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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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I feel immense tension coming from a girl whenever we're next to each other, how likely is it I'm imagining things? There seems to be many signs that she wants me to approach her, and I have legitimately never felt this way before. It seriously feels like when the main character is standing next to their rival and can physical feel their aura. Shit's so damn strong. I've had women show some interest in me, but nothing like this. I don't even know what the hell this is. Attraction? Malice? Fear? I can't get a single concrete read on her.

i'm taking an art class

before class everyone waits for it to start. what do i say to the art hoes to get them interested in me?

i have no conversation skills and no friends. so i need a detailed script

>hi, how are you?
>what made you want to take this class?
>have you done any other kind of art?
are these good lines? how do i ask for her number?

Why do I like English accents and German accents?

I want a big tall gf. Im 5’6”. I also have trouble in general with women. Im at Uni, Junior. I am looking for a partner. I want someone I can really connect with and feel close to. I’m pretty average looking besides my height. I’m quite depressed especially today. Any advice? I’m trying to fix my depression. I go to the gym and I’m trying to get stronger. I want a big loving gf and I wanna pick her up throw her on the bed and wrestle with her and then kiss and cuddle her. I love big butts and thighs drive me nuts

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>put wife in catch22
>watch as it fucks her up for a few months
>dismiss or outright ignore most pleas for resolution
>make it known there's a time dependency aspect so as to indirectly say 'just be patient'
>months later when stated time approaches, mention a line about "well it's because you're depressed and that makes me have a bad time"
>proceed to treat the ensuing despondency as burdensome and annoying
are you trying to achieve something when you pull shit like this or do you just flat out not care?

Do girls care about age? I want to get with this girl in my class but she's 9 years younger then me

It depends on the girl

Um... I don't know. How can anyone other than you know why YOU like them?

About to go to lunch with my teammates this weekend. One of the coworkers invited just me to go to the gym with her that evening after we're done with lunch. She says she has a boyfriend though. Should I not go?

I'd say a lot of girl prefer an older guy, but usually closer to 3ish years older then 9.
Also it depends on the age it's not the same if she's 19 and you're 28, or if she's 25 and you 34.

All in all girls are more likely to go for guys 9 years older then them then guys for girls that are older.

If you wanna go work out and hang out then definitely go.

If you wanna be a creep and try to get with her even if she specified she has a bf, maybe don't.

She didn't just specify that she has a bf today, she told me that a little while ago. We were just talking about working out and she said we could go together afterwards. I'm thinking more along the lines of if her bf knows about it. I don't want to get caught up in the middle if they have problems.


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not a girl but anecdotally i know a story of happy couple of 6'2 girl and 5'7 guy

can't get over my hatred and distrust of women

what do i do?


Is it ok if I'm 19?

>Is it ok if I'm 19?
>she's 9 years younger

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No it is absolutely not ok obviously

Go gay fag

From someone you don't know, it's kindof weird.
Intuition is your subconscious catching on patterns or body language, so I think just try to pay attention more.

>dm girl on insta
>been messaging for a couple weeks now
>no idea what do next
>do i ask for her number or ask her to go out
oh and i dont actually like going out so theres that

asking for her number is kindof redundant at that point since you're already messaging. Getting it just turns into a convenience thing if you're going to do something where insta doesn't work well.

so ask her out

How to I flirt with a (immigrant) Asian girl living in the west?

you're a limey, right? offer her some opium

Ask her out if you're already talking

Is it a red flag to women if a guy doesn't really have any friends and doesn't do much in his free time?

paraphrasing from the answer given to the exact same question in the last thread: very minor red flag

Girls, how am I supposed to tell if you're flirting or not? Today a female friend of mine changed clothes in front of me. One would think this is definite flirting, but I've heard horror stories of guys making a move in such a scenario and the girl was "just being friendly" or "just felt comfortable" or other such nonsense.

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With people you don't know, it doesn't matter because you have nothing to lose.
With people you do know, like your friend, it's a matter of what's out of the ordinary.
An example is that I recently got back to hanging out with a circle I haven't been with in ~2 years. In that 2 years I got Jow Forums and became a lot more socially capable. Now there's a girl in that circle I wanted to get to know better because she's normally the mute lurker of the group, who I could never hold a conversation with before.
Now we're talking more and getting along really well, and she's been hinting at going out somewhere when I'll be staying near the area her uni is for a couple of weeks.
With how far out of the usual that is for her ultra-introversion, it seems like a very good sign.

Weird, could've sworn I asked girls.

first time in this general?

If I don't have a car, should I take an Uber to go to my city's downtown and start striking conversations with people so I can practice talking to women?

She's a coworker. I've known of her for a good 5 months, but for the first month and a half we didnt talk at all. I just found her name out like a month ago when my manager mentioned her. All of our interactions have had that air of tension no matter what, and we only exchange a few words even now. We never say hi when we pass by. Out of all our interactions there has only ever been one attempt at something resembling a conversation, and she was the one who initiated it. I don't know if she didnt like my response or something because she went quiet after that until I finished helping a customer and let her take over (Two minutes of that overwhelming pressure in complete silence). I said something like "Alright it's all yours, thanks." And she didn't respond at all.

I looked at a girl and which she noticed I was looking instead of looking away I held contact and she looked back and smiled
Is this what being confident is like?

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Are you girls more attracted to a guy who constantly tries to improve himself or a guy who accepts himself and all his faults?

One seems more stable than the other.

yes, now go smash

I went out yesterday and met a girl at a concert and actually went up to her and talked to her after I noticed her noticing me.

Got her number but haven't talked to her since.

I'm btw. It feels like I'm actually improving.

It's just a chick who walked by at school. Probably not gonna happen

Title IX strikes again.


Girls, would you think less of a man if you knew he had nudes somewhere on the internet? No face or name, of course.

Those shouldn't be exclusive.

Well, I am a man and I think less of you, if that counts.

Cool, don't give a shit.

Deep inside you do

Girls in relationships don’t normally invite dudes to places unless they’re looking to see that greener grass or hoping you’re a better prospect than her current guy.

women, would you invite a male coworker, that you kissed before but he told you to not to get your hopes up months earlier, to your place to watch movies and spend the night there, sleeping in the same bed, and not expect sex?

Hey men,

I started seeing a poly guy. We had a conversation about his ldr girlfriend. It seems like we are looking for other things, but might keep dating for a bit. When we came to this agreement he suggested a poly friend who broke up with their partner and has started dating people. My friend vouched for him and showed me a picture of him (and i thought he was attractive). I asked my friend for his number twice before I left his house and we kissed for the first time. He has not sent me the number yet. Should I just drop it? How awkward would the men on this site find it that I ask for his number a third time?

>hit up some chick on a dating app
>sounds like she's in for a relationship
>talk for a while, but never really get anywhere
>didn't fuck her right away, not giving up my wizard chances so soon
>ended up in her beta orbit
(I'm assuming this as I don't really know if I'm in some big snapchat group. Do girls do this often with orbiters?)
>dontcare.jpg and went back to the grind
>still send a snap back and forth
>she's always talking about how's she single and shit
>sometimes we talk closer but mostly its her problems and shit

Mostly in the dark because I'm talking to other chicks but in the case she doesn't have some beta orbiter corral, is this signs to escape orbit and go for it or is it just something girls do to garner attention from the orbiters?

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>associating with polys


this sounds degenerate as fuck, and to be honest I wouldn't be interested on interacting with any of the people involved in this story.
The fuck is wrong with a traditional monogamous relationship?

So before she told me she has a bf, I've hung out with just her a couple times, both initiated by her. By the looks of that I was pretty sure she was single till she told me.

Yeah she's probably just not into you. Move on.

Guys. Any advice?

Already did, but I'm always up for making friends (and maybe in the pocket for some sidefuck)

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You all aren’t very helpful.


Someone who continues to work on themselves is more attractive imo. Accepting your faults tends to be excuse for people who aren't willing to change bad behavior.

Nope, not at all. So many people send nudes these days who cares.

We don't want to help with your vile pursuits.

This is a shit test to see if you can handle competition; she wouldn't invite you to the gym (or anywhere) unless she was interested. Her bf is either fictional or she wants to trade up for you.

Asians are conditioned from birth to always put their parents first, even with respect to their own dating lives.
So ask her lots of questions about her mother and mention how "Your mother will love me because X" at every opportunity.
80% of the reason Asian girls date at all is to get their relatives off their back from asking "You so old already, why you no married yet?" every fucking Chinese New Year. Make it very plain from day 1 that you like talking to older generations and they like you, you'll be golden.

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Its not good to live with such hatred. Instead of attacking people with different romantic styles maybe you can focus on the good aspects of your relationship? I am not trying to be an asshole. I am just a little concerned for you. Anyway its too late and I need to sleep.

lmfao did I just get roasted on Tinder?

match with this girl and I messaged her saying "hey gorgeous" (yeah i know prob awful) and she replies saying, "hey you"

That sounds more cutesy than anything. You're reading WAY into it. Like "hey you.." not "you" as in just plain old you. Maybe she should have put a winky face or something but it's not a roast. If you react like it is you're going to look insane.

nahh, I didn't but she still ghosted, I was just curious. thanks.

How do I not look like a retard when I smile at people

For women: What would you say I should do if a girl's boobs are awfully showy? I talk to a classmate who often wears a push-up bra; I'm taller than her, so I have to look down when I talk to her, and her bulging boobs are distracting. She covered herself the first time we talked, making me self-reflect on what I might've just done. I wonder if my extreme effort to keep my eyes locked on her eyes is visible. What could she possibly be thinking? I'm not even aroused, per se. It's not my fault she's making them extra poppy.

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As a poly woman I would say that he doesn’t have the hang ups you’re concerned about. Dating is much more casual for us. At any rate why would he have suggested it to you if he didn’t want you to meet the guy?

Just get tinder and swip right to everyone obviously

It’s not that big of a deal user. Their just tits, as long as you don’t state we don’t care. When we wear push ups it is a little expected ( I mean not from our male friends but from men so we understand when you do it)


Girls, i need some advice on this one girl i met at a house party last week and we've met up yesterday

We talked for hours at a park bench, listening to music, laughing and at some point it got really intense where i was sure i had to kiss her but i didn't, because honestly i didn't want to be obtrusive and kiss on the first "date", felt bummed somehow because there were a lot of flags for it i guess...

She did send me a video after she went on her ride home and tagged me in an insta picture she wanted me to show but couldn't find this morning, so alls good right?

are these red flags
>she talked about how with 25 she feels like she didn't live her youth
>she feels like she doesn't have enough friends
>she has an indifferent kind of attitiude towards life, yet she's happy with where she is
I'm unsure if this is something bad, she's 25, studies medicine, has a smaller family with whom she's in touch regularly and she doesn't like argueing/fighting or rather doesn't see a sense in it, rather talking about it is more her thing

kiss on the first date yes orno

Dude who doesn’t kiss on the first date?

Me, because i don't want to seem like a dolt honestly. I want to get to know her more, feel her out you know? She did agree to a second date this sunday though even though she's going away for a few days.

You need to be more involved with social norms here. Normally people fool around on the third date right?( and she’s giving you intimidate details of her life and feelings on the first date so wecan presume she’s quite a fast mover) so on your timeline it would be
> 1st date hand holding
> 2nd peck on the cheek
>3rd balls deep.
Some people are just slow movers and that’s fine user but generally we women need a little something at least at the end of the date. It’s not at all lame to ask her ear the end “ would you like it if I kissed you” that to us shows much more confidence then just wait for some magic sign. She already knows if she wants to kiss you I promise ( we know about thirty seconds into date one) if she does she’ll say she wouldn’t mind and if she says she doesn’t want to she never wanted to in the first place.

Girls, how do I even find a girl to attempt to be friends with? Like where is a good spot to find girls with otaku interests?

Uhm no i'm not that slow of a type user... c'mon, this girl i barely know, i don't want to kiss her on a hunch honestly
This second date i'm going to tell her that i'd like to kiss her and if she's okay with that. On the other hand, if she had no interest, she wouldn't have agreed to meet up a second time would she?

If she thinks you’re her friend for sure, that’s what friends do user

Friends is not what i want though...

alright lads and lassies. I am out to meet with my LDR for the first time. The flight is scheduled in 4 hours

Should I kiss her when we meet? I already asked her to see if she would feel uncomfortable, she said she wanted a private setting for the first kis, still... I am a bit nervous on how to behave since we are technically in a relationship, yet never seen each other in person.

Any advice?

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>asking a girl for a kiss
My advice is be prepared for things to end poorly if you're that autistic

Sure, understandably so. But as generally you can’t convince a woman to be attracted to you. Rather she wants to kiss you or she doesn’t, the only way you’re going to know if you’re in the friend zone or not is to ask fora kiss.

I won't ask her there, we just happen to talk about it weeks ago. I know she is kind of shy

Besides, the whole point of my question is not to ask her.

Are you joking? This gives user an easy way to know how she’s feeling. I’ve had plenty of men try to kiss me out of nowhere and been a little grossed out but I’ve never been grossed out from men asking me, even the ones I’ve rejected. I respected the confidence of the latter group much more as well.

That may be your own point of view, but most girls I know would disagree. I remember two of my friends discussing a guy asking if he could kiss her and they both just laughed.

>not dropping your bags, embracing each other, swinging her around, and kissing as soon as you put her down
its the kinda movie bullshit making LDR worth it you retard.

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Is that really true user? I can’t even imagine that mind set. To be fair I am a stripper so I am used to that kind of foward attention.

Yes. As far as I know, girls wants confidence, and asking to kiss is the opposite

Not if you say “ would you like it if I kissed you?” I agree “ can I please kiss you” is lame because you are asking permission but In the first example you’re asking her opinion, implying that you already have the intention.

Maybe, but really you're just coating it a different way, because you're still looking for permission. I mean what are you going to do if she says "no", kiss her anyway?

Which is why i'm going to tell her that i want to kiss her on sunday when we see each other again

It's not a different romantic style. It's an affront to loyalty and a spit onto the face of what makes the human soul so great. You're quite the gluttonous and lustful beast, and I hope that some day the light of God will cleanse your mind.

Lol what do you even mean?
Don’t kiss her because she doesn’t want to kiss you obviously. She knows if she wants to no matter if you ask or not and if she doesn’t want to and you kiss her you might get that one kiss but it is unlikely that you will get another. As I said you can’t convince us to be attracted to you we rather are or we aren’t no matter what you say to us.
What do you propose? ‘ oh she might say no if I give her the chance so I better just do it while I can’ ?

why do women exist? all they do is reek havoc and fuck everything up.

disgusting barbarians

You’ll do great user, from the information you’ve given she wants it so don’t overthink it to much

I hope so, in the end it's just my view of things so hers can differ greatly... thanks user, i'll take that shot then

Because evolution. Stay mad captain salty