Get first gf

>get first gf
>lose virginity to her
>couple months go by
>sex is infrequent and fucking frustrating
>she's moody and hormonal all the time now
>not the same woman I fell in love with
>its only been a matter of months

I want to leave her so badly but the little bit of sex I get makes it so hard.

I feel like I can't go back to a sex less existance and its convienant having her around for (albeit shit and infrequent) sex.

Help me figure out what to do

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Do what women do and look for your back-up option while you continue to fuck your gf. Whatever you do though, don't get your current gf pregnant or you are done.

Sorry to tell you but that's as good as it's going to get. That's pretty much all women

God please don't, did the pull out method last two times we had sex and she's been "sick" recently

Brilliant, thanks. I think my gf is a little worse than most women, least I hope so cause
>she won't let me fuck her from behind cause its "degrading"
>has never given head longer than 25 seconds cause she gags on the fucking tip
>threatens to stop having sex with me if I try and do any other position than fucking missionary
>stopped sucking my dick cause she tasted pre cum
>can't touch her breasts cause they're always too sore and sensitive almost every fucking day of the month

You can find someone who is into you and wants a physical relationship.

If you are a giving lover, communicate effectively, and understand what turns the other person on, then you should expect the same from your partner.

Its been such a disheartening experience I am not sure how to not make the same mistake again

learn how to be open and honest and empathetic with your partner

first you have to do so with yourself, then you can recognize when that's missing from your relationship

none of this is easy, but take whatever steps are needed to learn more about yourself

she is a normal girl m8nothing about that makes her worse thanother women.but yeah you sound like a bitchy cunt. leave her so she finds someone better

My GF has a higher libido than me and keeps pressuring me for sex - or even just "want a handjob? :)" - when no, actually, I don't, because she's shit at it.
I've haggled her down to every 2 days but it's still a fucking imposition.

I guess my point is that I disagree with you that it's infrequent with all women but I agree with you that it's shit with all women.

It's ironic - when I was single I'd have done anything for a horny girl's hand round my cock, but now I have it on demand, I don't want it.

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>when no, actually, I don't, because she's shit at it.
Been there but for me it was a hook-up so I didn't have time to change it. Have you considered helping her get better at it

Can I ask you something? Who brought up sex? You or her? What did you say?

If your needs aren't being met this early on, and she knows it, then they're never going to be.

Would she stay in a household if she only got food every week or once every few weeks? No, and neither should you stay in a relationship where you seldom get sex.

What you lose in sex, you make up for in time and peace of mind, which you can use to get sex.

>I want to leave her so badly but the little bit of sex I get makes it so hard.
There's always options for sex. Don't put up with a total bitch monster, especially if you're unhappy in other ways.

> can't go back to a sexless existence
You went, what, 18 years without it. You can handle a dry spell.

>What you lose in sex, you make up for in time and peace of mind, which you can use to get sex.
Too fucking true. Having sex every few weeks is funny and cute in sitcoms, especially with grovelling men, but it's just pathetic in real life.

Don't settle. Certainly don't settle for someone who's already tapering off well before marriage.

That sounds absolutely terrible user. I've never been with any girl like that. Leave immediately, that's my advice. Absolute fucking hell.

>not from behind and no bjs

Fucking guys is literally better than this girls, drop her.

>What you lose in sex, you make up for in time and peace of mind, which you can use to get sex.

These are very wise words, heed them.

Also, it's always so much easier to go out and get the second significant other than the first, because after the first, you have the proof (and therefore the confidence) that you're not an unfuckable unloveable forever alone. This knowledge is a great motivator, I find.

It’s easier to find a rebound when you’re still in a relationship. You don’t stink of desperation and women desire someone who is already wanted. Leverage the situation the best you can OP

This is probably about as good of a response as you're going to get. Just do this; it's not like she wouldn't do it to you.

Cheat on her. Simple as that

That's not normal or what the average women is like

Why dont you teach her then? I bet she would love to get better at pleasing you.

Find someone else, she's definitely not worth the trouble.

>t. never had sex with a woman attracted to him

If sex is literally the only reason you want your girlfriend, break up with her and satisfy your thirst elsewhere. It's not THAT difficult to get laid these days. Nightclubs/bars/online dating/hookers/escorts you name it. Plenty of sources to get your rocks off.

Sex is important in a relationship. But sex in and of itself shouldn't be the only reason you are in a relationship. Trust me, if that's the case you're way better off being single and visiting a prostitute every once in a while.

If you don't care about morals, then you can use the monkey branch method. This guy is right in the sense that women are notorious for doing this to their boyfriend. They hold on to their current relationship until they find and lock down the guy they really want.

leave her, you are young and you'll have sex again.