Hypergamy doesn’t care how great a Father you are to your kids

Hypergamy doesn’t care how great a Father you are to your kids.

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Hypergamy doesn’t care how you rearranged your college majors and career choice in life to better accommodate her.

Hypergamy doesn’t care how inspired or fulfilled you feel as a stay-at-home Dad.

Are both genders hypergamous or is it only the one?

Hypergamy doesn’t care that you moved across 4 states to be closer to your LDR.

Hypergamy doesn’t care how ‘supportive’ you’ve always been of her decisions or if you identify as a ‘male feminist’.

What does Hypergamy care about?

Hypergamy doesn’t care about the sincerity of your religious convictions or aspirations of high purpose.

hypergamy doesnt... exist

Hypergamy doesn’t care about those words you said at your wedding.

reminder that zoomers and young millenials have the least sex ever compared to previous generations. Beatnicks and hippies fucked each other in the mud all over the place and all the time, syphilis from overseas whores was at one point incapacitating more US soldiers in WWII than the war itself.

The fact that younger people have sex less often doesn't really mean hypergamy isn't a thing. If anything it just proves that women won't even bother fucking the beta bux guy anymore. They're perfectly capable of just remaining single and only banging the hottest guys they can find. I wanted to think it was all bullshit until I was repeatedly rejected in favor of chad, literally being told that I'm not physically attractive enough for the women I was trying to court. I'm slowly growing numb to it now, and I'll die alone knowing I really wasn't good enough.

Of course I'm not a saint either. I'd like to be with a very physically attractive woman myself, and I agonize over the fact that I can't and probably never will be.

Hypergamy is a black pill.

Thank god I'm black.

no its because of a growing group of males who grow up on the internet and have their minds poisoned and their view on women warped by places like Jow Forums and porn sites

I'm impressed at how hypergamy has been adopted as the impetus for the incel community, since they have no other way of explaining why no one would settle with them

you want some red pill kiddo? It's always been like this. Long before you were born. The 2000s, the 1990s, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s, etc.

You think that the whole social structure of your "Chad" was born these last 9 years? The cheerleaders always fucked the football team, it's nothing new or unique to your snowflake generation.

Of course in previous decade a skinny ugly boy could always hook up with a fat girl which is probably how your parents met, but the internet completely fried the brains of anyone under 30 and now all the fat girls are SJW idiots and all the skinny ugly boys are alt-right retards and they're too worried about dumb bullshit like video game journalism to have a fuckin life.

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From experience: women don't care about this. Just be very handsome and not a complete social ass and you're fine. You really think actual Chads browse red pill forums and had to master their "game"? No, they just showed up, looked good and functioned acceptably.

Nobody said otherwise. It's just far more socially acceptable and women don't 'need' betas anymore.

you completely misunderstood what I wrote. its ONLY the people who browse redpill forums and care about "game" that cant have sex. a growing portion of young men and poisoned by "redpills" that dont exist and are too fucked in the head to have normal healthy relationships

"hypergamy" isnt real, its an incel cope. 99.99% of men can have sex, get gfs etc. the only thing that is stopping incels is the fact their minds are fucked

>women don't 'need' betas anymore.
>women won't even bother fucking the beta bux guy anymore.

They never did. It was always a cope fantasy that nerds told themselves. The nerds who were too busy thinking with their dicks and trying to chase the hottest piece of ass out there.

Of course you can still find like 20 year old women out there marrying wealthy 86 year olds or whatever, that's still around and has always been.

I put need in air quotes for a reason. I never thought they really needed them, much less actually loved them.

Hypergamy isn't incel cope. The fact that you must lower your standards and/or improve yourself, or just die alone, is the actual red pill. Yeah, it's muddied by a lot of obvious entitlement and misogyny, but there's little nuggets of gold in there. I feel like if every young man read the first few blog posts on The Rational Male, they'd be more well equipped to deal with women. The Red Pill isn't a silver bullet or magic fix designed to help men get laid, even if people claim taking it helped their game. The people that say it did, were conventionally attractive men that for whatever reason had hangups and insecurities regarding women.

>the only thing stopping incels is the fact that their minds are fucked
Nah, it's that I live in reality. I've always wanted a nice, stable relationship with a kind loving woman. And I believe that they exist, but they just won't treat me with kindness and respect because in their eyes I don't really deserve it. And only recently did I truly understand that I was aiming out of my league, which is a very hard pill to swallow. Yes, I do care about how the woman looks...so I'm really no better than the woman I'm talking about. I hope it's obvious that I'm not saying women are bad for any of this. It only sounds that way because nobody likes to admit how shallow dating actually is.

>I never thought they really needed them, much less actually loved them.

but you still thought that they would fuck betas or used to settle with them out of pity/desperation before hypergamy, right?

Otherwise what is your point

Dude, that's literally Hypergamy, LMAO.

Women are having the same amount of sex. Men are having the least sex ever. Few men are having sex with all women i.e. Hypergamy.

caring about looks isnt shallow its common sense. you dont need to make up autistic terms like hypergamy to describe it. the problem is incels make out like women hold all the power and even ugly girls only for "chads". but that isnt the case. women have no where near as high or unreasonable standards as incels claim. its simplt incels are fucked in the head that women arent interested in them. mentally healthy, average/unattractive men can easily get average women

except thats not true

>Women are having the same amount of sex. Men are having the least sex ever.
did you read this on incels.org or what

2017 Pew Research Center Survey but those nerds are probably incels too so I guess yes and no?

I can't really explain why, but more attractive people will get with less attractive people out of boredom, or fear of being alone, or to inflate their own egos by reminding themselves of their own attractiveness. I know this happens because people have said this about the relationships they're in now. I've never been on the receiving end, as if you didn't already know that.

>women have no where near as high or unreasonable standards as incels claim.
As an incel, I don't think women's standards are all that insane much less too high. They want a guy who is tall, has an easy on the eyes face and preferably in decent shape. Pair that with not a social retard and you have 'good enough'. Plenty of men like this exist, so there's no reason to date uglier ones. Incels are a fringe group, *some* are just "mentalcels", many are just ugly rejects like myself who can never sexually satisfy a woman. It pains me to be this person, but denying it isn't helping me in the least bit.

>2017 Pew Research Center Survey but those nerds are probably incels too so I guess yes and no?
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Hypergamy cares about op

Oh look, another "I have irreparably shitty taste in dating partners so everyone else is wrong, all people in relationships cheat and everyone's a profligate whore."

Easy there, Legionnaire. Caesar's will is pretty brittle once you start overextending like that.

How's saying women want to date attractive men the same as saying women are all cheating whores?

Look man, I'm really not here to talk about any of this with you because you're just a nu-MGTOW but you're somehow, magically, even more the chronic victim than they were.

I just want you guys to take your shit back to whatever godawful rock you crawled out from. This "I have a fuck-awful personality and all the charisma of a pregnant spider, but I'm shocked that highly-superficial women want nothing to do with me."
Next you'll all post the total slags off Tinder like you're losing out on some glorious echelon of women. Women who spread 'em for fucking pedos.
And you guys want to dip in on those honeypots. It's fucking amazing how your taste and your game are both rock-fucking-bottom, and how blissfully ignorant to that fact you all seem to be.
If you want a reason to be miserable, you will never lack for selection. You're the one who chooses to be a fucking chud in the end.

Don't @ me, fuckboy.

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The world is not divided into le underdog nerds versus fuckable jocks with perfect lives. Human beings are not RPG classes or 2-dimensional stock characters from whatever shitty teenage comedy you've decided to build your entire worldview on. People are scary and unpredictable. Dating is scary and unpredictable. Tough shit. If you don't want to date, then grow up and be honest about it instead of willfully backing yourself into a corner and looking for childish ""pills"" to justify your choices. If you do want to date, then grow up and make an effort to approach other people like human beings.


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You clearly know nothing about me, and have created a straw man caricature of who you think you're arguing with because you have no meaningful refute and nothing worthwhile to say. As annoying as the NPC meme is you're clearly just calling back to response trees and think this is some kind of argument. You really think the only women who want to date attractive men are "highly superficial"? Yet you screech that incels and MGTOWs are the misogynist ones. Right.

>You clearly know nothing about me,
You're clearly new to this board we can all read your ass like the fucking back of a cereal box. Do you know where you are? Incel bullshit is the bread and butter of this place.


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>you're clearly new to this board
i've been browsing Jow Forums for over a decade. It's funny how retards like you argue that incels are caught up in black and white thinking and yet you're doing the same thing right now (he said something I heard an incel say once, therefore, all incels think exactly alike).

You can't actually offer any meaningful retort, you can't actually prove that women cannot be shallow and usually are. Dating itself is shallow, and relationships are transactional. You offer something like being easy on the eyes, or making money, or making them feel good in bed or laugh a lot, whatever it is. It's just that the first one matters a lot because humans are visual creatures and it's the first thing you notice about a person: how they look.

Go ahead and tell me this is all somehow bullshit and I'm a stupid incel or MGTOW or whatever you need to call me to make yourself feel better. For as much as people here love to bitch about incels and at them they never really provide any meaningful rebuttal and basically just concede the point by phrasing it another way, which is what you just did.

I love this hypergamy shit. I have a girlfriend so that must mean I am 10/10 chad who could get any woman in the world.

Eh, no, but you clearly are attractive enough for somebody to desire you, and it's likely that others do as well.

Unless your girlfriend is ugly and massively overweight, and you'r e a betaboi loser, but somehow I doubt either of these are true.

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Did I fucking stutter with don't @ me, fag?

You know what I think? That I could argue blue in the face with you for literal hours and make zero progress. That you're the kind of person who, even here, will blame everyone else for his own failings. You want an easy way out, an excuse, a cut-and-run.

Hypergamy is it. By blaming 'attractive people,' you can backpedal on dumbass arguments like this all the time. You never have to supply anything because you can just say things like,
>You really think the only women who want to date attractive men are "highly superficial"?
No, fagbuster. I think everyone's got their own tastes. You hear me? I think some insanely hot people are wont to want whatever they want, which could be a QT who wants to be a feeder mommy for a plain-looking dude. I think people have an entire fucking gauge for attraction. I think the word 'attraction' and the word 'attractive' both refer to a plethora of concepts you haven't even begun to fucking touch on in your so-called """argument.""" I think continuing with you would be a waste of time; I'd call that opinionated if so many people hadn't evidently corroborated that sentiment. You can say what you want for groupthink, but I think the guy who says "ALL of THEM are the wrong ones, not me!" is the guy who's coping on a whole new fucking meta.
I think your entire argument-- literally the whole thing-- is sustained by there being a single, uniform concept for 'attractive,' which is already such a flawed fucking concept and I'm just so deeply uninterested in putting effort into this argument because holy shit, dude, your problem is that hot people score. Then you made up a whole new word for it because it pisses you off so much that life sucks, despite everyone else getting over it.
It's like 16 year olds saying "I'm misanthropic!" all over again.

So, with fucking moxie this time:
Don't @ me, you cuntflapping fuckbagging shitwringing cockbopping fagbuster.

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Nope. Just check the chart. I literally get EVERY SINGLE WOMAN.

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not the person you replied to and I don't even know what the two of you are even arguing about at this point, but what I do know is that incels operate on fat girl logic

>it's my genes' fault
>it's society's fault for having unrealistic expectation
>it's because social media bad, I would have been attractive and popular in the 1940s
>it's because someone made fun of me one time when I was 14
>it's my parents' fault even though I am a grown ass adult old enough to a parent.

etc etc

It's quite a leap to start with
>people make visual impressions
and end up at
>everyone grades each other like pieces of meat
>everyone dates without any feelings involved
Yes, some people are manipulative. Some people see each other as just numbers or tools. Some people hurt other people. Sometimes bad relationships happen. And sometimes they don't. If you don't want to be seen as a person who uses black-and-white thinking, then maybe you should try to understand that there's more nuance to the world than you might be willing to see. You are not the last sane man on Earth who's figured out some secret code or pattern to how love "really" works. There is none. It's chaotic. Stop making yourself miserable and start figuring out what your real problems are.

>le smug anime reaction
I can already tell this'll be good, lel.

>by blaming attractive people
Oh I see. Already in it with the false premise. Nobody's fucking "blaming" attractive people, you peon. I'm sick and tired of folks like yourself saying everyone is attractive, and if they don't they just need to "be themselves xD" and stop being "mentally fucked up". Some people really just aren't as sexually desirable, due to things out of their control. Life isn't fair. Deal with it.

>everyone's got their own tastes
>a single, uniform concept for attractive
Yeah, people have a different opinion on what color their dream car should be, or what make or model it is. That doesn't mean every car in existence is capable of being a dream car. Similarly, not every person alive is going to end up with somebody who loves them just the way they are, or even wants to have sex with them. it's nobody's "fault". This is just reality. I've known men in my exact position who've been single their whole lives, one of them is almost 50 years old.

>I'm just so deeply uninterested in putting effort int his argument
Which is why you wrote a whole lengthy paragraph about it, fucking lol.

I think the reality is that all of this touches a nerve with you lot. It bothers you that the reason girls have liked you before or that relationships you've seen come to be happened for a far simpler reason than "le people are complex and unique and interesting creatures and they're not all just looking for somebody to give them good sexy times and pleasant warm feelings in life". If anyone's coping, it's the dude who insists this is a waste of time, yet comes on Jow Forums day after day to argue about it.

>with fucking moxie this time
>a whole bunch of expletive language with no weight behind them
Jesus, you're a cringelord. You literally just packaged your own "teleports behind you" insult as if it's supposed to be scathing or effective.

>@s me with his backwards rhetoric
>it's just him doing whatever he can to justify not having to think another way
Alright, dude, you wanna stay under your rock. We get it.

Now since you're on a roll, @ me again, you dirty fucking slut.

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I'm legit just sick and tired of being told "reality isn't real, women don't care about looks or status cause it's all "subjective", just mentally unfuck yourself and stop being an incel". It's fucking stupid, and you need to stop saying it. Screaming incel, mgtow, or fagbuster, or whatever else isn't substantiating your argument. It's not making you right. Realistically, society is fucked up, people's standards are insane, the whole concept of romance in the west is insane, many people in my generation were raised by shitty parents. Nobody wants to acknowledge it because it challenges the narrative that anyone who disagrees with you on these concepts is a bad person.

>everyone grades each other like pieces of meat
They do. You're in denial, as are most in the thread. This is why I think people really hate incel logic: it makes them uncomfortable to realize that they're not fully in control of their lives, and that all the love they've ever known has mostly been conditional. Some of us have just been unlucky enough to experience not meeting any conditions and not being loved at all. And it bothers you to realize that the difference between an incel and someone like yourself is that you just happened to be a little better looking or your emotional maps were a little less worsened by a shitty environment, or whatever else it is.

>everyone dates without feelings involved
Yeah, those feelings are called sexual attraction, and even if they're deeper, without the attraction those other feelings wouldn't develop at all let alone exist.

Blah blah blah faggot I thought you weren't responding because this is all so beneath you? Your bullshit is showing.

Nobody answered my question

One user said that there was a study that said that only women were hypergamous but I asked him like 3 times to post the study and whoops he's no longer here.

You're telling someone else to "deal with it" while seething and crying on Jow Forums about how hard your life is. That's interesting. Maybe you should take your own advice. It seems like you make a conscious choice to pay attention to all the negative things in the real world and ignoring the good ones. Why? What do you have to gain from that?

All I can say is that people don't fuck down, they fuck up or across. They'll never fuck somebody they think is less attractive than they are, let alone date them. If you want to say it this way, then yeah, it applies to both genders.

No, it makes me sad because I used to buy into that logic too. I've lost a lot of time, friends, and opportunities because of what that kind of trap did to my mind.

Objectively not true, I've both fucked down and some girls were very obviously fucking down when they hooked up with me.

>all the negative things
It's reality my friend. Is it not pretty enough for you? I'm sick of it being watered down.

Dating is a meat market, everyone cares about looks and status. Romance is a meme, and relationships are transactional. It makes it a lot less pretty but it's the truth.

What's arguing with me on Jow Forums doing for you though bud? What are you accomplishing here? What cause are you furthering by arguing with incels on the internet? What do YOU gain from that?

They didn't think they were fucking down or they wouldn't fuck you. I'm amazed constantly at how many guys think they're only average or below when they're like average height or taller and clearly handsome.

Used to buy into what, and how exactly was any of it proven false?

>They didn't think they were fucking down or they wouldn't fuck you
You know that people often lower their standards out of desperation and/or intoxication and only later realize that they fucked down, right? Maybe in the moment they weren't like "ew, gross" but it was certainly their realization at a later time.

If anyone's in denial, it's you. If someone tells you anything about their love lives that contradicts your theory, you just scream back louder about how it won't last, or they're just lucky, or someone's obviously cheating.
I get it. My parents sucked. Growing up sucked. I didn't even know how to shower correctly. Nobody gave a shit about teaching me anything. High school was hell. I hated every inch of my body. My entire life until I turned 20 or so was a fucking cesspit. I was raised by the internet and I believed all this shit. Please consider that you're living a lie right now.

And what's your question you need advice for, incel?

How does that prove me wrong? Where did I say people don't get desperate?

Yes, people get desperate, and regret it later. That only furthers the point I made that people have standards for what their sexual partners look and act like, and only after not getting it so long do they 'settle', but only their inhibitions caused this. High status, attractive, functioning people don't settle. They don't fuck their leasers, ever.

Except I said none of those things. I said people delude themselves because they don't want to admit that they're desirable because of what they offer other people like looks, or status, or emotional security. And they don't want to admit they're with who they're with because they like their fucking facial symmetry or or butt shape or whatever other simple, yet shallow things drew them in and made a relationship with that person desirable. Incels have nothing to offer, which is why they're incels. But we like to tell some people that the right person i s out there and they just need to ask out a couple hundred more people to find them. Attractive people don't try nearly as hard and do nearly as much that we tell incels to do to get a date let alone sex or a relationship...yeah some people crawl out of this but many don't.

>I was raised by the internet and believed all this shit
And? What exactly changed for you that made it all completely invalid? Because if you tell me you went on to get a bunch of therapy, worked out and basically became a completely different person until anyone accepted you, well...I've got nothing else to say.

The more you post, the more you sound like you're coping.
Not either of the fellas you're replying to, but each time you submit a piece of your argument, you shove another responsibility off your plate and onto someone else's.

Truth or not, that's one of the single most universally unattractive things and the sick irony is that even you have a problem with it, veritably what your whole argument is. Maybe you don't realize you're doing it?

Explain how oh wise one by saying that "attractive people get laid, and if I'm not getting laid I'm not attractive" I'm burdening anyone else with responsibility.

Sorry boys. My bad. It's actually not the pew but a different survey. Pew has similar results though.

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Oh, sorry about that. I'm tired desu.
The difference between you and a healthy person is that healthy people don't fixate on this and let it rule their lives. Why do you think you're so ugly that it over-rides everything else about you as a person? You realize that people who are deformed or amputated find fulfilling relationships, right?

Actually, I stopped caring so much about what other people thought. I stopped repressing everything that I wanted to be or wanted to do. That was the first step. You're not as clever as you think you are.
I'm offering you some insight to get out of this hole you're in and you still lash out at me. Your attitude is uglier than your body or your face could ever be.

Clarify for me.
Is that post you? Because "Realistically, society is fucked up, people's standards are insane, the whole concept of romance in the west is insane, many people in my generation were raised by shitty parents. Nobody wants to acknowledge it because it challenges the narrative that anyone who disagrees with you on these concepts is a bad person." is pretty blamey in tone. In fact, it's announcing pretty much anything BUT you as the enemy in this case. Even all of society has taken the buck for this one in that book.

If that's not you then fine, you still sound like you're coping but if that's you, then this just seems more like you move the goalposts whenever you don't want to come to terms with the fact that none of this narrative helps anyone, least of all you. "Life sucks" is a lesson most people have to learn and put up with. It sucks. It sucks even more for so many more people and none of them believe the solution is shitposting on Jow Forums, so there's that one. Not to mention, there's probably at least one person here who's had it worse in life, in such ways as you couldn't properly envision or empathize with.

All anyone wants acquiesced is that life is far more complex than this game of statistics people are playing, and I haven't even begun the "well, statistics really could just be based on a lie of an image people wish to keep," which could suggest shit is way more or less worse but we're being fed an image which is another whole, entire argument.
We just want you to realize you really are doing this to yourself.

Shoutout to you. I was in my teens before I could lace a knot. I had all sorts of stunting growing up. I've always been a smol, dainty boi. I know what it is to grow up on the fucking outcast side.
When you get shunted out of acceptance, you pretty much stay there until you claw your way back in through blood, sweat and tears. It sucks. Life sucks. But bitching is. not. the. answer.


>he comes to Jow Forums to argue
>someone argues with him
>he recoils for being "lashed out upon"

Real fucking cute. Somebody up above was calling me a myriad of expletives and derogatory words but I'm the big meanie because I so much as challenged anyone else in the thread.

Anyways. Yeah it sucks to be ugly and unwanted but nothing can be done about it. I dwell on it because every once in a while I get reminded of my place and it hurts. I have nowhere else to go to talk about it so I might as well bitch about it on Jow Forums.

The post is me. You're still failing to say why anything of what I said is "blaming". I literally have had conversations with people who hate their parents, were mostly raised by single moms, are in shitty relationships, think the world is going to shit for a whole fuckload of geopolitical and social reasons. It has nothing to do with "blaming", it's just reality..

But back to the point: yeah, nobody wants to admit really that their relationships are transnational and are based on what the other person does for them. People don't love you just because you are you. People don't love you simply because you exist. You don't "deserve" to be loved just for being alive. The fact that you have to say "do x y z in spite of all your problems" is testament to this fact. Arguing about it this vehemently, even more so. If what I was saying was wrong, incels would actually be entitled to sex and everyone could fuck whoever they wanted and no man would be left alone and sexless.

>this narrative doesn't help anyone
It actually did help me. Discovering the truth is the first step toward actually dealing with it. I actually feel more free now than ever to do whatever I want with my life, whether it be shitposting on Jow Forums, finding a better job, cleaning my apartment, or whatever, because now the answer to "why can't I get laid" was answered with a simple "cause you're ugly and pathetic".

No, I'm pointing out a pattern here. When someone with good intentions comes along, you lash out and assume negative motives to them. Is this normal for you? I really think you should consider that people shy away from you because you have such a dark, angry tendency to see just the bad things around you. What's the opposite of rose-tinted glasses?
How do you know it's your face?

Personally, when I was challenging some of the things in my head, posting here set me back more than anything. That might just be me.
I hope something changes for you.

Not assuming anything. I'm arguing what I think is right. Have I actually said anything slanderous or harmful to you specifically or have I just said why I disagree with you?

>I hope something changes for you
Thanks I guess but I'm already a lost cause.