I cry everyday

Sitting in the bathroom stall at work holding back tears

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Ever try washing your mouth out with a shotgun? I suggest double-barrel, both hammers cocked. idk if slugs or buckshot will get you a better clean, you're on your own with that.

and one day you will miss the days you used to cry everyday.


user live your live how you want. Why? Because the comfort of death will to men and demons alike...by the guidance of the Great will


no but srsly OP death ain't such a bad thing

>it's no biggie, we can just hang out next weekend or whenever you'd like to
damn that hit hard

Oh dear god you little faggotboys really need to learn how to not needs friends this shit is pathetic

You can make it, change the job if it becomes too nasty.

What is this, the victim complex macro?

I meant you can atleast try to do some rarted shiet before you fucking turn into fertilizer

hey op everyone's being a dick. drink some water and take deep breaths and try to get into a calmer mental state. life has ups and downs and this just means things will get better from here. you'll be ok, if you hate your job so much start hunting now. don't give up on me user


whats the problem mate relax

the problem is dumbshit coolguys thinkin they can solve people's fucked up whiny ass problems with a couple of breaths and positive thinking. Everything is fucked. Get fucked with it.

This is Jow Forums, what did you except mr tough

i realize you're mentally ill but that wasn't even what i said. op needs to change his situation if he's so upset, but at the moment he cant do that until he stops crying. sometimes all it takes is some kind words from a stranger on a chinese basket weaving site to give someone the little push to change their life

But that's true.
They encouraged me in similar situation, thanks Jow Forums

lol your stunted worldview is adorable. But you did get one thing right:
> op needs to change his situation if he's so upset, but at the moment he cant do that until he stops crying
But chances are OP is a pathetic excuse for a human being and doesn't got it inn'em to tolerate existence. But if you wanna baby the faggot because you think it makes you a good person or makes you feel like your helping, have at it.

Go to bed boomer

I'm a boomer in a millenial faggotboy's body and it fucking SUCKS. Our generation is heading straight for the shitter with so many weak ignorant faggots grinding through their miserable and pathetic existences.

How rich were your parents?

lol i was doing roofs with my father when i was 13 what the fuck are you trying to get at faggot

Was that when you started being attracted to dicks?

Guess what, people come here because they can't deal with stuff anymore, of they were well adjusted they wouldn't come here in the first place

Holy fuck it's about god damn tiem someone grew a dick.

> people come here because they can't deal with stuff anymore
I know. It's because they're weak and pathetic. Which is why i suggested

Things arent so bad, i just wish it wasnt always so humid. Idk why ppl like the boomer millenial exist. Ive noticed they are always lazy crybabies with mommy issues.

The only one who is weak and pathetic is you. Go outside sometime

Better than being the numb doomer that cant cry at all

I cry every day too but I'm a girl so it's less shameful
Find solace in the knowledge that at some point your life will end and you will be at peace

Stand firm brother, I feel for you, you can make things better eventually, so can I.

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poppycock i'm a survivor, basically a stupid animal. I DON'T EVEN GIVE A FUCK LOL IT'S AWESOME