How do I live knowing I'll never get to have sex or even know what a woman's skin feels like?

How do I live knowing I'll never get to have sex or even know what a woman's skin feels like?

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>know what a woman's skin feels like?
Work, save up a few hundred buck and hire an escort.
If you live in the US, take a trip to northern Nevada where it's legal.

>or even know what a woman's skin feels like?
are you trying to sound creepy on purpose, or...?

if you can't or don't want to get a hooker then immerse yourself in your job and hobbies Many dudes live without sex, its totally doable

>dude just pay a prostitute

Yeah, because that'll fix my yearning for love and affection, you stupid cunts.

you only mentioned sex and skin (???) in your post, moron

>my yearning for love and affection
OK an escort

and a puppy.

buy a gf experience

Another incel thread

You're horny. One day you won't be. Sex is meh, romantic love is temporary. If you have family or friends you can find happiness there without ever having a woman

>sex is meh, romantic love is temprorary

Then why are billions of dollars spent advertising with these in mind

Sex and intimacy are certainly not everything. But not having them is.

It makes you feel disconnected from the world and society. It's something you literally everywhere from the say you're born: tv shows, sitcoms, movies, advertisements, in books, poems, hell even in Religious texts and stories. You walk around and you see couples holding hands, kissing, hugging. It's everywhere. If you actually have some ounce of compassion it shouldn't be hard to understand why a person (an incel if you want to label it) might feel disenfranchised.

Easy there eliot

Kill me.

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Rape isn't for everyone.... But, it's for you.

This is why you will never, ever be loved by a woman.

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Yeah, because total jerks NEVER get gfs.

>it makes you feel disconnected from the world because you are brainwashed from birth by a variety of sources to need it

srsly, shut the fuck up slave

OP i wish i could come up with the words to make you not be such a faggot

Did you ever stop to think your shite personality is contributing just a touch?

Like, bait aside, level with me. How many threads do you genuinely believe Jow Forums gets, where the virgin OP posts about how woe is he, and then it turns out he's kind of a pissant with an attitude problem?
>b-but it's a CAUSED problem! i-it's not h-his fault!
It's always their fault, son. Everyone's got shit they gotta lug around, you're just stamping your feet and huffing about it because someone, somewhere in your rearing, fucked up badly enough to instill a sense of entitlement. Maybe your parents didn't limit your screen-time with the internet; maybe you never got told 'don't take everything on the internet straight to heart.'
The more likely scenario is that it's a combination of many things, not a one of which you'll admit to be problematic, and you somehow feel this 'yearning' for something you-- almost irrefutably-- do not offer yourself.

Whoa, whoa, whoa to all Anons. Im super drunk but surely y'all can do better.


If hotwheels can do it, you can too

So why don't you just get a girlfriend then?

>Many dudes live without sex, its totally doable
But is that really living?

What's a hooker op?

By the way I've slept with upwards of 20 woman its really over rated.

Woman with no personality won't tell you that because muh only asset.

That's sad. But I sincerely believe you do not need sex or romantic love to be happy. I have had both and I am not happy

Appealing to it sells products, simple

Join a monastery, hang out with like-minded virgins and take pleasure in relaxing hobbies like gardening and analyzing scripture.

Slightly lonely from time to time but overall I have a great life.

Sex is extremely lame, and finding a girl to cuddle with is extremely difficult.

A want a gf to cuddle with.

This. Love and sex aren’t even close to the same virgin

Very well said

Jerks ask for what they want. You’re too busy being afraid of rejection.

OP is probably gay in denial.

well you can either ___ yourself or go and get laid


not him but thanks for the laugh


LOL what kind of fucking horseshit post is this? sex is way fucking overrated. The only upside to it is the emotional closeness you have with your partner. And with that becoming increasingly difficult to the point of "FUCK IT NOT WORTH IT", the only sane thing to do is avoid that shit altogether.

If you think you can't have a fulfilling life without sex you are beyond pathetic and should honestly and sincerely disembowel yourself.

>I'm a cuck with a 3 inch dick that cums after one thrust
>e-everyone else must have shit sex too!


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i don't have sex at all i'm a psychotic schizophrenic bipolar faggot

Literally everyone on earth has an urge to have sex. You advertise with something appealing to everyone.

>Literally everyone on earth has an urge to have sex.

LOL no

cope harder

i'd tell you to be a faggot harder but you're trying pretty fucking hard


>that belly
>those thighs

what the fuck is this shit? i see you on the /sci/ board doing this little skit too, what the fuck is your game? or is this a game played by multiple unimaginative faggots across the internet?

Peak chubb

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she's pretty fat but i would probably jerk off on her in this position after sucking some guy's dick

Have sex.

idk what it is but posting about being a virgin and sad about having no experience with females really seems to trigger normal people, as we can see in this very thread. They get seriously vicious. I don't understand why they find it so threatening when it should be the opposite.

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no girl wants that kind of emotional baggage at first fucking contact. they want to have sex before they figure out if they like you or not. your creepy needs basically disqualify you immediately

ya that's nice so back to the question, are you a lone faggot or is this some faggoty thing that got taken up by faggoty faggots?

hejeeeeehdhdh ffffffff 123222111221qqqqaaaaaaaaaaaqqqqaa

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>ew you should only want emotionless mechanical sex, it's creepy to want love and affection too
wtf am I reading


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I'm not OP I just think your statement is retarded.

then your relationships are dead in the water too. no woman wants to take that kind of risk

>then your relationships are dead in the water too. no woman wants to take that kind of risk
It must suck to be so emotionally hollow. Sorry bro

being emotionally hollow is great, you get to look out at all the turmoil while kicking back relaxing and not giving a fuck

im not you retarded fuck. you have to develop the relationship before you get all squishy on her. you're not listening

>don't take what's said on the internet to heart
>but you should take my rant very seriously


I really don't understand you guys it's not that hard really. All you had to do is to meet someone through social interactions. For example you start going to gym, or liberary, you meet people there, if you meet guy and get to know him good he will introduce you to some female friends and all you have to do is be calm and talk to here like a normal persone being without some big expectaitions and eventually one day that gril will like you and then you need to follow her signs. All you need is patience and to go out. Sorry if my english is bad.

>they want to have sex before they figure out if they like you
A lot of them seem to only fuck guys they're really into, even if it's just the first time.

sex date friend make out with whatever you want to call it

Sex and a date are hardly the same thing. I have little experience compared to most but I'd hazard a guess that people change their minds at any point in the game and there's no set checkpoint for when they officially like you and want a long term relationship.

To feel a woman's skin, all you need to do is touch her. Holy fuck dude how big of a deal is that.
Whenever you're talking to a girl, it's socially acceptable to touch her hands lightly.

Stop being a silly cunt and allow yourself to do the simple things normal people do.

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>Whenever you're talking to a girl, it's socially acceptable to touch her hands lightly.
What the fuck are you talking about you fucking rapist?

if you're emotionally needy BEFORE YOU EVEN MEET you are absolutely disqualified from dating any woman. do you understand what im saying?

She is very cute and I'd love to tickle her while she is tied to that chair.

Why would you suck some guys dick before jerking off on her? Are you secretly gay?
Why not get to know her first before fucking?

I'm not the guy you're responding to. There's nothing "needy" about wanting to feel comfortable and connected with somebody *before* you sleep with them. This is the kind of thing said of people who typically jump into sex and bail because they themselves have issues with getting attached. They're also the type to make it a performative measure rather than a meaningful engagement, and more power to you, but that's not my cup of tea.

If you touch a woman and she's not attracted to you, she can press sexual assault charges

Not just press them. She'll win. And even if you only touched her arm, you'll be charged as if you were a full-blown serial rapist.