carefull thou the trick is like farting while having diarreah be carefull don't get too drunk