How to use perfumes? I use perfumes which people say that are nice and it can be smelled for hours, I dont feel it...

How to use perfumes? I use perfumes which people say that are nice and it can be smelled for hours, I dont feel it, I feel like after 2 minutes it cant be smelled

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Spray your chest at least 5 times every two hours.

You become nose blind to smell and\or u r using cheap perfume\ cologne

It can’t be smelled by you, your nose gets used to it, but other people can smell it

I liketo rub my shit over my body in the shower.

So I have to take this to school and use in toilet?

How to know if other people can smell it without asking them?

Wear a fuckton of it. Watch peoples expressions as you walk by. If they cover their noses you know they can smell it

Don't use it. I don't know if there's anyone out there that actually likes colognes and perfumes. It's good for about 2 seconds then it's just generally bad
If you want to pull bitches they need to be able to smell your natural smells. This doesn't mean body odor. It just means a clean you without sauvage (lol) raping their nostrils. Pheromones and shit

I can’t smell myself after 30 minutes or so, but this one girl at work always compliments me on how good I smell.

You can't smell it because you are living within the scent and nasally tune it out.

Trust me - in perfumes less is more. Do NOT pour it on

Do you wear a muscle shirt under your regular shirt? Spray your chest. Put on muscle shirt and spray your shirt too even try to spray the back. Then spray your regular shirt. I used to make chicks spin heads when they walked by me. Even almost fucked my bosses daughter when she walked by me she came back and said "damn you always smell so good" and that was with axe spray not even a cologne

>Axe spray
The mid 2000s were a strange time to be alive. Too experimental for my taste and yet, comfortably easy enough to remember nostalgically

Boy perfumes are called colognes

Nothing is worse than being stuck with a dude who drenches himself in smelly water

You don't need much, and your nose gets used to it.

What you want to do is wear it on your pulse points. Places where the skin is thin and the blood is close to the surface. Wrists, the hollows of your neck under the jawline, your collarbones, etc.

A common application strategy is to spray the inside of your wrists twice and then rub it while it's still wet onto the rest of the places you want to hit. If you want something more subtle, you can spray it directly upwards and then step into the mist.

It's also good to ask at least someone to make sure you're not making it too strong. Just say to a friend "Hey I'm trying some cologne, is it too strong?". It's better to be slightly embarrassed getting help than to end up with an intervention because people can't breathe around you.

You quickly get used to the scent. You have to trust that it's there. If you get even a whiff of it you can be confident that it's still going strong to others around you. 2 sprays for close quarters indoor work is generally what you want. One for very strong or aggressive scents. Possibly 3 or 4 if it's very subtle even right when you apply it. And you might add one or two sprays for large open areas.
Also Sauvage is shit. Dior pour Homme is still the best thing that label's put out by far.

Check out the frag general

I go for one for each wrist and two on my neck

This Dude smokes crack.

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Pay attention to strengths btw.
In order of weakest to strongest:
>Eau fraiche
>Eau du cologne
>Eau du toilette
>Eau du parfum
Most of them will be toilette. Those you need like two sprays. One spray for parfums. The weaker ones, 3 or 4.
Don't spray it on your clothes. Always put it on skin. It's meant to be absorbed and the scent changes throughout the day. On your clothes, it will smell differently than it's really supposed to.
And remember it should be discovered, not stated. As in, I get close and I notice. I shouldn't be accosted by your f r a g r a n c e from 19 feet away.

Good post.

You will get used to it and nto smell it but that doesnt mean other people won't smell it.

If you really want to maximize your perfumes effect then put some on your wrists, neck, hair, behind the ears, back and behind the knees.