I need to make $300 in 12 days or I'm fucked. What's the easiest way to accomplish this?

I need to make $300 in 12 days or I'm fucked. What's the easiest way to accomplish this?

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Sell something worth $300

Prostitution (getting pounded by men), panhandling (manage to sell them the sob story on why you need the money).

I have almost nothing to my name. Thanks though, I'll try

Jesus christ that's like a days worth of work for me. Do you not have a job

Get a job

define fucked

I can get a job but I need the money in 12 days. It will take longer than that even for a job that pays weekly. I have no problems getting a job. But I can't get the money in my hands fast enough with that method.

pay day loan

I didnt ask if you can get one you low life, I asked if you had one. How the fuck are you doing anything in your life without working. If you're underage better get mowing lawns or delivering papers or whatever the fuck kids do these days. Cash in hand shit.

The good news is $300 is a relatively low amount so a loan might be an option for you. Try friends and family first because they wont charge you interest. Maybe multiple smaller amounts to not arouse suspicion. Worst comes to worst you can always get payday loan but if you're not currently working you're gonna owe them a lot in a short while. Your other options are sell something valuable.

Thanks, I'll try it. My options are limited because I'm a neet.

Selling your time or skills is also an option. Get paid under the table and you can get money like that in a weekend.

Well now you know why it fucking sucks to be a neet. I'll give you a protip - you're gonna have to pay for a lot of things in your life so you better figure your shit out quick before you end up oweing. Did you even try anything to get this money or was your first course of action to come to fucking Jow Forums and ask a bunch of other incel losers. What do you even need this money for

I promised to help out someone very important to me. And they were a dumbass and believed in me. So technically, they'll be the one that's fucked, but I'll be indirectly fucked.

What is this cryptic gibberish. This is an anonymous board, I dont care about you or what you did but no one here is going to understand anything with that kind of ambiguous lack of context

Why do you assume literally everyone is an incel loser, besides you of course? Are you really that narcissistic? Jesus christ man.

Rob a liquor store.

Sell something, get a job, any gig website, Uber, Lyft, code monkey, borrow it, sell sperm or blood.

How is that even narcissism - how the fuck does that indicate I glorify myself? It's called a fucking stereotype you inbred mongoloid. After the 12 years I've wasted peering into this cesspit I think I have a pretty good idea what the general populace is like

tell me the details and if I find your story mildly interesting I'll consider paypalling you

Alright well I highly doubt it's paypal worthy, and I don't know how to tell it without being retarded but here goes.

I got kicked out of living with my parents a year ago, and I was living in a trailer with no running water for a while. My sister felt bad for me, so she let me stay with her as a neet for a while, with the condition of me being a fulltime caretaker for her kids. It was good for a while, and they both had decent jobs, so they had more than enough to pay for me to stay with them. But recently my sister was diagnosed with some blood issues. I'm not exactly quite sure what the name was, but basically she has to go in for treatments every two weeks, and it costs $800. Shortly after that, my sister's husband lost his job and had no job for a month. I had a job for a while and was helping them pay for shit, but I was also fired, so I've been neeting again.
Basically they've been getting fucked in the ass in every possible way lately. A few days ago, they told me that I have a week to get out.
At the same time, I have a good friend that I've also been helping out monetarily when I can. But the thing is that I promised to pay them, and if I don't give them $300, they'll lose the welfare. And they actually need it. He's severely mentally ill and I know that he will be ruined without it.
It was my fault for promising to pay the guy when I couldn't. I made this promise before everything in the paragraph above went down. So he's been living with the expectation that I would be able to gibe him that money, but now all of a sudden, it's not possible. I pretty much betrayed his trust and fucked him over.

Also I can't drive so I'm trapped in this house with two very young children, so a it would be nice to be able to earn the $300 online if possible.

You can do handy work like painting or fixing random things in someone's house until you get $300.

Also, me finding a place isn't the problem. I have places I can go, but my friend is fucked.

shouldn't make promises you can't keep user, tell your friend you fucked up and learn from this

The thing is, at the time, It was very likely that I could keep the promise, but I got fucked in the ass my random shit. You're right though I guess.

Business loan or credit card loan (you can get multiple of them) and you better get your shit together after taking those loans out